I am 10-weeks-pregnant and started spotting: Advice?

It’s perfectly normal. Take comfort in your doctors advice but if always reach out again with any concerns. That’s what they are there for.

I had heavy bleed one time and then gone. My son was fine. Big healthy boy

I did with my first baby. They made me go home and stay in bed for a few weeks. It all went away and baby was born fine

I did this at about the same amount of weeks pregnant. My doctor did restrict me to working half days and resting half days at home for about two weeks and spotting stopped. I had a healthy daughter at term weighing 7lbs 11oz.

Sometimes the body dies a little spotting around your period time. I think your fine. Prayers for you

My friend had a period through out her pregnancy. She found out she was pregnant when she went to the ER for a bad stomach ache. She thought she was gaining weight.

If it were me I’d be talking to my doctor not random people.

Try not to worry. I had spotting with 3 of mine. HB is there and that’s a good sign.

Ask the questions then research all the info. Some doctors are great and tell you up front what they think others will brush you off and then you will have a complete breakdown.

With my last baby I had bleeding at 8 weeks and it ended up being a Subchorionic Hemorrhage that was monitored by my doctors but resolved itself

With my second child i bleed every month had to stay in bed dr said some women do he was fine

It’s ok don’t stress I have two kids and spotted with both of them for quite a while.

Yes at the beginning. But quit my overexertion job and it quit.

Felt cramping and spotting and was told that’s when the embryo is connecting to the uterus wall

Light spotting is normal but talk to your doctor and take it easy

I did was told to get bed rest with legs up

I had spotting with my first one for about a month

It happens often, stressing is no good.

I had spotting like that and ended up loosing twin boys. Had lot of compilations and a doctor that didn’t know what the hell he was doing. So if you go to a good doctor that they know what they are doing not a quack whom I went to

See your doctor with concerns. Strangers online with no medical training are not the people to turn to here.

Contacts your ob/gyn. It could be harmless but if it’s an early sign of a possible miscarriage your Dr can possible save your baby.

What is your blood type ?
O- blood type mixed with any other blood type tends to self abort .

This can occur when the placenta is close to the cervix

I had spotting in the first 2 months then I started bleeding a little, and after a trip to the E.R they did a vaginal ultrasound and found out I had placenta previa. I was on bedrest until the placenta moved. After 4 months I was able to go back to work.

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Don’t do any heavy lifting or vacuuming. Keep your feet up when you can. Relax and follow these gals’ advice below. :kissing_heart:

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You have had an ultrasound and the scan indicates things are OK, your more likely to lose a child in the first 8 weeks, your now 10 weeks and the ultrasound says all is OK

I did and my doctor put me on bedrest and started riboflavin shots. I delivered a healthy baby girl :baby:. I will keep you in my prayers :pray: :heart:

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No advice, just hoping all is well. Take care of yourself and baby.

Yes I did, but that was along time ago. Wishing you the best!

I had my period all the way thru for all three of my pregancies

It can be normal but if you are concerned call your ob or go to the er

I bled heavy and still am but my baby is fine, started around 10 weeks I’m 14 now and my bleeding is just starting to slow. I have a hematoma and placenta previa that’s causing my bleeding. Stay calm and call your ob.

Lay down as much as you can.

The only advice you need is from your OB/GYN.

Lay dow keep legs elevated

I did with my second child. I was put on bed rest for a few weeks. Then went back to work and started again. Had to stop working and rest until he was born. Stress can do it too. Praying for you.

This happened to me with my third child. I was scared to death. She is now in Grad. School at Leigh University.
My prayers are with you.

Talk with your doctor. Ultrasound followup is important. Sometimes sex can cause bleeding. Cramping can also be a sign of dehydration. There is no set rules on what bleeding can mean during pregnancy, follow up with your doc is important

My daughter is 45 now but I remember that I spotted for two months in the beginning and the doctor just told me to rest and stay off my feet… It finally stopped spotting and my pregnancy was fine and as you can see my baby is 45 now…
When we stress out, our body makes cortisol which is not good…if you are hemorrhaging I’d be more worried but you’re just spotting a little so put your feet up relax eat a good dinner and go to bed early…I was so nervous when I was pregnant that I used to take little baby steps the first three months because I thought the baby was so tiny it might fall out… How funny is that…

Yes I did with the third child, along with cramping, it willsprobably stop, if its light, with my 4th, I had 2 full periods, after I was told I was pregnant! Both delivered naturally at the end of Preg. Both are happy healthy 30 plus years now!. But PLEASE if your concerned , if it gets worse or cramping and bleeding are heavy, go to the ER!

Call your doctor not Facebook doctors

Call your OBGYN (Dr.) for advice, not Facebook !

God bless you honey and keep you both safe and healthy.

Your in my thoughts and Prayers

It happen to me around the same time I was told by my doctor it’s called implantation.

Relax. Don’t do too much. Take it easy. Don’t eat or drink anything raspberry.
Good luck n congrats!

I had spotting with my last baby and I was scared and saw doctor and everything was fine and I went on to have a healthy baby Dr said this happens sometimes. She is in her thirties now and has a child of her own.

First of all don’t stress that may make it worse. Speaking from experience go relax and don’t over do it. Put your feet up and only do what is necessary. I spotted at the start of each trimester and this was the advice of my doctor. Praying for you dear.

Light spotting is normal with the cramps. It’s your body transition into the full pregnancy since you have had a cycle for so long

The time that you are spotting may be when you usually have a period.

I had the same thing, baby was fine and healthy!

My advice… go to your OBGYN instead of asking Dr. Facebook :woman_facepalming: