How was your first period after giving birth?

When you got your first period after having your kiddo how’d you handle it? I’m bleeding through everything within a couple hours. Super plus tampons paired super pads and menstrual cups paired with super pads. This is crazy how much blood is coming out of me


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How was your first period after giving birth?

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Mine came back at 3 months pp it was rough. Adult diapers with two size 5 overnight pads were lifesavers (and honestly still are if I have super heavy flows) :heart:

I had to use a lot of pads. I had to stop using tampons. Doctor said you should not use those on your first period as it can cause infections and many other problems as your body is still healing inside


mine was very similar!!! Also lasted 10+ days :weary:

Awful. Like sooooo awful. Soaked tampons and pads. They kept telling me it was normal :upside_down_face::crazy_face: lay down as much as you can!

Mine was pretty heavy and messy, if you think its too much or start feeling funny may wanna go see your doc. Be sure to eats lots and drink that water…

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I ultimately picked up depends type undies… first few periods after. Now they have actual disposable period undies I sometimes use on my first heavy day.

I would skip the tampons if it hasn’t been long since your delivery :pray:t3: plus they always make my cramping so much worse.

The first periods after my first two kids were fine normal like before I had them. But this first one I got after my last baby. It was so bad, I was bleeding through super tampons and a pad within an hour for 4 days straight, then it slowed down finally. But that first day My doctor had me go in for blood tests to see if I was having a miscarriage cause of how much it was.

Yup it was BAD and you will bleed for at least a month. Super pads girl it’s worth it :boom:

Mine was pretty heavy. They told me if I was soaking through an overnight pad in an hour or passing lime sized clots to go to the ER.

Period diapers are a life saver

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Mine were normal. They actually became shorter after having kids, haha.

My husband went and bought me diapers for my first postpartum period. If my periods are bad be still goes to grab me a pack. It was the first time I had a heavy glow and didn’t bleed through, I fully recommend 10/10.

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About like that both times. They were back to normal by the third postpartum period. My first, it was super clotty too, and I had cramps for a week plus beforehand.

I actually had to go back to my Dr and my hormones were outta whack really bad causing super heavy bleeding a clots. Completely freaked me out bc I had finally stopped bleeding for a few weeks after birth and then got what was actually my period and literally thought I was hemorrhaging (dramatic I know but at the time I was freaked out). Come to fund out I just needed some estrogen.

If you are having to change a super pad or tampon within an hr you need to consult your dr or go to the er.

Go to the doctor. This is scary.

Depending how far post delivery you are… Is it postpartum bleeding, or a menstrual cycle? I personally, bleed for an abnormally long time with both of mine (I have a slew of health issues). However, most women, do experience slightly heavier periods the first couple cycles postpartum. However, significant blood loss like that should always be reported to your OBGYN, just in case. It’s always better to err on the safe side. However, for a pad… I would recommend the U by Kotex overnight pads. They’ll still have to be changed every few hours, but for me, they offered better absorbtion than most… Or the Secret Discreet’s are nice as well❤️

Go to the doctor you’re hemraging

I used nappies in my undies like pads

My OB/GYN put it perfectly….a period from hell.

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I had my first period at 6wks pp with my daughter and I bled heavily the first 4ish days. It was like I had given birth all over again.

Mine were normal. They actually became shorter after having kids, haha.

Ever since my first child my periods have been extremely heavy (menorrhagia), I’m talking like csi should be called because sometimes it looks like a murder scene
My periods only last 3-4 days max but I get ZERO sleep as I soak through ultra tampons in 30-45 minutes so I must ALWAYS be alert and it sucks
I literally have no idea how I can lose that much blood and survive

I literally used adult diapers it’s so much easier

My first periods after birth were the worst periods. But it gets better. After a couple months it stops being so heavy

Like 2 years after. Breastfed for a year and birth control messes with it. Bled for a month and a half straight. :weary:

I wore adult diapers from the time my son was born till 3 months after

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I’ve had 3 since having mine in December… horrible periods :tired_face: first 5 days are so heavy

Niagara falls?!? This too shall pass…can’t say when but trust me, it will!

I thought i was going to DIE!!! I didn’t have a period untill almost TWO YEARS PP because i had an IUD right after. When i took it out i bled like I’ve never bled before. To the point i was passing out and bed bound for a week. It got worse when i had my tubes tied 5 years later and is still pretty bad.

After my daughter was born I didn’t get a period for 10½months and they were super light and irregular. So they weren’t bad after I had my daughter. After 4½years though they just started getting heavy for the first 2 days and then almost nonexistent afterwards.

But that sounds like my normal period before I had my daughter lol I’d go through a super plus tampon and 2 pads after 45mins.

Mine was super short and it still is lasting 3 days! Bled after labor for one week!

Mine wasn’t bad like that… it was really really light… and I thought ur not supposed to use tampons for awhile after having a baby?.. probably why I got pregnant so quickly again… my baby will be 9 months :flushed:

I used size 3 diapers because no pads helped​:sob::sob::sob::sob: And it still leaked half the time.:sob::sob: this lasted so long, like almost a year. I ended up getting hysterectomy partly because of it.

I went and got meds that stop it being so heavy.

Girl get you some always bladder panties and just live in those. They’re comfortable and you won’t ruin your own underwear. And you can still wear a tampon if it’s too much.
I’d also talk to your dr about birth control

Well, it depends on your body. Not everyone’s experience is the same. Mine didn’t start for a few months, but was normal at first and got heavier the less I breast fed and the more I was weaning my daughter. Then it was like the flood gates opened, or the elevator doors in “The Shining”.

Mine was horrific. Super heavy.

Like my normal period both times cames about 8 months postpartum

Call your doctor and get checked. not enough info

This happened to me too
Somehow ot is normal. I went to the er even. Fucked up their bathroom. Didn’t mean to but i bled everywhere. Dont make any plans for a couple days. Er told me it was just my period. So crazy

That’s my normal period off the pill before and after my pregnancy anyways lol. If you’re concerned, please speak to a doctor.

Mine was pretty heavy too. Just stay near home and try not to sneeze for the first few days.

I would say don’t use tampons at all!! And see a doctor

Sounds about right. :weary: At least for what mine was like.

Omgosh mine was the same way!! Hoping it’s not that heavy everytime