Husband - trust, forgiveness

So I found out my husband was talking to another girl repeatedly for at least 4 months for sure via phone calls/text messages extremely frequently. When confronted he did the typical I’m sorry while admitting his mistake and crying over it saying I just wasn’t there for him etc.
Fast forward a few months he was talking to her again and did the same thing but when confronted completely blocked her and I don’t believe has communicated with her since.
Fast forward again he was flirting w/ another girl via messaging and hiding it from me/deleting it which I made clear in the past wasn’t acceptable.
It has now been several years since this began and I am confident he never had sex with anyone else but am unsure as to other physical details honestly. I still can’t seem to get over it/wonder. This makes me question my worth too…any thoughts/suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!