Husband puts his mom and dad before me

Recently there has been some bad tension between my in-laws and myself. It started a couple weeks ago when I learned my in-laws were going to take my daughter (5) to a place that I had wanted to bring her to for quite a long time. I wanted to be the first to bring here there, see her excitement, etc. So when I found out they were taking her, I pleaded with them not to, I offered to pay them for the tickets they already bought. They basically just said no because they “couldn’t think of anything else to do that day”. I didn’t get angry or mean or anything. Just sad. I saw later some texts they sent my husband saying I’m controlling and they feel sorry for him. This is all based off of this one thing, no previous issues. My husband refuses to stick up for me or even respond to those texts. Some of the texts were pretty bad. I don’t think he agrees with them, rather fears confrontation especially with his parents. Is it wrong that I just want him to say something? Like “excuse me, but please don’t talk about my wife that way”? I don’t want to be pushy because I was called “controlling”. And I just want this to be organic anyway, ya know? (btw, I could not go with them, not enough tickets and I had to work).