How would you feel if your partner started acting different around his friends?

How would you feel if your partner always acts different when his around his friends ? My partner travels for work :sweat_smile: & he stays with his guy friend in a camper. When his friend is around he won’t call me . He will reply to my messages 3 hours later or sometimes not at all and would use the excuse that he fell asleep. But when his not around his friends he calls me as soon as he gets out of work , he texts me back quickly & always tells me goodnight before he falls alseep.


It sounds like he has a bromance. Take from that what you will


Maybe him and his friend are a thing

Leave him and be happier or stay and deal with it

sounds like a typical guy to me!


my husband do this and i blocked him


Sounds to me like he’s cheating.

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This is when I left previously. If he can’t be the same around his friends, don’t trust it.

Talk to him no reason he can’t answer from time to time.

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If your gut instinct has you questioning this situation TRUST IT! You may not find it now but anything shady going on will reveal itself. My rule always has been I will never accuse you of something without proof…. So if I come at you… believe I already know. I have never had to look for it, the truth revealed itself. Keep your eyes and ears open


If ur in a relationship with someone & u have to question it …trust ur gut


It sounds like you’re settling for less than the bare minimum. Move on. :woman_shrugging:

I’d be concerned about his relationship with this guy.


I wouldn’t worry about it unless he has given you a reason to worry. Any red flags at home, hiding his phone, avoiding intimacy, etc. I’m not on the phone with my husband when I’m with my friends. I don’t think this is odd at all. I travel back home for a month or two at a time without my guy and these kinds of things happen. Let him enjoy his time away. Im sure you miss him but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. In my experience, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.


The “friend” is a female!

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Sone guys find it hard to blend a relationship aswell as having a friendship with other guys. I’d just chat to him and see what’s going on and why he keeps you seperate


Very odd. I wouldn’t put up with it. Does he drink? Maybe him and his friends are drinking after work :thinking: even so he should still stay I’m contact before he falls asleep unless he has a gf on the side near the camper

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Is he bi? :thinking: I’d be doing some secret squrial message checking if it was me! #sorrynotsorry

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some bromance going on…you will find out

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It’s all about communication. If my husband was around people say in a car driving to the job everyday I would understand if he didn’t want to have a conversation. Now if he was traveling out of town he would make time to call me or text or whatever. Communicate your feelings in a way of not accusing him of anything if that makes sense.


Idk. When your hanging out with friends it’s not always polite to be on the phone all the time. And in a camper there’s no private place to talk. Are you sure he always has service where he’s at? Not everything is always so suspicious


I understand once in a blue moon maybe they did get caught up hangin but not every time he with him my husband goes out with friend and he be texting the hole time like hey we here no we went here I’ll be home at this time that’s not normal

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When he’s not with his friend he reaches out to you more because he’s lonely
Unless you think he’s up to no good this shouldn’t be too big of an issue to fix


Are you sure that friend he camps with is a male friend? :thinking:


Dude some ppl need space and being with friends is a happy place. No need to be a stage 5 clinger. It’s actually rude to be on the phone with company.

Maybe hes busy getting it on with his mate :rofl::rofl:


Some men wants his conversation with his wife or girlfriend in private.(nothing wrong with that because my husband is that way and I like that)Something is happening that you dont know about but Im going to say anyway there is something going on if he acts weird

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I have always made excuses for men, who in reality were being dishonest, unfaithful. I would make any excuse I could because I loved ’ him’ no more. Trust what you already know. Because honestly if you feel it, and you are making excuses dismissing questionable behavior, you’re only fooling yourself.

Suspicious. I can’t be with anyone I can’t trust just too stressful

That is not a friend sister it’s a girl friend

That’s not “a friend” he’s hanging out with. That’s an affair.


If U feel the need to question any behaviour you already know it’s a red flag. Trust your gut feeling. Everytime shit hits the fan it’s because you talk yourself out of gut feelings.

