I am 10-weeks-pregnant and started spotting: Advice?

I’ve recently found out I’m pregnant with my first, around ten weeks. I’ve had some slight spotting for a few days and some light cramps. I’ve had an early scan and spoken with my doctor and was advised the baby looks fine, and the heart is beating. Have any other mums gone through this? Did the spotting stop after a little while? I’m waiting for my next scan for a further update, but I just wanted some advice from others as I am stressing myself out. Thanks


It can be implantation bleeding. I had light spotting until 12 weeks and I’m 27 weeks now


I did this with 2 of my boys and everything turned out fine.Told me it was normal for alot of women.Implantation bleeding.

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I just had this happen with my current pregnancy. I like had a full period for two weeks. Doc said everything looks ok and normal. It stopped eventually and never came back, I’m 22 weeks now and perfectly healthy!!

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Dont come on fb and ask for medical advice from everyday people. GO TO A DR!!


I had this at 6 weeks, monitor it & keep as calm as you can. Could be implanting bleeding. If it gets worse, see a Dr!!

Notice…is this about the time of your regular period? You will be fine …

I had a similar issue and it was due to a low lying placenta. As the pregnancy progressed, the placenta moved and bleeding stopped. Gave birth to a healthy baby boy 5/26 :slightly_smiling_face:

Also had bleeding early on with my daughter that they never found a reason for.

Yip i did at 9 weeks pregnant baby was fine had it of an on for afew days, im now coming up 16 weeks

I spotted until I was 17 weeks, he was absolutely fine

I was 9 weeks with implantation bleeding. All was fine.

Probably just implantation bleeding. If you’ve had a scan verify and their was a heart beat. Just try to stay calm. All you can do is talk to your dr and take their advice. When I went in at 8 wks for a scan they said they saw some implantation bleeding and that I shouldn’t worry if I see spotting.

I spotted at 14 weeks with my first. I was told that as long as the spotting is darker colored, and not bright red, its fine. Cramping is normal, however if the pain starts to feel like labor pains, or unbearable - thats a sign of a miscarriage. Just take it easy for a few days and rest as much as possible.

I wouldn’t worry, just take it elevate your feet

Yes inquire about placenta Previa ‘

I did. Go to acupuncture it helped it stop for me

I am 17 weeks pregnant now. I also had spotting earlier on. Around 6 weeks and 8 weeks. It was light. No cramping. But my dr assured me that some spotting is normal in pregnancy. Good luck mama!

Get your progesterone levels checked out

I had spotting! I thought I was miss carrying again! Everything was totally fine !

This happened to me as well. It was scary but my daughter is 5 now. Try not to worry. I know that’s almost impossible.

Yep. I went through that with both of my pregnancies, itll stop in a few weeks. That’s normal for the first trimester

Yes I had the same thing happen with my first as well, she is now a healthy 14 yr old starting high school. Try not to stress about it and rest when you can.

I had some slight spotting earlier in my pregnancy. Currently 25 weeks and things have been going well so far!

I did it at 13 weeks with my first some spotting is normal

Keep close eye on your fluid level in amniotic sac

It’s pretty normal. Most of the women in my family have and everyone has had healthy babies. If it gets heavier or cramps get worse than have it checked out.

Could be implantation bleeding.

This happened to me twice. The first time I had a blood sac in my uterus but the spotting was really dark blood—almost black. The second time my progesterone levels were low. I had to get blood tests and take some progesterone pills and ended up with a healthy baby boy!

I’ve had it happen with 2 of my pregnancies the first 1 I lost the baby 2 weeks later the other I carried to term and had me a healthy baby just pay attention to the color of the blood and how bad the cramping is

Just take it easy till next appt.

I’ve had spotting and cramping for two months after I found out I was pregnant with my second. Kept track of it. Was told it’s my body getting used to being pregnant. I am now 5 months along and have a healthy baby girl on the way. :relaxed: it is scary

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For my 3nd pregnancy I took a pee test went to the dr and had the blood work done and talked about my last cycle he said I was around 7 weeks
I started bleeding a week later and I was sent for an ultrasound and BAM it was twins lol

Yes I had it slightly with my first baby, it was absolutely fine. Baby was 3 weeks early which I believe is also common with EDS/HSD. He’s 23 now so all good.

Both my pregnancy I had the same thing. As long as the bleeding isn’t alot and the cramping is mild you’ll be okay. My second I had really bad cramping couldn’t walk. They sent me to the er and thought I was crazy just told me to drink more water. I hope that eases your stress.

I had the same issue till I was around 20 weeks, I had a subchorionic hemorrhage mine went away. I was always in a panic mode cuz I didn’t want to lose my baby my first boy out of six girls he is now 5 months. I would just keep an eye on it.

Its different for everyone. Please call your ob and make an appointment. Light bleeding and cramps may be normal for some and absolutely not for others.

