Husband and son relationship problem

needing advice!! I have been married 4 years, together 8. We have a son together who is 2. My husband struggles with mental health (depression and anxiety) and he had a lot of childhood trauma. He thinks my son hates him. Husband tells me it all the time and then gets upset when our son comes to me for his needs/to play/anything. My husband tries from time to time but if he doesn’t get anything he wants back from our son, he gives up and says he’s done trying. I try to explain to keep trying, do more and remember that he’s 2. All kids go through stages. But he doesn’t care to hear it. He sometimes will call our son a name when talking to me about it. He tells me he doesn’t care anymore about anything, including our son and myself. It’s just so sad :disappointed: What do I do here? I’m trying to encourage my husband to keep trying and my son to go to his dad. Just seems like it’s not working!