How was your back pain after getting an epidural for the second time?

I have one son already, and I’m expecting a girl now too. My first pregnancy, I tried my best not to get an epidural, but 6 hours into labor I asked for one and got one. I know every labor is different, but I really don’t want to get a second epidural knowing how it affected my back. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to bear the pain, even somewhat knowing what it’ll be like. I guess my question is for (Mothers who have had two epidurals) what can I expect? How was it afterward in the months prior to getting it again. Back pain is the only thing I’ve had a problem with after having one. Also, what are some MAJOR things that helped during the labor process to “make it easier” up until the baby is ready to come out? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE


Following! Im due in april and have had the same questions

Everyone’s experience is different but with me (I’ve had 2 epidurals) my back is not the same. Example: I cant stand and do dishes for a period of time bc my back will ache. My back will hurt every once in awhile and will need my husband to rub it.
After I gave birth, I had this shooting pain in my back that hurt. And it lasted for a couple weeks.
As for helping during labor for back pain, I cant really offer much due to I had to lay on the bed the entire time. All I did was have a pillow to support my lower back.

The second epidural DID NOT WORK at all, whatsoever. I wish I didn’t have that bill to pay. I had major back pain a few months after the first one, and it’s way easier to throw my back out now. But after the second one, there isn’t any noticeable pain. I still think they had saline in that needle… :joy:

My second birth was serious the easiest. I was in labor all day and didn’t even realize til 9pm got to the hospital at 1030 and had him a half hour later. I will say the last 45 mins were intense but it wasn’t bad bc it wasn’t for long. Then my other two got epidurals and on my 3rd child I had a complications and they had to redo it 5 times 3 different anesthesiologist So they were digging in there scrapping things so my experience might be different.

Mine was the same as with the first no better but no worse and I plan on doing it this last one as well

I’ve had 2 epidurals and had no pain with either one, they were done about a year apart and I’m 3mo pp with no issues!

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I had one with my daughter 12 years ago and another with my son about 3 years ago now and basically its the same amount of back pain I’ve had from the original one. I wouldnt say its any more than I was already experiencing after my first kid but its def not any less lol

My back hurts, especially when nursing but it’s manageable without pain killers.

My second one did not work properly - terrible experience.

I’ve had 2 epidurals . And with both my back was sore in the spot where they inserted it for like 4ish days afterwards. But I didnt have back problems with either . My back feels the same as before pregnancy beside for the first few days afterwards. They both worked the same for me as well.

It didn’t affect my back for the 1st but I was 19… the 2nd one I got at 35 hurt for 2 weeks and the back pain from it 2 months! Think it all depends! I dont regret getting it think my cooter woulda hurt worse!!

Ooohhhh I’ve had 3 children… two without epidural my last child… most painful back pain ever… if you can go without it…go without it in my opinion…for myself by the time you ask for it you’ve already maxed out most of the pain

Mine was very sore a couple weeks after birth. They couldn’t hit the spot after three tries. Finally had to get head of anesthesia to do it right.

I’ve had 2 epidurals and my back always aches . Some days more than other when I’m doing dishes or standing for long periods of time . It’s not major pain but it aches . I just deal with it . It did get worse after a 2nd epidural. I didn’t get an epidural with my 3rd for this reason . Now I’m due with my 4th in 10 weeks and I’m planning on not getting it.

I’ve had 5 children, 5 epidurals and my back is not the same. I have daily back pain and numbness in my legs sporadically.

I’ve had 5 ( actually more, because a few times they would have to pull out and reposition)… my first was 15 years ago and my last was 3 years ago. I have no back pain except old age :joy::wink:

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I’ve had two. Last one April 2019 and I don’t really have that much more back pain than before I ever got one. Everyone is different. Hopefully you can learn some techniques to help you go without one.

I don’t have back pain often associated with the epidural but occasionally I get electric pulse like feeling in the spot the needle went in. It pulses, hurts and takes my breath away. Usually for a minute or two and then it’s gone. It’s super random too. I never know when it will happen but it’s not frequent.

1st epidural 1st birth was horrific!! But 2nd birth I started doing guided meditation at night to prepare my body for birth the 2nd time around and I tell ya no drugs and it was so relaxed and awesome

February 14th will be 3 years since my 2nd one and I still get crazy pain every now and then… Its weird and annoying.

