How was your natural labor?

For those of you who went into labor naturally and were not induced, what exactly happened? I’m nervous about it all


Embrace yourself! Lol

Iv had 2 inductions and 1 natural,the natural was my best labour,and quickest lot less pain relief needed x

25 hours of sheer pain…sorry

My contractions started at 3am, went to the hospital at 10pm, I was already 10cm. 3 pushed and he came out, gave birth at 1015am. The easiest baby I had❤️

It’s like pulling your bottom lip up over your head good luck lol !


It was super PAINFUL I’m not even gonna sugar coat it😭

1st… Labor happend naturally. (They stripped my membranes on my 40wk check up and i went into labor that night) a shot of stadal in the IV and that was that. 7hr labor 1hr45m push.
2nd i was induced for a few reasons.
5hrs active labor and 15m push. No drugs this time.
3rd again induced for a few reasons… I had been extremely sick from her and too weak to go any more… No drugs but i did ask for help with the suction cup thing… She was 12hr active labor and 90m push.
I remember them all like yesterday
For me the pain only hurt whe it “wasnt time” to push… Once i was allowed to do what my body was trying to do, it was just a killer marathon… Always felt like a super human after💪

I had all my kids natural. The 1st one was 12 hours long. No pain meds it was Kinda hard but after she was born I forgot about all the pain. the other two was not bad at all. I was out shopping the next day. The unknown is scary but I promise you will be fine.

I have done it twice! Each times I only had 6 hours of labor, the worst part is the pushing. You can do this momma!

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40 minutes… still painful though…sorry. x

Just felt like pains that slowly got worse in waves. My water did not break like they show in the movies and had plenty of time to get to the hospital

It is painful but honestly when all said and done you don’t remember the pain. So worth it!!

I had 3 natural labour’s and all were different. I think if you can learn some great breathing or meditation techniques that helps a lot. I had my youngest on a birthing stool and it helped heaps. Yes it’s gonna hurt like nothing you have felt before but once you get handed that beautiful little bubba you will know it was all worthwhile :hugs:

I started out with what felt like period cramps, they increased in frequency as well as pain level. It is painful, but so worth the end result.

U just start having these mean az tummy pain to the point yr eyes pop :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I had four of them. It’s definitely better than the dentist. Just breathe through and you’ll be fine. And, whatever you do, make sure no one is watching the damn contraction monitor and “giving you a heads up one is on the way”.


U will forget it as soon as it’s over

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No need to be nervous…its going to come out!!!save that nervousness for when they become teens…good luck!!!


I gave natural birth to my second child because I didn’t have a choice, It was like an incendiary round was stuck in my butthole🤦 and when they inserted the forceps because she was stuck it felt like I was being torn apart. The best part was once she came out the anesthesiologist gave me a shot of something that made me feel like I was floating🤷

A lot of pain and10 minutes later boom 10 lbs hairy baby

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You forget all about the pain when you see the precious of your child.

  • had 3 natural births due to very quick labors.
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I had 3 kids all natural first one was 72 hours, it is better pain to me than the dentist lol. I had back labor with all 3 of my kids. I now have a high tolerance for pain.

Everyones is different :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I had 3 of them. The best advice I can give is keep moving as long as you can & don’t rush to the hospital unless your water breaks. Slow walks with a partner allows gravity and nature to do the work. & keep breathing!


Pain long process.but great kids worth the 10 and 9 pd miracle.

My water broke at home 6 weeks before my first son was due to be born. I wasn’t having any pain right away. When it started it took a very long time. As Eileen said, everyone is different and you will probably hear alot of stories that may scare you to death. The best advice will probably come from your doctor.

This wld very depending on ones pain tolerance etc. I had one all natural as a teen didn’t think was that bad at all… had two more yes later induced one with no pain meds one with I wld say last one with epidural and pain meds was the worst… every person and pregnancy/delivery different…

I had 5 children. Last 2 were twins. All grown now. All natural labor (except last two were twins) had to have water broke cuz I was 39 weeks and they were bout to fall outa me) (5 centimeters dilated for 2 weeks) and natural childbirth with all. Not gonna sugar-coat it. PAIN LIKE NOTHING I’VE EVER KNOWN SINCE!!! But your body knows what to do. You’ll be fine honey :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I just gave birth this past April for the first time. After all the stories of women telling me, “it’s not more than you can take”, I can honestly say, that sums up labor.
I personally stayed working out my whole pregnancy up until 3 weeks before delivery. It helped me manage the pain and do minimal pushing when it was time. I also got the epidural after 6 cm and don’t let ANYONE make you feel less than for getting it, if you choose

Water broke. 36 hours of excruciating pain that included 4 hours of pushing that ruined my back forever. Yea. Don’t be nervous. :joy::joy:

Always going to be painful regardless…
My first was the only Natural labour I have had, waters broke but due to baby being back to back and having not very strong contractions enough to get her out I ended up with a drip but she came into the world very healthy.
The other 3 were induced but very strait forward, and I was in and out with the middle two :slight_smile: no matter what its painful expect that and relax and expect the unexpected :roll_eyes: still an amazing experience;-)

Nope nope nope epidural


I did it twice. Both 10 pounds. Lets me tell yea it wasn’t easy. However once the baby is out the pain is over :slight_smile: and you see that little face and its worth it

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I went into labour naturally but needed to be induced the next day :woman_shrugging:t3: was not a fun time from my first contraction :joy:

Worst and best day of my life ! It bloody hurts
Remember to breathe !

Lol it happen so fast for me first child I had no clue I was in labor lots of horrible cramping thought it was just baby laying crazy in me. Next thing you knew I was all wet so.i got a ride to hospital I was at 7cm and within a hour I was at 10 and 3 pushes she came out. No tares, no cuts, she was tiny tiny tiny thing. All I can ever remember is how horrible the labor pains . Labor itself was the easy part for me

It’s worth every ounce of pain. My first birth was 100% natural followed by 3 Cesareans. I went into labor with my daughter who was my first after being 2 1/2 weeks overdue. I was in labor for 8 hours when they started having me push. After pushing for 45 mins they realized my water hadn’t broke all the way. Once they broke it the rest of the way, she was born about 35 mins later at 8lbs 14oz. I hemorrhaged right after she came out and they were having a tough time stopping the bleeding. Almost had to have a transfusion. Lost almost a liter of blood so I was week and pale for a couple weeks after. I healed fairly quickly though. And even after going through all that, it was still much better than going through any of my 3 c-sections.

Go to the class…it helps. I only had 1 child so it’s all I know and…I still think it’s best.
My labor was almost textbook. If you take these Lamaze class at least you won’t be as afraid you’ll know what to expect and be prepared and you’ll know what questions to ask. It starts out as stomach cramps I was on the toilet thinking I was extremely constipated. By the time I got into heavy labor the reality struck I was doing everything I was supposed to do per the class…breathing, relaxing, ice chips. You’re there, it’s happening you have no choice except Focus and get through it. And you do.
I was 19…and now I’m a grandmother. I was blessed to watch my daughter deliver her 1st. She had an epidural. I choose natural all the way

4pregnancies . all natural for all 4. I went from 2hrs for the first one and 4hrs for the last baby so I was basically a wham bam mam. I went home same day. Do not fight pain, go with it and try to relax and let your body go with the flow. Hard yes but be mentally prepared and no negative thoughts. All my babies were 7 to 8 lbs… I went from episiotomy for first to no stiches or maby one for the last 2. All back labour with all 4 .

I had two and both times water broke went to hospital my babies came fast pain yes but it does go quickly and you do forget don’t be nervous do drop all dignity at the door

Chill…labor is easy…raising the hellions…now that’s painful!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Take a “Lamaze” course (if they still have them!) Breathing and focusing on an object in front of you helps the pain a lot. I don’t know anyone that does this anymore. The young mothers I talk with have never heard of this Lamaze breathing/focusing technique. Made labor manageable. :smiley:

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2 weeks late, my water broke in a craft store. 11 days late, I was scrubbing floors and doing dishes, general nesting, when some hearty back pains started catching my breath over and over. I dont remember the 3rd, but she was late too :joy:

Really fast first child
4 hours induced 2nd child
3 hours natural 3rd child

I strongly recommend gentle swimming and water activities especially through your last trimester as it will help the muscles you will need to give birth.
Doing this, I believe, us the reason why I had 5 simple strait forward quick labours

Focal point & breathe :blossom:

natural labor means to me …no drugs period, had 3 kid no drugs and longest labor was 4 hrs. I didn’t gain a lot of weight and was active the whole time. 3rd one I was hand digging a ditch, had her at 7 am.

My lower back started hurting. Like the pain of cramps but in my lower back. My baby was so big my body never started dilating. We were asked if we wanted to wait to see if the body would naturally open up. Being a first timer we waited. In hind sight I would have gone for c-section sooner than 19 hours. Because we waited so long we both me and baby needed special teams in operating room. Keep u and baby safe. C-section is ok and I feel like its safer and more controlled. Good luck!

Sheer hell worth it though

Best thing is not to worry … I have 4 and all totally different xxx and I am the worst person where pain is concerned lol … even now having my blood taken is a major drama xxx :see_no_evil:

I slept thru most of it, woke up when my water broke, barely made it to the hospital

Fast went from scheduling my induction to in full labor by the time we got back to the hospital dilated to an 8

My water broke and they still have me pitocin when I went in. I guess to speed it up.

waters broke lil gush then just trickling down. hour later period like pains get stronger n stronger then alot of pressure pain in your bum :woman_shrugging:t2:

I was stupid nervous, and everything went pretty okay, I went into labour and went to the hospital hours later, just feels like period cramps that get stronger as time goes, nothing like the movies, you will not just randomly be in agonizing pain screaming lol it progresses :slight_smile:

I contracted for 30 some hours went to the hospital around 11pm took a nap had her around 641am lol

Went into labor naturally with my first. It was awful. I was a nervous wreck. The pain was terrible. Recovery was hell. Lots of stitches

I was induced with my second and it was a DREAM compared to my first. I had a super easy recovery. I was feeling great about 5 days after birth. No pain.

I was induced, from start to finish it took 7 hours, labor pains are like really intense period cramps and the pain at the end doesn’t last long and is gone as soon as you see your sweet baby! Everything will be great, good luck mama!

My first time, I woke feeling like I needed the loo, slight stomach pains, which obviously progressed I came to the hospital at 1pm and she was born at 5.25pm in a water birth with gas & air, no stitches, born 36 and 4 days 5 lbs 10oz my second was a bit more fun lol I woke at 7am with a pop of my waters no pain before I managed to get down the stairs for my husband to catch her :see_no_evil: born at 7.24am 37weeks 6lb 3oz no pain relief obviously lol xx

I was induced with cervadill but went into labor quickly after it was inserted. Inserted around 6:30/7pm had him at 3:29am. He came too quick for an epidural so I gave birth natural because it was so fast it was ok if it had drug out I would have died. Looking back it wasn’t as hard as I ever imagined. I had the epi with my first, my daughter.

I had really bad heartburn the night before so I slept sitting in the recliner of my couch. Ended up waking at about 8am to my water breaking, it felt like when your period comes and you feel stuff coming out? I called the hospital and they said come on in. We got the bags, headed in, 12 hours and an epidural later I had my son. The pain wasnt much at first but when stage 2 labor kicked in I had back labor that hurt so bad I literally couldn’t breathe so they made me get the epidural. By the time I went to pushing I was still numb so he didn’t hurt coming out and I had a stage 3 perineal tear (almost to your butthole, yikes) and had to get 55 stitches. It’s not a fun experience but I think so long as you keep in mind that it wont last forever you’ll be fine.