I wouldn’t answer texts when I’m out with my friends either. That’s absurd


Is it his friends or girlfriends? You never know

That’s kinda normal…I don’t really expect to hear from my husband much if he’s out and about rather with a friend, his mom, the kids. However, 3 hours is excessive if not working…


It sounds like you already know what’s up! You’re just looking to us to tell you, what you already know! Girrrrrll you know what time it is!!!

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Let the man have some breathing room, sheesh! We’re all allowed to have lives outside of our relationships y’know

Prayers for you and your partner. Amene

Maybe he’s your partner, but I’ll bet you aren’t his!

Distraction, having fun etc…alot of men are like that I think.

Personally, I’d show up with cookies or something unannounced.

My perfect, hard working, husband has been this way for 20 years. I don’t see the problem?? :heart:


For everyone that says they don’t answer texts when out with friends… do yall not ever talk to your SO? When my husband is with friends I’ll text or call if needed, I’m not trying to have a full conversation but yes, we text and call. “Hey hun, I can’t find xyz do you know where it is?” “Hey when will you be home so I can start dinner?” Or a text message of “omg remind me to tell you about so and so!” And he will acknowledge it every time or call me back. We communicate constantly and it does not matter the people we are around in most cases… so to me him being in a camper with someone and not acknowledging you are calling or texting is suspicious to me. Are you sure this is a guy he’s staying with? Have you seen pics of this camper? It’s possible he met someone there and is now seeing you both. I would keep my eyes and ears open and maybe do some digging to verify things.


Have you ever met such friend or seen this camper? Like are you 100% sure he is actually staying with this friend in a camper? Or that’s just what he has told you? Sounds shady. When my fiancé is out with friends I don’t make it a point to bother him but certainly if I have a question or need something I call or text and he responds within a timely manner.

So, my husband has traveled for work and hung out with friends during his down time. I don’t text or call first when he’s away. I leave it up to him. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sitting around waiting or pinning for him to call or text. What we’re both doing is having lives outside of each other. And before someone comes for me. No, We didn’t send goodnight text ect…

With that said, that’s just how we are. Actual, I told him not to worry about calling it texting us. Go have fun and I’ll hear all about it when he gets home. But I also set this standard.

Have you talked about what you need from him well he was away? And if things have changed for you, have you revised the topic?

People change as they age. I can promise you that I am not the same person I was 20, 15, 10 or even 3 years ago in most ways.

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This could be nothing or something. I have friends I get with and I find a hard time replying or looking at my phone because I’m just straight up busy talking especially if it’s a hey or hows it going text. If it’s not important or it doesn’t concern my kids I’ll let it slide and than I just forget honestly lol. Ask him. Say why do you not text me as much when your with x person or when your at x place. See what he says. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you sure he is not with someone else.


Has she ever heard of George Foreman? Lol it’s YOUR baby; you name your baby what you want!

Watch the movie Brokeback Mountain… probably what is happening.


Broke back. All I can think of, sorry.

Reminds me of that scene from Grease when Sandy and Danny meet up again. Pretty much because Danny was a dope who didn’t grow b*lls until later in the movie after realizing what Sandy really meant to him.

Sounds like he’s dabbling

As a less evolved species men tend to be less multi task that classic 1 track mind.if I were in a camper with several others I wouldn’t want to try and talk on the phone to much.if your partner has proven trustworthy I’d chaulk it up to lack of privacy

I find being on the phone when I’m with people rude so I dont take calls or answer messages unless they’re important. This could literally be nothing so I really wouldn’t worry about it unless there’s other issues with it that are concerning you

What kind of relationship do you have with your husband? Is he staying in a camper with a friend or in a hotel with a “frieeeeend”?

Mine travels but they stay in hotels they basically party in each others rooms so usually I’m just listening to background and staring at the ceiling :woman_shrugging:t2: I’d rather have the messages talk to me after the get togethers and the drinks