How was giving birth during the pandemic?

I want another baby so bad, but all of the uncertainty scares me. How was your hospital stay? Did you feel safe? Can you tell me about your experiences?


I gave birth at home with my midwife, her team, my parents, and grandma present. It felt like the pandemic didn’t exist while i labored and delivered. It was an amazing experience. Parenting a baby during this pandemic has been a whole different story though.

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I just gave birth a month ago and it was pretty much normal for us. Just nurses were wearing masks and we had to wear a mask when we left our room.

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It honestly felt like I wasn’t even giving birth during the pandemic. They didn’t make me wear a mask but I know some of my friends did have to but she was the only one. They do make you get a covid test. Honestly it’s not that bad. You don’t have people bugging you to come to the hospital.

My fiance was the only one allowed in the room. My baby was a premie and had to be in the NICU, we couldnt have any visitors and I was the only one allowed to go see her in the NICU not even her father could go. It was super hard and emotional experience having to go through all of it alone.


My friend just gave birth a month ago to her son, and my sister in law gave birth a week ago.
Everything went smoothly. Drs/nurses wear mask. They do test the mother for covid. No visitors in the hospital, and you don’t usually have to stay as long.
I’m also pregnant, due in dec

I had my newest 4 weeks ago and I felt perfectly safe. The hospital I had all 3 of my kids in had protocols in place. All visitors were temp checked when they came and only 1 visitor per day which for me was my fiancé. The hardest part was not being able to have our other kids visit me in the hospital

I gave birth 2 months ago and she was born stillborn. I had to wait 3 hours for a hospital to accept me that actually had a maternity ward.


It was lonely. My first child only my husband was allowed my mom wanted to be there I’m the baby of my family and the last of my siblings to have a child. No visitors so time took forever waiting to go home. Painful sitting around in the tiny hospital room because we weren’t allowed to walk around.

I go in tomorrow to have my second, I had to have the covid test, they’ll ask questions about if I’ve been feeling sick, and I’m only allowed one visitor the whole time I’m in and that visitor has to be the same person each day. They can come and go as they please.

I gave birth in June, it was kinda hard for me. I had to go in for non stress tests twice a week and i couldn’t have anyone with me. I had an ultrasound and was told i could bring one person with me and i took my daughter and was refused the ultrasound. My mom was with me during my other two births and i couldn’t have her with me. My boyfriend was with me of course but my mom is my advocate. My kids couldn’t come in and meet their sibling during the hospital stay and i was in for 3 days. My bf and i didn’t need to wear a mask just when he left the room and went in the halls.

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I think it depends on the hospital my bff gave birth at st Mary’s in may and said only difference is 1 visiter and next day u leave if baby is Healthy

Sad. I gave birth middle of April. I was unable to have visitors, my husband couldn’t even leave the hospital to get food…I was scared of the baby catching the virus while at the hospital and scared to have visitors once I came home. Everything has been so depressing. :sob: he’s likely my last so it’s just so sad that it was my last experience


It depends on where you are. But I have birth in July and it was such. A great experience the nurses always wore their masks and sanitized constantly. Only thing couldn’t leave the room and only one person was allowed in a 24hr period. But the nurses made sure to bring me juice and snacks and such. And my support was able to leave the room just to the doors so my mom could bring me food lol.
But again it really depends on the hospital and the state/city you’re in

Not sure about the birth part yet as I’m only 7.5 months along with my 4th but so far pregnancy has been kind of lonely… Hubby can’t come with me to check ups, or ultrasounds which sucks!

I had our youngest 4 weeks ago today. We were in and out in about 24 hours. My husband was the only one allowed there but he could come and go as he pleased. I wasn’t required to stay masked while I labored or delivered unless I wanted to. Baby stayed in our room the entire time even for tests. I wasn’t required to be Covid tested and neither was husband or baby. It was a happy environment overall. Our third baby and it has been as joyous as ever.


Better wait another year

It was hard for me! I gave birth in the beginning of the pandemic so everything was really strict, I didn’t have the support I needed and a lot of features weren’t available like the nitrous oxide. This was my first baby and personally it really affected my experience. It was not enjoyable.

It was sad that my mom couldn’t be in the room for me giving birth for the first time, but we FaceTimed her and she counted with us as I was pushing so that part wasn’t bad. My boyfriend was allowed to leave the hospital to get us food which I did not understand the logic of. & It wasn’t overwhelming with people coming in all hours of the day. My overall experience was actually really nice!