I was just going to bed & kept feeling like I had to go to the toilet and then got period like pains, don’t get me wrong there Is pain but its totally bearable, your body is made to do it :heart: had baba in 3/4 hours , just listen to what their telling you to do and you’ll be fine :heart:

2 of Mine was all natural… No epidural or any kind of pain meds. Other two was emergency C-sections

I went natural with my last 2 but was induced and both over due.warm baths help with the pain it makes the contractions feel less painful you barely feel any pain.

The labor where I did it naturally without being induced was my easiest. I got some contractions (soft at first, didn’t realise I was having them!) then they got worse and then came time to push and I had quite an easy birth.

My 4th came out of nowhere. Contractions were short and inconsistent around 10am. At 2pm exactly I got a BIG one that made me scream. Sped to the hospital. Husband had to drag my inside with our toddler on his hip. She was born at 251pm my water slowly broke on the way through the hospital doors. They went to check me and they were like oh theres a head :sweat_smile:

My last I did all my labouring at home. Was only at the hospital 1h20mims before she came

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It was horific. 26 hours in labor and gave birth all natural. #neveragain :joy:

I had 2, natural, no meds… water broke both times, trickled…no gushing. Started cramping period style, cramps got worse, closer together. Felt like I had to poop really bad, got checked because I couldn’t stand it anymore, was dilated to 10, pushed a few times. Pushed against the pain, you will know you are doing it right… then there was baby. And you forget about everything that just happened :blush: I hav also had two with epidurals and help to get it going faster and recovery was much faster without. I’d choose natural with nothing over and over again as long as I had a choice. You got this mommy :heart::heart:

Contractions lasted 30 some hours for me, I told my whole family everybody was excited waiting for me to have closer contractions, went to the hospital and got sent home 3 times, the first time I wasn’t in much pain just contractions were close, the second time I was very uncomfortable so they gave me a needle that would help me sleep and sent me home again, the 3rd time I was in extreme pain and couldn’t move and was hyperventilating and crying and refused to leave so they admitted me and I was only 3cm…:joy::joy: I was at the hospital about 9 hours before I had her, at 6cm I had my water broken by my doctor and at 9cm I got an epidural. Looking back it really wasn’t that bad and very worth it in the end, I was in the worse pain I’ve ever felt in my life but even then I know I could definitely do it again.

I was natural with baby #2… it was a breeze. I had my membranes stripped. About noon… iwas cramping all evening… showered, bathed… ect… finally started real contractions… about 4 or 5 am I couldn’t handle it any longer… hubs got home around 7… hospital by 830… got situated… by 10 30 she was here. Got induced with baby #1 and #3… I’d much rather do natural.

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With my second I started having regular, timeable contractions about 3 am. Got up and had a drink and a bowl of cereal. Got my oldest off to school. About 8 or so I took a hot shower and my water broke but only with a slow leak and a little more would leak out with each contraction. I drove myself to the hospital and called my husband once i was admitted. It was about 3 pm when I finally gave birth

I have 4 kids (15,6,2,& 6 weeks old)

First child I went into labor around 7a had him at 7:10p
He was 3 weeks early. So I didn’t even have my hospital bag ready. Grabbed a hair tie, change of clothes and left for the hospital. My Mom went shopping for all the must haves plus some. I was gifted a car seat. Was pretty lucky seeing I was 17.

I had iv pain meds, and epidural. Everything went as smooth as it could of :slight_smile:

Dont. Utilize all the help u can to avoid excruciating earth shattering pain


I lost my mucus plug a little throughout the day. Then that evening I lost it all. Nothing happened for a little while and then I started getting mild cramps. Went to lay down and they got stronger. My husband got dressed and we called the doc, they said to wait another hour but my contractions were getting so bad I had to sit down when they happened so we decided to go in and as soon as we drove off they got terribly strong and only 2 minutes apart. When we got to the hospital my water had not broke yet so they kept checking and it finally leaked a little. They moved me into a room and then eventually gave me an epidural. The epidural was very uncomfortable but I don’t think I would’ve survived without it. 12 long hours later I was ready to push. She cane out face up so it took me an hour and a half of pushing and there she was! Only a first degree tear and I couldn’t even feel the stitches. I’d do it all over again :heartpulse:

My first 2 were induced, my 3rd had other plans.
To be honest EVER labor is different. I’m a planner! The thought of not knowing when & where freaked me out. I was in labor all day & didn’t realize it. I went shopping at Costco, home depot & the mall. It was nothing like the story I’ve heard about. No big pain, no my water didn’t brake. I drove home 45min, cooked dinner, my GF came by to borrow diapers (I was well stock piled). As I got out of the shower I stopped because of a twinge in my lower back (I’ve been having all day). She pulled out her phone to an contraction app. (Her son was 5wks old) yep 4.45 mins apart. Got to the hospital 3 mins apart still no real pain. Don’t be fooled the pain came hard & fast when it did, after my Dr. broke my water.
If I was to have another baby I would prefer to be induced. My 1st labor was induced, 4.5hr total, cut & ripped 150 stitches, stayed in hospital 3days after birth. My 2nd was was induced, 4hr ripped 60ish stitches, stayed 25hrs after birth. 3rd natural. 6hr, no ripping, no cuts, no stitches, stayed 2days (only because we got my son circumcised).

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I had a 10 lb baby no intervention no medicine accept they popped my water and empty my bladder it was painful but it was good because my natural chemicals in my body help me deal with the pain when I had other kids and they were induced it was much more painful

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My first ,at 16. Isaw Dr.that morning he said two more weeks. (I was due) so i cried and walked home instead of taking the bus. That night 11pm my water broke,labor started with bloody show . I went to the hospital and found i was fully dilated and 100% effaced. I was pushing ,after a few,he was out ,cord around his neck so that was quickly fixed and he was born 12:09. Oh my God so fast. I walked almost everyday . For an hour you can stand anything. How lucky was I ?!

4 normal births, all girls. Apparently girls are easier to deliver than boys are. Listen to the midwife, try not to push before the time and have the daddy nearby to rub your lower back. You will have a quicker recovery if you deliver normal/naturally and have more energy for your little one. Go with your gut, we where built for this. All the best and delivery is not even the hard part, it’s raising them :muscle::heartbeat:

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First son wasn’t natural had him in 25 minutes never broke a sweat.
Second son was natural he had already crowned by the time I got to the hospital. That was the longest most painful 30 minutes of my life.

As soon as he came out,
I sat up looked my doctor in the eye and said tie my tubes now!! Cut, burn them, donate them to science, I never want to feel this pain again .

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Horrible…with my 1st I went into labor naturally and mine was all back labor and contractions. It felt like I was shot in my spine. like my back was broken… waited a good 6 hours until I couldn’t take it anymore. … with my 2nd I was induced and had pain relief shots but no epidural.

My first, my water broke and contractions started an hour later. With my second contractions started and I labored at home for about 4 hours before I went to the hospital.

The first time, I started having like cramping in my back. I didn’t think anything of it, but I noticed that it was coming and going, so my mom had me time it. Went to the ER, thinking it was probably a false alarm, and ended up being dilated to a 7. They broke my water, gave me an epidural, I took a nap for four hours, woke up and it was time to push!
My second was similar, but with no epidural. I got to the hospital, and had him an hour and a half later.
My third, my water broke while I was watching TV, and baby was breech and premature, so i had to have an emergency c section.
I’ve had medicated delivery, natural, and c section. And c section was by far the worst in my opinion.

I had one labor with an epidural and one without. My first baby was about 8 and 1/2 hours (epidural), my second was about 6 hours from when my water broke. I found the birth without the epidural was a quicker recovery, and I felt better after delivery. My epidural birth left me with a UTI (they have to put a catheter in with an epidural) and my back hurt for a solid week. My doula told me, just when you think you can’t handle labor anymore, the baby is almost here, and she was right.

