How to wean toddler from bottle?

My daughter is going to be 2 in July. She stills asks for her bottle anywhere from 2 to 4 times a night. Her doctor says it needs to stop, but, I don’t know how! She’s my first and only baby so I’m learning as I go. Please help, I need any ideas and advice! TIA :heart:


Try giving her a sippy with the same material nipple but in a sippy nipple form.


The day my son turned one I took his bottles away and threw them in the trash. Gave him the 360° cups and he never complained


Get rid of all the bottles and start introducing her to sippy cups. Try cups with the soft spout or straws. Give her milk right before bed and start letting her learn how to self soothe

I tried giving my son all types of sippy cups til he found the one he likes

Just stop and say no. It’ll be hard the first few days. Try positive reinforcement


We just started giving him a sippy cup when he was one and a half. We also started a bedtime routine and we have stuck to it since he was 6 months old, he’s almost 3. Just start a routine and stick to it. Start giving sippy cups throughout the day and introduce it at night, don’t give in

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Take all the bottles away when YOU are comfortable. Every child is different. My first daughter I took the bottle away right at a year old. But with my second I kept her on the bottle until she was 1 n half. It was tougher with my youngest. But she got used to the sippy cup.

Cold turkey make her stop.

Some bottles have the bigger size nipple to introduce the baby to sippy cup. We had Dr browns and they had a sippy cup transition nipple. And then we just found sippy cups with straws and our son learned right away. He did have difficulty with the sippy cups without straws that you had to lift up to drink from so we just stick to straw ones right now

Only give her water in the bottle

Fill it with water then after she gets use to the water bottle fill a sippy cup with water and put it in there and she’ll slowly wean her self. My sons 2 and keeps a sippy w/ water in his crib just in case he wakes thirsty in the night . He usually doesn’t drink it but if he needs it, it’s there. He could really care less about now.

My youngest (and i) love his baba. Ive started only putting water in the bottle and milk in the sippy. Let them choose. He switches often lol usually just drinks both but hes learning the bottle will never have anything yummy in it and SLOWLY loosing intrest. Hang in there mamma

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Out of sight, out of mind.
We trashed our binks and bottles at 6M and went straight to a 360. By one he was on regular cups with 360 out and about, now hes 2 and regular cups 100% of the time.

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Once they turn one I throw their bottle away. They cry and I let them. They will take the sippy when they want it. I also don’t do night time bottles or sippys unless it’s a baby. I ease them out of that fast.


I had the same thing going on with my 2 year old. I started changing milk from the full milk to 2% to 1% then I started using water with the flavoring but as long as it’s sugar free and little by little he started leaving the bottle. His dentist told me to use the water infusers at night

Is that dr her momma. You take it when you feel she’s ready.


A friend gave me this trick…and only took 3 loooong nights to conquer…give a empty bottle vs a full sippy cup he/she will get the hint!!! Much luck and coffee

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With my 1st I started introducing sippy at 6 months. The hardest part was to get him off the Boob completely lol. With my youngest I took them away on his 1st bday and bought different sippys til I found one he liked. He liked he Gerber ones.

You just gotta stick to your guns. Throw them away together and that’s it. She’s gonna be a mess for a day or two but it’s for her best health you don’t want her teeth to rot.

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Replace milk in a sippy cup only at mealtimes. Water for any time else.

My kid is almost 3 and still has a bottle :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Only put water in her bottle.

throw the bottles away

There is a bottle that looks like a bottle but a nipple of a sippy try that used it with my son he hated sippy until I got that one

Get rid of the bottles so that the temptation to give her one is gone. Get a few different kinds of sippy cups to try. Have a little “Big Girl Party” to “celebrate” the transition. Its hard as a mom to not give your child something they are crying for, but its not our job to appease them all the time, its our job to do what is best for their well-being. First couple days without will be hard, but just keep reminding her that she’s a big girl now and why she can’t have the bottle anymore (bad for teeth, more likely to be overweight, etc). You got this momma!