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I am due in February. We were told only hubby was allowed and no guests

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My daughter will be induced Monday the 5th her on is wonderful but we no absolutely nothing about the hospital haven’t gotten the option to get to go have a walk thru or visit the maternity ward because of all the covid-19 only got to do a virtual look

So sad. It was my first baby. And my mom couldn’t be in there because I had to choose between my mom or my fiancé. Of course I wanted my fiancé in there for the birth of his child but I also needed my mom. My baby was in the nicu for a week so none of the family got to meet him (right after he was born) it was just crazy. Definitely not what I expected my first birth to be like.

It was fine. Gave birth in July. I only had my husband with me during labor and delivery. And we had two visitors after delivery- the baby’s parents (we placed our baby for adoption)


We just found out we are pregnant with our 3rd. I honestly didn’t put much thought into getting pregnant or possibly giving birth during pandemic. I’m thinking I’m due in may based off last period. I go to my doctor second week of October. My husband won’t be able to come to any if my ob appointments which isn’t a big deal cause he needs to work and didn’t come to any when I was pregnant with my second and only come to first appointment when I was pregnant with our first. Kinda hoping this shit clears some before may but if not I’m sure we will manage

Had my second daughter last month… the birth and hospital stay were fine where I live… what was the worst part was and the prenatal care, every appointment, ultrasound EVERYTHING I had to do alone. That was THE WORST, a lot of the time I felt so detached from hubby and my first daughter thru the whole pregnancy bc they just were not apart of any of that and trying to relay info between the appts and then to hubby has really hard as well. Also it was hard after we got home to not have friends or family come to see us and help out with anything. All that said I would do it again and not change a thing… my sweet girl was so worth it all!

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I had my twins in June. I was only 31 weeks pregnant and everyone was worried. No one could come in but my husband. The boys had to stay in the NICU for 4-5 weeks. All of our family was dying to see them. The hospital staff became our family during our stay. It was hard but we made it.

Currently in the hospital with baby #4. Safety wise, I feel completely fine. (And we have been very careful and cautious through thia whole thing). Its strange not having visitors,.but its been some nice bonding time with baby, my husband and myself. My husband has been wearing a mask anytime someone enters the room. I have to wear it anytime I am not in my room, but they did not make me wear it while in labor. They just said “wear it if you can.”


I gave birth in July. Everything was normal besides the covid test before being admitted as and not having any visitors allowed. Only one support person who couldn’t leave and come back. I also got the option to leave earlier even after a c section if I wanted to. Honestly it was really relaxing only having my boyfriend there. I also was still allowed to walk around the maternity ward.


My husband was only able to make it to about 3 appointments with me. Mostly because of the pandemic, but also because we have a toddler also and he wasn’t able to come with us. It wasn’t bad otherwise. I had her at Ruby. My husband was the only person (at that point, it was only 1 support person allowed) that came with me. He was allowed to come and go, but he was the only “visitor” allowed. It was actually pretty calm and chill. She just turned 2 months on the 18th. I don’t take her out much, especially to crowded places. I also am the same with my toddler. He was 3 months early, so we have been cautious. I’m not so much worried about covid as I am about flu/rsv season. So, just to be safe, we avoid crowds & wash our hands when possible or sanitize when we can’t (all things we did pre-pandemic with a micro-preemie that came home on oxygen).

No visitors, I had my son end of march
Only had my husband in the room
I had to stay in nicu with my son, I wasn’t able to leave alot, had to wash my hands everytime I touch something or hand sanitizer couldn’t wear my ring, only could go to the family lounge but it was 1 person at a time or stay 6ft apart

I delivered in august. I was induced so had a covid test it was negative so I didn’t have to wear a mask. My support person was the only one allowed in and once we got there she wasn’t allowed to leave and come back. If she left she wouldn’t have been allowed back in. Time dragged a little bit but it really wasn’t bad. The only difference between now and 10 years ago with my first was no visitors, which I personally was okay with because I didn’t want chaos.

Depends where you are and if there is another wave of Covid. Wouldn’t recommend it. I was only allowed two visitors the whole stay (four days) and my partner had to regularly sanitize. Plus all the uncertainty of possibly another new mum had it or not

I’m giving birth to my first baby a girl on Monday I’m getting induced and honestly it does give you those worries but I feel fine and confident that things will be okay

Currently in the hospital. Gave birth yesterday afternoon. Will be going home in the am.
Check current policy at your hospital. Mine you can only have one support person, no visitors allowed. You stay in your room, cant go walk around. Overall it wasnt to different than from my first 3 years ago… besides no visitors.