I had 2 normal pregnancies with no issues. My 3rd, cramping and light bleeding turned into a MC at 14 weeks.
Don’t rely on Facebook for medical advice when it comes to you and your baby. Always consult your doctor first.


I am 12 weeks and on this past Sunday I was bleeding myself and baby was fine they told me that 15% of every woman that is pregnant usually bleeds or spots sometime early on in pregnancy it can happen but most the time is harmless all you could do is get a hold of your doctor if the bleeding continues and try to avoid having sex and any stress and no heavy lifting or continuous spending over and then standing up.

Have you had your progesterone levels checked?

Same thing happened with me my first pregnancy and he was fine , just try to take it easy till next app to be on the safe side .

I spotted for weeks in all my pregnancies got three healthy babies. It’s normal

Always call your doctor if you’re concerned!

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I spotted with both of my pregnancies, both around 10 weeks. The first ended up being nothing, but with the second, it was early stage miscarriage. I would just go get checked honey. Make sure your baby is okay, and it’ll give you peace of mind once that’s determined. Best vibes coming your way :purple_heart:

I had this issue with two of my pregnancies. I have two healthy children :heart:

Yes when I was pregnant I did spot. That was because at my 8 week scan, they saw one baby and an empty sac, so I was suppose to have twins in the beginning but one didn’t make it. Doctors say it happens often.

I spotted at the beginning of my second pregnancy.

It did for me also, but went to the dr to check my hormone levels. Definitely worth a call:)

Sometimes you can have an implantation bleed. If spotting gets worse then ring doctor

Keep an eye on it. If anything changes or it gets worse, seek medical attention with either your ob/midwife or the emergency room if you can’t get an appointment. I started spotting and light cramping around then and got told everything was fine. It went away and came back a few times. Early in my second term, it came back but that time it got worse and lead to me losing the pregnancy.

Yes, with my last pregnancy. Spotted for a few days. I actually thought I was starting my menstrual cycle but took a test and it was positive. I was worried but I just tried my best to be calm and talked to my baby everyday. He’s 4 now :blush:

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I had it with my second 2 and just figure its implantation bleeding

Yup. I got this just as I was about to fly and was stressed as anything. I was reassured by my SIL that this often happens and went on to have a lovely daughter. If you’ve had a scan I wouldn’t worry too much but I won’t make promises, just keep an eye on it.

I spotted during my pregnancies and it happened when I normally would have started my period. It’s just the body ridding itself of old blood and getting the womb ready for the pregnancy. It’s scary but VERY normal.

I have 3 children oldest is 17 youngest is 4 months. I did this with all 3. If its light it’s normal. Your body is changing so you will have some spotting if you have sever cramps with heavy bright red bleeding (alot of bleeding) then I would be concerned.

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Go get folic acid and a DHA supplement. I always had trouble carrying mine, but using those 2 over the counter pills helped a ton. It will also help prevent any birth defects.

I had my 4th 5 weeks ago and during her pregnancy I had some spotting around then and baby girl is here and growing strong but if I were you I would go in just to calm the worries.

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Spotting is normal, happened to me with my second daughter, 4 years ago. But if blood is bright red, that’s not good, could be a miscarriage.

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It’s normal I had an issue with a bleed behind the uturus when I was 7 weeks with my daughter if it’s heavier and bright red and in horrible pains it would be a miscarriage

I noticed a common statement with almost all women who responded thus far. I think your having a girl…

Not unusual I did with all 3 of mine, just try to rest with your feet up more (yes I know how hard that is, you have a life)

Any time you see blood during pregnancy you need to seek medical advise.

Light spotting and light cramps are normal. It’s just baby is embedding in place…

Go see your doctor :heart: It can mean different things with different people. Stay safe!

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It’s normal… I spotted a bit with my two … call your ob they’re good about answering questions if they’re concerned they’ll have you come in

Just try to relax it’s okay if you spot a little. Trust your MD

It happened to me I thought I had lost the baby. The baby was okay thank god!

Yea i had this early on too. Was advised no sex until 2nd trimester and to take it easy.

Bed rest and no activity. The spotting will stop.

I spotted in the beginning of this pregnancy and I am have a girl it’s normal.

Not at all uncommon…

Go see your OB Doctor

I had light spotting and cramping throughout the entire first trimester. My doctor said it was normal and encourage me to slow down and make sure my prenatal included DHA and Folic acid. My little one was carried to full term and healthy. Call your doctor if you are worried and hang in there mama!

I had like periods throughout my entire pregnancies with my daughters (I have 3) it was because my uterus was tilted and as they grew it caused me to bleed and cramp it’s the scariest but keep track of it if it gets heavy or the cramps get bad go to the e.r even if it’s just to assure yourself

I had some bleeding with both my second and third pregnancy. One was earlier and was just some sloughing off from implantation bleeding and the second was about where you are and it was when the placenta burrows in and hit a little vein and I had some significant bleeding that did end up stopping after a week. Good luck I’m sure your Dr will keep an eye on it. Heartbeat is reassuring!