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I took my daughter off the bottle by 13 months just took it way cold Turkey. And gave her a cup with soft top the MAM cups have a nipple similar to a bottle try that to transition her. My daughter now is 19 months and drinks Out of all kinds of cups.

My daughter will be 2 in august and she takes milk in a sippy cup before bed and sometimes through the night still. My Dr said she’s fine.

My oldest son would want more bottles at night than during the day. I put him to bed and said NO bottles. I let him cry one night is all it took.

If you must give a bottle at all, it should be water in it by this age. Milk only from cup or breast.


My first was really into paw patrol. He didn’t get off the bottle until around 18 months. I got him a paw patrol sippy and that worked. My second, who is 18 months now, still has his bottle. I know he shouldn’t be on it but I’m not gonna just not let him drink. Try the sippy of a favorite character. If it doesn’t work now, try again in a couple months. Every kid is different!

The bottle should of been given up by 1 no way to do it but cut it cold turkey an give her silly cups


You just got do it like a bandaid. Try giving a sippy that is similar looking and only offer that. Hide or throw away the bottles. Might be rough for a while but she will eventually get used to it.

My daughter switched from bottle to sippy cup at 6 months without fuss and stopped feeding or needing a bottle/sippy cup at night at around 2 and half. My son is 14 months He uses his sippy cup during the day and started that at roughly 11 months He did not transition well to it. At night he still takes a milk bottle and will not drink it from a sippy cup hes a bit more picky and you know what he’s not ready so I’m not forcing it I do however only do one bottle at night and will not give another he usually fusses for a minute then goes back to sleep. We are also trying to wean him off the pacifier as he is now getting teeth (he late bloomed teeth but now they are coming in multiple teeth at once) we reduce him to only during nap and sleep time for the pacifier. Each child is different. You have to find what works for you. And take cues from your child when they are ready.

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Just toss it. Have done it with all 3

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Cut all the bottle nipples, show her they’re all broken and you need to throw them away. Don’t buy anymore. When she wakes up and asks for it, remind her that they all broke and are in the garbage and give her a sippy cup.
My daughter was the same age and still using a bottle, she chewed through her last nipple and I showed her and she threw it away. After the first night she stopped asking.

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Try substituting sippy cup

Yeah water or take it away its hard but you will regret it if you dont do it now. I let mine keep hers til 2ish and a binky she ended up with terrible bottle rot even with 2 to 3 brushes a day.

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I took the bottle away when my babies started throwing them! They were about 12 months.

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Switch the bottle to water. If you have to, do it slowly. Add less milk and more water every night.

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I am having the same problem with my son who will be 2 in June I am due to have another baby in June also so I’m hoping to have him off before she is born it’s not looking good at this point I put water in it he doesn’t care he loves water :tired_face: try incentives if she talks good and understands tell her if and when she throws he bottles away you will get her something she has been wanting my dad said when I was one he told me if I threw my bottle away he would get me a bike because my big brother and sister were always riding there bikes he would get me one he told me I threw it away right then and he had to go buy me a bike it didn’t help with my son he told me NO maybe you will have better luck with your daughter good luck :purple_heart:

Just get rid of it and she will forget. We cut bottles at 15 months. It’s a rough couple days but it doesn’t last forever

Throw them out. And giver her milk in a cup. Thats what im doin and its working.

my son takes a bottle also at night with warm milk. the doctor also told me to stop it but he is my child… I’m in the same boat!

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My oldest wanted nothing to do with the bottle at 10 months he wanted his sippy. My 2nd was off by 1 years on to a sippy cup. No bottles in my house over 1 and neither of them to a pacifier at all

My boy was so much easier to get to switch. My daughter not so much. She was very particular about sippy cups and hated binkys. You have to find one with a spout she likes - trial and error

I asked my daughter to help pack all the bottles to throw away! She helped put them in the trash! I later, took them out to give to my baby niece! But when my daughter would ask for bottle, I would remind her we threw them away! And would give her a sippee cup! It went very well!