Have you got any hypnobirthing classes near you? Might be worth looking into some as I’ve heard some amazing stories about how they’ve helped women choose the right birthing plan for them.

Neither one of mine caused pain afterwards but there are 2 big spots on my spine and back where the nerves are dead, I cant feel anything touching my skin in those spots

I had an epidural with both my kids. Didnt have any back pain, but the second time around ended up with a horrible headache for 2 weeks.

I would go to a chiropractor for xrays to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. I had my first with an epidural that came loose then the months and years after he was born I started having crazy lower back pain and even popped my pelvic bone out a few times. Finally I went to a chiropractor and he told me I have an extra vertabra and a deformed disc that was supposed to fuse together when you’re in the womb. Mine didnt. So I have degenerative disc and nerve plus the bones than never fused is going to be a life long problem with no real fix. It wasn’t the epidural. I am just susceptible to back pain and pelvic bone popping out. the shifting of bones during child birth simply made it all flare up… I know epidurals can cause back pain but it’s just a suggestion.

I’ve had 2 epidurals. The first time…no effects afterwards except a little sore where they inserted it. The second time around, my back ached for maybe a week after.

I had one with each of my 3 kids and no issues or back pain of any kind almost like it never happened

I’ve only had one epidural and it was the worst thing I could have done during my labor.

I did go on to have a natural birth with my 3rd though. If you don’t want an epidural, I highly suggest in finding a hiring a doula. I would have never been able to get my natural birth, that I so desperately wanted, without her!!

My 1st epidural was AMAZING … so, naturally, I was expecting the same for my second.

NOT THE CASE!! After 2 failed attempts of insertion, they said it was finally in. However, I could feel everything. I was the one telling them I was ready to push. The nurse said, “no honey, I just checked you 20 minutes ago and you weren’t even close.”

My son was here 10/15 minutes later.

My back was so sore for a week afterwards.

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I had an epidural with my 3 kids and each one worked less for the labor pain than the one before. I never had lasting effects on my back though luckily

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I think y’all need new anesthesiologists! The epidural shouldn’t leave you with ANY pain. Perhaps it wasn’t administered properly. Read up on the latest info and discuss with your doctors. You DO have to be very still when the needle goes in. Talk to a neurologist if it’s nerve pain.

I had an epidural with my first due to prolonged labour (67hrs) and after a couple of hours half of the feeling came back so it wasn’t particularly worthwhile having it. I felt bruised for about a week after from it and get an achey back most days but not sure whether that is just a parenting thing. My second and third labours were SO much easier and I had a waterbirth with gas and air (entenox) with both and it was totally manageable. They say first babies are almost always the worst, so I have complete faith that you’ll manage this labour much better. All the best x

It only hurts for a while. Had epidural with my 1st wish I hadn’t. Had nothing with the other 2 hubby kept my mind off the pain.

I have had 3 epidurals. With my last child they messed it up and i now go thru spurts of temporary paralysis. I literally have zero feeling in my legs and lower abdomen for a few days (the last has been 2 days) then i have a day of weakness and it comes back. My daughter is almost 2 and it has happened 9 times since shes been born. Theres zero way to fix it according to my doctor and the neurospecialist Worked wonders while i was in labor but i will never ever do it again!

My 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were all pretty similar. This last one was probably the best one I had during labor. Just the right amount of numbness but I could feel tons of pressure still.

My back and hips hurt for about a week.

My epidural with my first worked great. With my second it stopped working on my left side and they had to come in and give me another medicine that numbed me from the waist down. I’ve not had any back pain since I had my second but it was much more painful to have it put in than my first one was. Not sure why but it hurt a lot more when the dr was putting it in.

I had an epidural with both my kiddos. My back was stiff and tender for about 6 months after and then got better. Now it isnt tender at all and I haven’t had any problems. I asked for the numbing agent before so I didnt feel anything but the initial pinch.
But you gotta remember that needle and the tube with the meds goes in by your spine and that’s gonna make it tender for a LONG time just due to where it’s at.

Good luck ! My second one didn’t work at all. And my third didn’t work fully. I could feel eveerything in my groin area

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My back pain was gone within a few days. I was told it’s completely normal to have back pain post epidural. I used inhaled nitric oxide for the 1st part of my labor before my epidural and it really helped

I had epidurals with both of my kids one 22 year ago and one 8 years ago. I have never experienced any type of back pain.

