How well does your 1 year old eat?

I plan on asking my sons doctor soon but im a first time mom and my son just turned 1. how did your 1 year old eat? mine is starting to want more tabel foods than he does his baby food and his milk. im worried he wont get everything he needs from the tabel foods but thats almost the only thing he wants. we can get him to finish 3 and possible 4 bottles on a good day but he really just wants tabel food water and watered down juice. is that tipical for a 1 year old or do i need to try to keep him on his baby food more offten?


Let him eat table food as much as he wants. He needs whole milk more than water or juice. Just make sure he’s getting more whole milk than any other drink

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And lets be honest some of that baby food can make an adult gag imagine a 1 year old with taste buds tasting it lol.

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Honestly, give them mushy versions of whatever they eyeball when your eating. My 1 yos was eating peas and mashed potatoes and corn and teeny tiny squashed up bits of meats. But I also had to start them both early on foods cause they was so hungry all the time and doc said to just trust myself and the baby to judge when we are ready for new things. Also I was giving them both chicken bones when they was about 9 months old cause they really wanted to slobber on them, and less than a week later they had teeth coming out

You can feed your son regular food which you eat at one years old he doesn’t need baby food anymore and he can go on regular milk and he doesn’t need to drink regular milk as much as he did when he was under one but he still needs milk

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Nothing wrong with it at all

He should have been eating table food alonggg time ago honestly… my sons been eating table food since 8-9 months and he’s 14 months.

He should be eating table door (veggies, fruit, very well chopped up and soft meats) and I believe 4 6 to 8 oz bottles at that age

I don’t see how some people can JUST breast feed for the full first year of their child. Would you want to just drink milk? Who gives a shit about the nutrients. My son wasn’t breast fed and started on baby food at 4 months. Feed your damn children people. :upside_down_face:

That’s :100: % typical an good

I think if it was ok for our grand and great grand parents it’s ok for our kid’s

Look up baby lead weaning. We skipped the baby food and went straight to table food at 6 months!


Nothing wrong with having table food he doesn’t need the baby food anymore if you want to keep nutritious foods go out and buy foods for him

My first only ate baby food for a few months then wouldnt touch it again basically ate what i ate

once they get the taste of table food that is all they want. It won,t hurt them at all. try to balance the diet, let them all they want . Doc told us that our great grand baby needs to slow down on milk and formula.needs more juice and water. She just turned one.

Since he is a year old he can have whatever you are having except for honey. So he should be having 3 meals a day plus snacks at this point. He doesn’t need to be on formula anymore unless instructed by his pediatrician, mine kept my son on his since we couldn’t do Milk and he is on the smaller side he stayed on it till 15 months.

If he wants food gi e it to him. He doesnt need baby food and as long as he isnt choking on it, he should be fine

By one they can eat a regular diet and cows milk and get everything they need.

At 1 mine where eating mostly what we ate

My kids wouldnt touch baby food after 6 months. Thats when i started feeding table food. At 1 year old, they need table food and some milk.

Table food is more nutritious than baby food. Meats and veggies! Milk or almond milk, no more formula.

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They go off the bottle at a year old.

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My baby was eating three real meals a day at 1

Yea that’s normal, my boy had cereal in the morning made with whole milk (he drank what was left that didn’t go in the cereal) then toast…mid morning snack was fruit cheese etc with water or juice then lunch time finger sandwiches with a yoghurt and maybe a biscuit then afternoon nap then teatime was a good meal usually fish mash potatoes veggies then another yoghurt then a bottle of milk at bed time…as long as he’s getting calcium from food like cheese and yoghurt he should be fine …of course most of the table food may go on the floor but that’s why they need snacks Inbetween meals just in case they’re hungry because they’re exploring the textures too XX

All three of mine ate what we ate once they had the teeth to do it. Milk was a drink not a meal substitute. It was tough till they got teeth since they didn’t want baby food and all food needed seasoning no bland stuff for them

He will get everything he needs if you offer everything he needs. Look at his diet over a week and not just one day. Just make it easy for him to eat. The more variety you offer, the better eater he is likely to be

My kids been eating table since like four months five (3 kids) and baby food with they normal bottles 8 months half whole milk have baby milk by time they was 10 months full table food and whole milk and ate the gerber toddler foods and snacks

My 15 month old daughter prefers table food and juice and Water over milk. I’m lucky if she will drink 1 sippy cup of milk a day she also doesn’t like meats i have a fight getting her to eat any kind of meat :joy: but she’s still growing good and gaining weight​:grin:

At 1 my kids ate regular food except for a couple of baby foods they really liked for snack. They also ate the baby Puffs cereals and cheerios. The baby foods diced vegetables for toddlers are good. And fruits and vegetables that are soft and diced up are good. My kids also drank the formula that is made for toddlers with their 3 meals. They drank from a sippy cup. I don’t think I ever used a bottle since I breast fed. They drank juice and water the rest of the day.

