How would you feel if your husband bought land without asking you?

How would you feel if your husband decided to buy land without talking to you first? We’ve previously agreed to apply for our first mortgage this summer because my townhouse is too small for our family. But earlier today, he told me that he put his name under some lands. Will this automatically disqualify us for our chance of getting approved for a mortgage this summer?


I would say since u couldn’t bother discussing it than here’s the door enjoy… that’s just me though… depending on your income and how much debt you have will determine if you can have the other loan…I imagine since you are the one that is wanting to put it in your name they will go buy your finances

Depends, did he purchase the land on loan? Or did he pay cash? If he bought the land on loan did it add to your debt to income ratio? Or is it something you could potentially put a home on? There’s not really enough information to know for sure. It may disqualify you from using first time home buyers for sure.

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Marriage is a partnership. That’s a significant decision made one person with joint funds. Not okay!

It will def affect his DTI ratio. So you may have a much harder time getting a loan. And this is a very big deal. He’s disregarded you as his partner and he’s disregarded what’s best for his family. I think you need to really think if that’s what you want in a partner.