I just had my second epidural 4 weeks ago. Honestly it was worth it. The pain meds they gave me to recover with (including 1 refill) was enough to help with recovery. That plus laying flat on the carpet to stretch (and uncontrollably pop) my back. Honestly laying on the floor worked wonders-as soon as I could get on the floor that is. I wish you the best of luck mama!

I said that too and 3 cm I got lol

Had a epidural with my first. Had back problems after. 3 more kids later no epidural for either. I had back labor with all of mine. So the shower really helped me. It was hard dont get me wrong but it made my labors shorter. Epidural I labored for 28hrs. Other 3 no more than 5.5 hrs

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I had an epidural with my son but my daughter cane faster than the epidural could kick in lol but my back is fine

I had 4 babies natural, get your self a doula i had a midwife who guided me through pushing with my last one and iit made a huge difference the endorphine rush after having a baby is amazing its so worth just doing it drug free if u can each time i got to a point when i wanted an epidural but didnt get it
it was literally 10/20 mins later i had baby lol

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I am more terrified of the pain and after pain of an epidural myself, even with a c section I absolutely refused it. So kudos to you girls for have the courage.

I dont have any back pain. Not even like what i used to have due to being top heavy lol it’s kind of weird. But like fixed my back. :rofl:

I had my second baby in Nov… Honestly because I had to be induced and was given petocin I go the epidural knew what to expect and was much easier second time around. I feel like as a mom you’re more prepared second time around but every pregnancy and birth is different… make a plan with whoever you’ll have in the delivery room advocate your decision MoMA! You got this

2 kids, 2 epidurals and wish I didn’t get the 2nd one. I was afraid after half a day of awful labour with my 1st so I got it with my 2nd right away and the baby was born 3 minutes later. Making it basically natural anyways and left with lasting effects on my back. My lower back feels like it locks up or has a fist just pressurizing and pushing the lower mid.

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I’ve had 2. My 2nd the whole process was much faster. First labored for 48 hrs, pushed for 1.5 hrs. 2nd induced broke water, labored for 4 hrs pushed 3 minutes lmao 2nd epidural was not as good as the first and I had weird numbing in my right thigh lol went away after a few hours. No long term effects tho

I had 6 children I’ve never had an epidural and I’ve had back pain since I got pregnant with my first. It might not be the epidural. Maybe you should have a chiropractor check it out.

My back is messed up from the epidural. Ugh.

I had the natureal way and i say take the meds i labor for a long time.

Both pregnancies I tried the gas before getting the epi. After the first I had back pain for a few weeks but nothing bad (except it somehow felt like it might just snap in half if I moved wrong) and with my second it lasted about a day. I think the difference was mainly how labour went, though.

I gave birth before they gave epidurals for labor. If you do the breathing and concentrate you can do labor without an epidural. I had to have a spinal drain placed after a back surgery so I understand complications with the epidurals as that is basically the same procedure. It could be easier the second time as you know what to expect. Or that could make it worse but you absolutely don’t have to have one. They can do a little pain meds in your IV.

I had two. One worked the second one didn’t until later.

3 kids only 1 epidural took. That one was the worst delivery. Recovery time took the longest as well as labor. The pain stops as soon as the baby comes.

I’ve had 3 (1 epi, 2 spinals) and I don’t go a moment of the day without pain. Sadly I’m just kind of used to it I guess. My second was dramatically worse than the first though because they messed it up 18 times before another anaesiest got it right.
It’s likely though that it won’t be so bad for you with physio afterwards :slight_smile: good luck and well wishes

Ask to sit in the birthing tub with my 1st two. That helped me alot. I didn’t have an epidural but I’ve had 2 spinals. The back pain pretty much stays the same. Didn’t really get worse.

My second epidural I ended up not getting any medication before I was fully dilated and ready to push. They inserted one catheter wrong and they were putting the second one in when I pushed out the baby. I’m 2 months postpartum and when I move a lot or exert myself then sit or lay down, I get a shooting stabbing pain that feels like a contraction from the epidural site to my bum and up into the back of my neck. I have to breathe through it for a minute or so until it goes away

The last epidural ending up giving me the worst headache I’ve ever had, they had to do a blood patch to make it stop. The first two were totally fine, no problems or issues. No back pain with any of them.