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It’s was fine for me no complaints! Was like any other birth. Honestly I think it just depends on the state and area you are from :thinking:

I’m due Sunday. It sucks not to be able to do a tour of the maternity ward and my doctor said I have to wear a mask during delivery. Also going to all of my appointments alone isn’t fun either. My husband and I planned this baby it is my 4th and his 1st and the best I can do is record everything for him. Also not looking forward to not having my parents there when I give birth. And my babies don’t get to meet their sister until we get home. I wish I would of known this was coming. I would of waited

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Just had c-section on 15th i could have one person. My husband was able to leave and come back. They didnt want him doing 6 times a day but he ones only one you couldnt swap out people but everything went fine. I wore my mask in or but in my room the nurses never said i had to put it back on

I had to have an emergency inducement it was my second born at 35 weeks. It was just like the first time.

I gave birth in April, I was only allowed one person at all times, and they weren’t allowed to leave… if so they couldn’t return. They didn’t have any baby wipes, so we used warm wash cloths, they didn’t have any of the mesh panties, and they also ran out of the extra formula that they supply while we’re there. We had tons of questions and barely any answers… would not recommend :joy::joy:

I gave birth in July and I agree it was very sad. I felt like I was alone at the hospital. I had a csection and I begged to leave on day 2 because I felt so alone. My husband couldn’t go to any of the ultrasounds etc. they’re easing restrictions now though so it may be better

My son is 12 days old and the care we had in hospital during and after labour was brilliant.
The midwifes and hospital staff were so caring and were always smiling and willing to help :relaxed: no complaints from me.

It really wasn’t bad. We had virtual visits as much as possible which was nice with a toddler. I’m a nurse, so I worked throughout the whole thing, right up until my due date. I felt a little hesitant at work simply because we didn’t know anything in the beginning. Birth itself was normal with the exception of only one person the entire stay. My nurse wore her full garb (gown, face shield, etc) while she swabbed me for covid and until I came back negative, then she was in regular scrubs. Interestingly enough the triage nurse, the triage doctor, and the rest of the people I saw didn’t gear up. Delivery was normal. Recovery was normal. We were discharged the next day. My husband was allowed to come and go which was nice. It wasn’t really much different.


I couldn’t have my husband with me during any prenatal visits, nor ultrasounds, nothing. I had to go through the entire pregnancy alone, and he couldn’t be in the delivery room (c section he passes out at site of blood) and it was the worst delivery i had complications and had to be given general anesthesia. It was a very hard pregnancy and it would have been much easier for me to have had him with me during everything. Every state and clinic and hospital are different, and rules for delivery are changing every day. It was tough for me, but everyone will have different experiences.
I felt safe, but my newborn had to have a covid test at 6 days old because of a fever and diarrhea. That nasal. Swab was brutal to watch them do

Do a homebirth, if you are able. So so so worth it. :heart:

Not having my boyfriend ( the father) in any of my appointments was really hard for me but I always took videos of the heartbeat and pics of stuff and told him everything. My midwives made it all as non stressful as they could. Actually staying in the hospital and having her was amazing I had to do the covid test which sucked and my boyfriend had to wear a mask almost the whole time other than that it seemed pretty normal we weren’t allowed to have visitors and I was only allowed one person in the room but tbh it made it better for us because we got time alone to be a family without a bunch of people just showing up

I had a csection. In the beginning my husband could go but by the end I had to be alone even my 4 year old couldn’t go. We both had to get tested for covid but I got to do the throat test much faster. My husband got to be there for my csection. We didn’t have to wear a mask but staff had to. We couldn’t leave our room. No one was allow to come but my mom could drop off food for us. I left after 24 hrs I was suppose to stay 3 days. I wanted to be home and not stuck in a room and we both where doing great.

I’d say start trying now. If you really want another child. Things will get better and in the end everything works out. I deliver in January and just so happy to have my baby im glad I didn’t wait.

I’m due October 10th. Up until May, my husband could go with me to the ultrasounds after that I had to go alone which sucked because I had about 6 altogether till this day and he missed it. I didn’t really care for the prenatals since it’s baby #2 and I really didn’t need him there, just routine checkup. When my weekly appointments started I was allowed to bring our seven year old, so she goes with me. Delivery will be the same as always with the exception of visitors, which I honestly don’t mind. I can have my husband, a doula and one more person (my mom was in there for our first) but this time I told her no one is allowed, one I want her to stay with my daughter and two, last time she didn’t let me bond with my husband, maybe she was too excited but I want this time around to be just me and him. You’ll be fine!