I lost my mucus plug earlier in the day. Went on like normal was feeling pretty tired so I went to bed about 10. At 10:45 my husband woke me up saying I was having contractions 2 minutes apart. (I was aware I was having contractions just not aware how close they were). At about 11 we decided to call the sitter and my mom to go to the hospital we got there at 11:45. 12 we got into the room and I changed and my water started breaking. They tested it and checked my Cervix i was at a 6! This was about 12:20. At 12:40 they checked again said I was gunna have him soon so no time for any medicine. We were just waiting for doctor. At 12:50 doctor came in got everything ready started pushing and has him out in one contraction at 1:08 am. This was my third child and quickest by far. I’m not going to lie it was most definitely the worst pain I have ever felt in my life however I would definitely do it again that same way. I was up and walking around right after I had him I wasn’t as sore or uncomfortable as I was with my previous two whom I had epidurals with.

During my pregnancy I told myself that I would not worry about the actual birth and labor or think about it too much until it happened. That way I would not be afraid during the pregnancy about it, although it is natural to want to know what it will be like. I started having some mild cramps that felt like menstrual cramps do. Then when they started to increase I went on my way to the hospital. My water broke on the way there and it did not hurt at all but a lot of water gushed everywhere. When I got to the hospital I waited for the cramps to get more intense which they did little by little. I was trying to wait for them to get pretty intense before getting the epidural so the epidural would not wear off too soon before the birth of the baby. The epidural did not hurt at all. It numbed the cramps.

My 3rd was natural. I thought my waters had broken 3 days before my due date.
Went to the day clinic, cos I wasnt having contractions after a while. They checked and said they hadn’t gone, but were leaking. Got scanned, fluids were fine. Got sent home. Started having contractions about 6pm, got up to pee, waters went. Stayed home until 4am, with gas and air with midwife, but at 4, I wasnt progressing and baby heart beat was iffy. Sent me off to hospital. By the time I got there I was 7cm!

Had some pain relief, had a long chat with a lovely male midwife, started pushing at 7.53 am, baby born 8.02am.
Bleeding carried on for a little while, so my hubby got first snuggles! Then I got a snuggle as they stitched me up. After about 15 mins my husband cut the cord and I gave him his first feed. Was lovely and calm, cos even though it was morning, we kept the blinds closed and the lights low.