My son didn’t eat baby food after 8 months, no cows milk and shouldn’t be drinking a bottle anymore at all

Mine only ate baby food for about a month I started feeding her table food at 7 months and she is perfectly healthy. At 1 they can eat whatever you are eating

Very normal 3 or 4 bottles a day with table foods is healthy

Its typical for a a year old. And he will get enough from what he eats. Babies grow at an extremely fast rate in the first year, that dampers down after about a year. Just be sure their a good healthy variety of foods in his daily diet, hell be just fine.

At one he doesn’t need a bottle or baby food. Just 3 well rounded meals a day, a few snacks in between, and a cup or two of cows milk a day is what they had my son on at that age

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My son is 15 mos. And he doesnt car for milk he rather have water and table food. They are only supposed to have 16 Oz of whole milk per day according to his pediatrician he is supposed to be getting nutrition from food. And he eats 3 meals and 4 snacks he is also 25 lbs. Healthy across the board

My daughter stopped formula as soon as she was one and onto whole milk!

Very normal for less bottles should be on table food like pastas, veggies, fruits and yogurts and cheeses are good for them

my kids also ate table food at a very young age…is good time to teach them what to eat & what not to…my kids never had formula…even ceral was like cornmeal & oatmeal i cooked fresh…

My son was eating table food by 1. He had almost 8 teeth before he was 11 months. I fed him baby food for like a month and a half and started giving him whatever we ate. He still had a couple bottles throughout the day till he was 11 and a half month. I changed to whole milk after that. He is now a very healthy 2.5 year old who literally will eat anything except artichokes.

Just keep most of the table foods fresh and make sure to season, everything should be fine. My son did the same but he’d only eat the baby custard lol

My children ate what we did from 6 months, baby food isn’t giving him what he needs. My 1 year old has cow’s milk in the morning and before bed.

My girl was on table foods at 6 months and rejected formula completely by 10 months and wanted only water and juice. She only ate baby food from 4 months to 6 months and when she rejected formula we put her on cows milk which she despised and still does. She hates milk of any kind even with flavoring and she’s 3yo now lol.

That’s why they have whole milk age age one i didnt really do baby food with my youngest been giving her real food since the time ahe was born but before 4 months taste test and stuff and as month went on was more and more

encourage the interest he has in table foods…nothing wrong with it…just be careful about the size n texture of pieces he takes in…they could easily choke at 1 if you aren’t careful enough…

lots of fruit and vegetables, real meat cross cut into small pieces. cooked soft .

At 1 he should be eating all table food…all 3 of my kids were eating mostly table foods by the time they were 10-11 months old and a bottle at nap and bedtime…2 of my 3 were off the bottle at 1

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I would switch to whole milk and a sippy instead of bottles but table food is perfectly normal at 1 year old!

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My son refused baby food, period.
He was off the bottle at 10.5 months - just would not fulfill him anymore! He was eating pureed table food in his high chair.
Granted, he was born at almost 10 lbs, I breastfed for 6 months but had to supplement with a bottle because he would still cry in hunger once he drank all I had at the time…
I know that doesn’t follow all the “recommendations” but I’m just here to share a story in which what was recommended wasn’t working, my maternal instincts did! And still, 10 years later - he eats me out of house and home… BUT! A very healthy (not overweight!) boy he has always been! :grin:

This is normal. You’re doing great momma. There’s no real right or wrong when raising your baby. Do what’s comfortable and feels right for you and baby.

My son was off baby food, formula, and bottles at just over a 1 yr, table food is fine:) as long as he’s eating a good variety for nutrients and what not, no worries. i would try giving him more milk than juice though maybe, but you’re mom and you know best :relaxed:

He should have been introduced table foods at 5/6 months old! Why are you waiting so long!

I swear this is the second post I have seen this week on mom’s not feeding their kid’s enough! Sad

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If you are worried have him drink one pedicure a day and to the dr

He should be getting most of his nutrition from food now anyway hes a year old… im pretty sure thats the time u switch him to whole milk ive heard anyway

Unless you want a picky eater when he’s older I would start giving him table foods. Now is the time to start. Baby food is bland and you don’t want him getting used to that. If you’re afraid he won’t get the nutrition he needs from it maybe you could start cooking healthier meals? My first son was fed strictly baby food until a little after a year and he is the pickiest eater. My second son was fed what we ate (baby led weaning) and not only did it help us eat better meals but he eats everything you put in front of him.

6mo start with soft baby food ,and at 1 yr,you can use whole milk,soft foods,check parenting groups

Yes,he will be ok,my children were off the bottle at 1 yr. Old and grandkids also they ate good

Give him the table food with cups of milk he should only need about 14 to 16 Oz of milk a day now that he is one

As long as you are eating food that is good for you he will be fine eating it. Have you ever tasted baby food. It’s gross.mine only had cereal and deserts everything else was from my table . They are now almost 43 and 41 and are healthy.