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I had a planned c section August 27th it was great only stayed one night

Scary, but not bad. My actual hospital stay was perfect. It didn’t feel like there was a pandemic and I felt like I had a great birth experience overall. It was honestly kind of nice to not have to worry about visitors and allow ourselves to get settled as a family. There were a lot of things I feel like I missed out on like getting to show my baby off, going to birthing classes or a breastfeeding support group, meeting mom friends, etc, since I am a first time mom. I also feel that it definitely heightened my anxiety. I still have very bad anxiety about my baby getting sick or being around people.


it was definitely scary but it wasn’t bad, I got tested and the people were all so nice and my hospital stay was great, my partner got to stay the whole time but couldn’t leave and I definitely agree that you miss out on so much

I enjoyed our hospital stay honestly. Husband was there the entire time and it was just our little family the first few days❤️ very relaxing

It depends on the hospital. Everything went smoothly for me and all of the staff were amazing. The only thing I didn’t like was when my baby was in the NICU only one of us could go at a time

I enjoyed our hospital stay! You do have to get tested before giving birth but other than that it’s good. Quality time with your SO and your new bundle of joy; or in my case, bundles :hugs: we were taken care of exceptionally :heart:


It’s was great the only thing I didn’t like was when I had my son my parents couldn’t come to the hospital with my daughter after he was born

I had a baby in the heat of it back in April and it was fine! They don’t let excess visitors and you can’t go in and out. And that was with the most restrictions!

I gave birth in May. I didn’t have to be tested, everyone always put on fresh gloves when they checked on me or baby. I wasn’t allowed anyone other than who ever showed up as my support person. Even if he left, no one else could take his place so 12 hours after birth i was alone for the remaining days… i was supposed to be in for 4 days because of my c section, but it ended up being 2 days post birth and one day during induction. I couldn’t forget to order meals because I couldn’t leave or get any brought to me. I hated being alone under my circumstances, but did like that I didn’t have a million people crowding to see my newborn while doctors and nurses are exposing me all day. I could relax (as much as a mom can) in my indecency lol

I had my baby at the end of March, in the very beginning stages of quarantine and the hospitals were running low on ppe and other safety equipment… that was scary! We actually brought our own cleaning supplies to make sure everything was disinfected as nurses and doctors came in and out of the room… it was nice that I couldn’t have visitors except the person I chose to be birth coach so there was no over crowding or drama going on while I was dealing with the pain becauseI was attempting to go natural😅…

Just make sure you’re prepared and have stuff to keep you company and lots of snacks and drinks to hold you over between the crappy hospital meals.

Honestly kind of enjoyed not being able to have any visitors other than hubby. Not really scary but was kind of annoying not being able to walk the halls

Hospital stay was not great. My husband and i both had to get tested before admission. Gave birth and after an hour, they kicked him out of the room and said his not allowed to stay with us or come visit us. Slept the whole time alone recovering from a c-section while my baby was in icu.

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Where I live your partner isnt even allowed to go to your baby appointments. You have to do everything alone and if things dont get better you may even have to give birth with just you and the doctors. Getting pregnant in purpose during a pandemic isnt a good idea unless you like feeling completely alone and miserable. But you do you

I had my baby last week and everything was great. Didn’t feel like we were in the middle of a pandemic at all. We had to wear masks when staff was in the room and sometimes I forgot but they never reminded me or seemed like it bothered them. I was worried about wearing a mask in labor but it wasn’t terribly bad. My husband was able to stay with me both nights and still able to go home during the day to check on our other kids. Neither one of us had to get tested before admission.

It always a wonderful time to have a baby, if you really want one… there are nuicanses but theyre there for a reason… personally, I wont choose to have a baby at this time becuase I like all the mushy stuff of having my family and friends visit me at the hospital… good luck to you

Had my daughter just under 2 weeks ago. Wore the mask until I couldn’t take it anymore then ripped it off. Had to wear one anytime someone came in the room after being moved. We left the next day. It wasn’t bad. We stayen in our room even though we didn’t have to

I had my 2nd baby 2 weeks ago today, my husband came to the first midwife appointment and the 12 week scan and that was it. I had to goto all scans and appointments alone, I had extra scans due to low placenta and needing growth scans. Also had a case of reduced movements and had to go be checked alone, which not going to lie was abit scary and doing it all on my own wasn’t great, but he was there for the birth of his daughter which I’m thankful for. We were in and out the same day