How would you feel about this?

Women who have struggled with weightloss who have had children or who had traumatic experiences leading to bad body scars have a rough time with body image especially when there is pornography that protrays and makes it seem like the female body should always look a certain way. How are we expected to get neked be comfortable when your partners porno collection is everything your not. Example is some women have issues with this mons pubis area. I mean it’s a fatty area in the public region all pornos show it flat and perfect. How is a wife supposed to feel when she finds this on her husbands phone and his reaction is that it is a visual stimulation for him that he wants you and is attracted to you that he does desire tobe with you, but porno is like a band aid" what about ifnyour husband has exclusive videos and pictures of you that you both took and you still porno. Everything else feels great in our marriage but this feels off, it hurts and im not sure If im supposed to feel this way or any way.Im not looking to thrown at the wolfes I know my body imagine is mine to own but when youve over come that and find this is hurts deeply.