It did not bother me at all. I had one epidural and then a spinal with baby #2 (Scheduled C-section).

2 babies, epidurals with both. The first I had minor back pain for about a month; my second, closer to 6 months. They’re now 3 and 2, and no lasting pain.

I have had 4 of them, I now have extreme back pain in the area I received them

I had 5 epidurals and loved each one. But I didn’t have any back pain from mine.

My back was messed up after the first one. I went natural the second time, and found out the epideral is given after the hardest part.

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I have had 6 epidurals n only back problems I have is if my hips our out but afterwards i had problems for a few wks to a mth

I asked for a second epidural & got a spinal…so so sick throwing up the whole day!

My first two there were no problem, definitely plan to get one for when I go into labor with my third

I had 3 babies, 3 epidurals and no back pain after birth or now. Hoping this 4th time is the same result

So, I have three kids. My first born (17 yo) I did it without the epidural. I swore I’d never do it again!!! My second child (7yo) I got the epidural and labor was sooooooo easy!! I swore if I EVER got pregnant again, I would do it again, back pain and all. My third child (8 months) Guess what? I got it!!! I only had one tube left due to an ectopic after my first born. Had doc remove the other tube, I’m don’t with kids now. If I could get preggers again, I would get it!!!

I did 2 labors without an epidural. Just remember to breathe. That the most important part is to breathe and push.

I’ve had 4 children. 3 epidurals. My oldest is 22 now and my youngest is 15. I have no pain from it now and didnt after each one but everyone is different.

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Neva had epidural
Went thru all the pain
But I heard it has lots of side effects
Talk to ur doc she might guide u Betr

First one I would have back spasms second and up to my fifth baby I didn’t have any issues

Had 2 epidurals and 2 c-sections, 16 and 22 years ago…no issues from either.

I had 2 kids both with epidurals and never had back pain. Maybe that was just a fluke?

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I had 3 epidurals. No problems

My first epidural was worse then my second one. The first one was not placed correctly but went to a different hospital with my second child and was so much better

I had epidural’s with all 3 no problems

Both times my back was messed up after. I think it’s the placement of my nerves because they hit nerves both times I had a baby causing a shock/involuntary movement. I am in so much pain sometimes. The pain about a week after the birth the second time around was so bad I was in tears. I had 2 C-sections.

I’ve had 2 and no back pain. I do want to do my 3rd labor with no epidural. Who the hell knows if I can?

I hated the epidural the first time and didnt get one with the other 2 kids, I am lucky that I have quick labors and I think when you know what to expect the 2nd time around it’s better, do you have access to midwives?

Mine didn’t hurt afterward either time. The second time I tried to go without it, but was in so much pain I stopped progressing. I went from stuck at a 6 to born and weighed and everything exactly 21 minutes after I got my epidural

I’ve had 6… Only back pain I get is from riding my horses to long.

I’ve had 2 and the only time I had back pain from it was with my period and it went away after a few cycles, now I’m going to be possibly looking at my 3rd time

I’ve had 3 and I get back pain still to this day…

Sat on side of the bed bent forward cuddling a pillow had 3 eps this way To date I’ve never had any back pain

For me is was actually better with the second one. Sore but just like uncomfortable sore, not crying type of sore

I had 3 csections and the chiropractor helped my back tremendously like I’d die without him

I weird little trick that helped me cope w/ labor is something you do / practice during pregnancy leading up to labor, not directly before or during. I was told to practice allowing an ice cube to fully melt in the palm of my hand. It hurts. It’s uncomfortable, but that eventually passes. If you can hold an ice cube long enough for it to melt, you can get through a labor pain, which is much shorter in duration. It sets you up mentally to understand that the pains will pass and made the duration of the pains seem very short in comparison. Another thing that helped during labor was to concentrate on keeping my face, neck, shoulders, limbs relaxed so the muscles that need to can work as they have to more efficiently. Deep, calm breathing and circling my hips. I couldn’t lay or sit still during labor. Movement helped.Can’t do that w/ an epidural and w/ all the horror stories I’ve read about women suffering life long agony after getting one, I’m glad I didn’t! Everyone’s pain tolerance levels are different and I don’t judge if someone wants it. I’m just glad that for me, personally, I didn’t get it. Hope this helps.

I’m 47 and I’ve had 4 and my back still kills me.

I only had one for my first. Messed up my back and did the next 3 medicine free.