Good luck on your upcoming baby! X

I’m giving you the complete full version., sorry in advance🖒I labored for 29 hrs altogether! I LOVED it and pray all of my birth experience are as beautiful as my daughter’s💞I was 37 weeks and 6 days along, I woke up at noon and felt what I thought MIGHT be a contraction but wasn’t really sure I was nesting all day but decided to take a nap around 5pm and hopefully I’d have stronger contractions when I woke up!
Sure enough, wake up at 10pm and I did! So I texted my boyfriend and let him know that today/the next day would be the day! He got home around midnight and as I’m working through contractions, just trying to keep relaxed during them…not allowing my body to tense up like it naturally wants to during labor. He gets some rest in the living room as I go into the other rooms in the house and curse him. I took a bath around 5am and once I got up and out of the tub i sat on the toliet and went pee and when I wiped I saw my muscous plug.
I took a benadryl to help me try to get some sleep(midwife approved) and napped for a little while but i only had a single tab so it sidnt make me very drowsy
I woke my bf up around 6:30 to go to the gas station to get me Tylenol pm so I could take it so i could try to get some sleep in the car on the way to the birth center (1hr 45mins drive)
so we call the midwife tell her I’m in labor and to expect me today at some point we decided around 9 that we needed to get heading there cause any more intense labor in the car would’ve killed me😅 so I suffer through the car ride with contractions 2 mins apart but i kept on dozing off in between.
The whole time I was laboring I’m just praying I don’t get to the birth center and they tell me I’m only 2cm dilated, thankfully I got checked and was at 5cm at 11am so they sent us off to go get lunch and try to labor outside the center, we grabbed subway but i couldn’t eat a thing, even though I was starving (should have eaten earlier before contractions were that bad)
we headed back to the birth center and I breathed through my contractions with a low Woo noise, which helped keep my jaw relaxed fun tip: if your jaw is relaxed…so is your pelvic floor so low noises keep your jaw loose. So try to make low noises, not high pitched screams.
I wanted to try for a water birth so when I was at a 7 I got in the tub and labored until I was at a 9.5 and she checked me and my body had slightly began pushing naturally and I had given myself a cervical lip which was stopping her head from coming further down, so we got out of the tub and into the bed so she could help push the lip over her head during my next contractions, which sounds worse than it was and it worked great!
We then decided to break my water to maybe help her come faster and I pushed for around 2 hrs.
There were a few times before I pushed her out that they all would tell me to reach down and feel…and I could feel my baby’s head, she was so close…i knew that my body knew what it was doing! I’ll also add around every 10-15 mins my midwifes checked that baby was doing great and was perfectly healthy the whole time I labored there.
At 5:36pm I gave birth to Daphne Delilah Joan. she was 5lbs 12oz and 19 inches long.
Daddy had plans to catch her himself but she had a double nuchal cord and a nuchal hand too so my midwife jumped in to help with those but he got to cut the cord and his hands got messy from touching her head, so I’ll count that as catching her😉
I had no tearing at all, but I will say everything down there was still extremely tender from being stretched to it’s limits, luckily such a long labor allowed things to stretch as the shoild shop there wasn’t any tearing(I also attribute getting to labor in the tub is something that probably helped a ton in loosening and stretching out my perineum area)
They put her on my chest and she pooped allllll over me​:sweat_smile::joy: but the oxytocin high they tell you about with a natural birth is no joke, I felt amazing but then they needed me to deliver the placenta and they gave me a shot of pitocin to help deliver it faster and it came out moments later. I then passed baby off to daddy and went and hopped in the shower with some help and I went pee in the shower and got all the baby poop washed off men got dressed on my bottom half and had our golden hour of skin to skin and once we got her to latch successfully, they encouraged us to get ready to go home.
The birth center I went to prefers mother’s to head home as soon as mom and baby are stable, and baby has latched…to go enjoy the oxytocin high in your own home and bed. I had her at 5:36pm and we were back home an hour and 45mins away by 10pm. IT WAS AWESOME
I loved everything about giving birth naturally and I am so glad I chose no medication.

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My water broke at 9:30am and by the time we got to the hospital (10am) I was on my hands and knees screaming with each contraction as I signed registration paperwork. Thankfully the anesthesiologist came to my room as soon as I got situated. At 10:30pm (13 hours) I gave birth.

Definitely uncomfortable, especially when I was dilating and I would have a 4.5 to 6.5 minute long contraction. But it honestly wasn’t as excruciating as I thought it would be, even after having contractions for 55 hours (bloody show was three hours in). Hot baths definitely helped. Also, my water was leaking before it broke at the hospital just before pushing. Looking back at it, it makes sense because towards the end before heading to the hospital I felt like I had to pee every few contractions. If you find out you’re a person that does not like to be touched during labor, tell everyone asap because their first reaction will be to touch/hold/assist you every time you move.

When my husband went in to work at 630 am I started feeling having to use the washroom every hr or so but no pain. Then around 830 am I started needing to go more often and minor period like cramps started. I wasn’t sure if that had meant I was having labour contractions or not since this was my first labour. Then it got to 10-15 mins apart with the pains so I called my husband went to the hospital by 930 and the dr had to break my water. Contractions started getting closer and stronger got the epidural at 1230 and had my son at 657. I was pushing for 2 hrs and found out my son was stuck in the wrong position so they had to use forceps to help grab him and pull him out. Wasn’t what was planned and a but more recovery time and more tears but baby and I are fine.

I have five stories of birth but won’t share all but respond to your question. I was induced with 3 out of 5. Being induced sucked. Your body isn’t ready but here come the strong contractions that do help but at a much slower progression oppose to your body going into labor naturally. Everyone is different though. It just seemed like my contractions were way strong when I was just 2cm when I was induced. With that said all my labors were about 12 hours or less. Went in, in the morning and had my baby before 8pm. I was told by a doctor it doesn’t happen like the movies and your water breaks. Well it happened with 2 and it wasn’t a huge gush but a continues one. Once while having a oil change lol.

