How was your recovery after getting your tubes tied?

mamas who got their tubes tied can you tell me how your recovery was?? i have c-sections and was thinking about getting them tied during and was just curious how the recovery was. i know everyone’s different but just looking to hear everyone’s experiences!


Got mine done after last baby and couldn’t tell any difference. I didn’t take any pain meds at all with my 3 c sections, not even Tylenol, and was up walking soon as epidurals wore off.

I got mine done during c section. Healing was fine. No worse than normal recovery

I had a tubal ligation with my last c section. I healed fine. I didn’t notice it hurting more or different then when I got my first c section. I left the hospital and only needed ibuprofen a couple times. No infection no more babies :heart:

I’m sure if you get it done while you have a c section it would be a lot easier then a different operation. I got mine done wo a c section as a stand alone surgery and it was a 5d recovery and wasnt awful but needed pain meds and to rest

Tubal ligation I had didn’t want any more babies recovery was okay no complaint good luck

Don’t do it! It’s a trap!

I had mine done when I had my youngest daughter, via c-section. It was my 3rd c-section. Recovery was no worse, but the complications and issues that came from having a tubal were horrendous!

I would recommend an alternative form of long term birth control - IUD, ablation, implant etc.