They have cups that look like bottles but are sippy cups my daughter’s loved them

Shouldn’t be giving milk in the bottle at night if that’s what your are doing…can cause teeth to rot along with juice…throw the bottle away and give her a sippy cup if she’s that thirsty she’ll drink out of it

We threw out all bottles and sippie cups except one sippie. She gets warm water when she wants a bottle now and it was tough! She still wakes up once a night for her sippie but no more screaming when it’s just water, took about a week and a half. Just know you are doing what is best for your child and they will thank you later when they still have all their teeth and good health.

Outta Sight Outta Mind!!

throw all the bottles out. problem solved. if she gets thirsty at night give her a sippy cup with water.

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Just give milk in the day in a sippy cup and then move on to night sippy cup

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Ya that was the trick less and less every night and no going back! It was so hard for me to do with both. My daughter ended up with bottle rot on her two front top teeth. My son was better but I atill think he was 3 when it stopped completly. None of us are perfect.

My son is the same age and we had the same problem! Honestly, just go cold turkey. The first 2 or 3 night are terrible but then they get used to it. Good luck!


The bottle should be taken away at night at 1 year and she should be using a soppy cup. If she wakes up at night, give her a drink of water. Put her back down and if she wakes again just let her cry. She will eventually stop waking up and sleep through the night. She should be sleeping 12 hrs a night.

If you need to give them a bottle then only put something they don’t like in it. Keep a sippy cup handy with the good stuff in it.


Me personally wud stick to 1 BEFORE shes in bed then take her up. My lg was the same now shes 3 and has a cup of milk before she goes to bed. Sometimes tough love is needed if ur options is running thin x

Throw all bottles away . out of sight out of mind the first few nights will be the hardest

Throw them away so it isn’t an option

We told my sister that the bottle fairy came and left her new bottles big girl bottles and we had them wrapped in bows

Don’t give in. You are the adult.

Just get rid of the bottles. None in the house at all so you cannot cave and give her one. Let her know she’s a big girl and bottles are for babies. When she asks for it give her a sippy cup. Kids are supposed to be off the bottle by 1 for a reason. It is terrible for their teeth. They also should not be getting milk through the night unless you are brushing their teeth after…

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Just stop
When she asks say no
You’re the mom you set the rules and stick to them

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When my youngest turned 1 he didn’t want his new cup but when I threw out his bottles it left him with no choice. Get rid of them and she will get over it.

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I let my daughter decide for herself when to stop her bottle. She was about 3 ½ when she was ready to give it up. I know some people don’t agree with it but I’m all about letting her meet her milestones in her own time. So far it’s worked great for me! Just watch them grow at their own pace and enjoy every step of the way♥️

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You just stop… when I brought my daughter home from nicu the nurses had her hooked on the pacifier something I wanted no part of… soo when we brought home I let her have it for the first month then one day while she was using it I just took out gently and tossed it…she’s 6months tomorrow… what pacy lol she found her fingers tho😂

You will ruin her second teeth.cold turkey n its over

Get rid of the bottles and buy sippy cups! At first she is going to refuse but she will see that ain’t nothing else and eventually she will take it!

Put water in it so her teeth dont rot.

Cold turkey. I threw all of my daughter’s bottles away on her first birthday and gave her sippy cups. It took her a night or two having a little bit of a hard time going to sleep and then she never wanted it again.

Toss them all and dont gibe in to her demands. It will suck for a week or so but she will get use to it. She should be on sippy cups or staw cups by now. Only give her those. She wont want them and will freak out…but stick with it. No more bottles. Also…if she needs a drink in the middle of the night it should only be water. The sugars in milk/breastmilk isnt good for her teeth. Before bed teeth should vr brushed and then no more milk. Just water. Usually kids are off bottles arohnd 1 yrs old.

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Get soft spout sippy cups

She will throw it out when she is ready, all you parents need to let your babes be babes and stop trying to make them grow up so quick


Just stop. She can’t fix her own…I think that’s why it’s best to get off bottle and pacifiers by 12 months. Jmo, of course…

Get a sippy cup that transitions her to fully on sippy cup. And the style your child likes just go with it.