My water broke at 5:45am. You continue to leak fluid for a little while so they told me to put on a pad. I decided to go to the hospital when there was light pink blood that seemed to be coming out on the pad, it worried me so we went in. Didn’t have any contractions until we were driving to the hospital, still they were very mild. Was talking on the phone with my mom through them lol. Moved very quickly from there, daughter was born at 1:29pm. The pain was all tolerable till the transition stage, between 7-10cm. At that point nothing helped, but I chose not to get an epidural. Luckily, my labor was pretty quick and only pushed for about 45 min, so I’m told haha.

Welllllll it was great!!! Minus the no meds at all, and feeling literally every fucking thing, it was great. I’m not even joking. I could have walked out of the hospital immediately after if they would have allowed me to. I have awful pain ever since I did the natural, but with epidural, in my lower back. When it’s cold. When it rains. When I am a week away from my period. When I’m on my period. When I was pregnant again. Then finally I heard sooo many women say it was better without, so I tried it & they were right. No meds at all, it’s an experience but i would absolutely do it again.

I had some what felt like mild period cramps all day… went to bed and woke up at around 1am to pee …and when I went to climb back into bed my water broke… so I packed up my stuff and head to the hospital… 5 hours later my daughter was born. It was a very fast birth…they didn’t even have time to give me the epidural I wanted. 5 mins of pushing and she was out ! I started to bleed out fast afterwards cus my placenta wouldn’t detach. So I had to have emergency surgery to remove it and be stiched up from 4th degree tearing! This was my 2nd baby.

My first, I felt really constipated. And I finally felt so uncomfortable, I just went in and they told me I was in labor. Took forever for him to come. My second, I’d had Mexican food that day and I was on the toilet for like 30 minutes thinking I just had gas cramps which was bad but not crazy bad. Then about 15 minutes later after getting off the toilet because I realized something wasn’t right, my water broke and I accidentally had him at home in the living room before my husband even got the car ready.

I had pains the day before at work that came and went i figures they were braxton hicks as I still had 3 weeks left - next morning my body woke me up at 415, i felt them again kept ignoring thinking braxton hicks. Then theg got stronger I started timing them by 5am- 3 min apart and last 45sec to 1 min… I rolled to my bavk to relieve the pressure- bam felt my water break I shot out of bed hobbled to the bathroom for more liquid to pour out of me with a tinge of blood. I wiped what i could pulles my pants up hobbled into my moms room woke her (530ish) she gets dressed i showered get stuff in the car- get to the hospital 3 min away … Get in the elevators to feel a gush again from gravity … Get to l&d they get me in triage i was 3cm- grt to a room and it all happened soooooo fast! I was flopping like a fish :fish: out of water !!! By 1130ish I got the epidural as the other shot (vant remember name didnt last and made pains 10000x worse ) epideral was in i thiught id get rest before pushing. Negative — big fat negative! Epidural didnt take on my right side so the pain was so concentrated I was hyperventilating, crying, moving, out of sorts… Oxygen was put on me i was riping off the mask crying trying to breath! 1245 I was pushing 113pm my angel was born!!! :slight_smile: it was all worth it! It was in the end helpful epideral didnt work bc i was able ti tell them when a contraction was coming on!
Dont make yourself a nervous ball of emotions and anxiety! I was so scared and im 31! It was an amazing expierence and i truly would relive it ALL right now! I miss being pregnant i miss going to hospital and telling her dad and my mom that no one is to know I’m here or in labor. Being able to spend our family time together … Enjoying her. Pictures. Laughter. The permanent smile that will be glued to youe face- it is amazing !!!
Congrats! Embrace it and go with the flow

Also- i learned sittinf on side of bed hugging a pillow helped so much with contractions!!!

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It’s not easy, but u can do it!

I started having contractions around 3.30 a.m. i home labored for a while and loss my mucus plug around 9 a.m
Went to the hospital shortly after.
My daughter was breech so I had to have an emergency C