Yep. My first pregnancy, I started spotting at 9-10 weeks. I went in to get checked and they did an ultrasound and everything was fine, but they advised me to rest for a few days. Spotting stopped after about 3-4 days. Don’t panic, but don’t take it lightly, either.


That’s how I found out I was pregnant with son #2 and 3. I was spotting for like 2 weeks with no full on period. With my first they did Sonos and bloodwork and all sorts of stuff but nothing was wrong. He was born perfectly healthy. I spotted for months too.

I’ve heard that spotting is normal in the early stages but if you’re having anything more than that or cramping like period cramps or worse definitely go get checked! (I had bleeding with my first 2 pregnancies and everything turned out fine)

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Light spotting all the way through my last two pregnancies…was diagnosed with Friable Uterus. Not a big deal, just a little scary. As long as everything checks out okay, I wouldn’t stress out. But if things change or worsen…go back in right away

I started spotting and 14 weeks and was diagnosed with placenta previa. I bled off and on until 25-30ish weeks and was put on limited activity. It resolved a week before my scheduled c-section at 37 weeks and I was able to carry and deliver naturally at 39. Prayers and congratulations!

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Sweetie, It’s not that uncommon for moms to have a full normal menstrual cycle every month. If it weren’t for other symptoms they would not have figured out they were pregnant! Stressing yourself out is NOT good for you however!

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This can sometimes happen with placenta previa… it usually clears up on its own in time, but always consult with your doctor!!!

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You are stressing yourself out. If your doctor did a scan then said the heartbeat is good, relax. When you are not at work, relax at home put your feet up and enjoy your little one. Stress is no fun and cause a lot of problems, just trust your body. If you start cramping really bad and bleeding becomes heavy go to ER.

I had a full on bleed out with my first. But everything was fine and she was born 2 weeks overdue and a healthy 21 year old now.:heart: Take care stop stressing. Not always easy but listen to the doctor :blush:

I did the exact same thing with my twins boys and I’m pregnant again and done it too. I went to the ER to have mine check. No cramps. Just spotting. If you are still concerned go the ER or call your ob again

I had spotting with my 3rd child. It started after I chased my toddler about a block as she ran away. It would stop with rest and start when I did too much. I was able to make it to 39 weeks. Healthy baby girl! 7 pounds 11 ounces. Every pregnancy is different. I wish you the best.

Yes I had that when I was pregnant many years ago. Had to have second pregnancy test done. My son was fine. All the advice you are getting is great. Listen to it.

I had a good amount of bleeding with my first around 10 weeks, he is now a perfectly healthy 8 year old :slightly_smiling_face: dont panic mama

Sometimes it happens with a first . Just remember if your Doctor believe everything is on trake try not to worry. I know with the first there is alot if worry. Just trust your doc . If it really bothers you go have it checked again. Good luck with your first child it’s a wonderful thing

I also was diagnosed with placenta preva but as well I had also had previous miscarriages. Go to your doctor they should do an ultrasound ask questions like what is the heart rate of your baby. Believe it when I tell you that is a good indicator whether your pregnancy is a good one.

that happened to my daughter and she said she didn’t know whether to go to work or not. the doctor said it won’t matter as far as the baby is concerned but if you go to work and lose the babies, it was twins, you will think that caused it so stay home so you know you have done everything you could. Hers did stop and she delivered two 5 lb babies. I will pray for you . Hope that is ok.

This happened to me too, but it just wasn’t spotting, it was a lot. Happened 3 times. Trust your MD, mine kept saying everything is fine. He did make me take it easy, not complete bed rest, for 3-4 days during each incident. The last episode happened because the placenta was too low, and the MD said once the baby gets bigger, it will pull the placenta up. Sure enough it did. I know you can’t help worrying. This happens, that’s why some people don’t even know they are pregnant. They don’t show much, but keep having what they think are periods.

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Father in heaven I bring this mother to be to you in prayer for her concerns, and the protection of her, and the baby. Please help her to know you have everything under control, and give her comfort, and wisdom. I ask it in JESUS powerful name amen


I did as well. Doctor found out I was sleeping on a waterbed and told me to sleep on couch and no vacuuming!! I stopped spotting afterwards. I had a healthy daughter :heart:

I spotted thru my whole pregnancy and he delivered the day he was expected. I stressed the whole time. Try to relax.

Well I don’t mean to scare you but if blood is brownish I think you should go see doc, first time I spotted and later was not good news, second I spotted and everything was ok, so check well the color of blood, otherwise good luck :heart:

Try not to stress, that can cause things to be worse. Ive lost one around 9-10weeks and the Dr told me if I was bleeding through a heavy pad (nighttime pad) in an hour I needed to go to the hospital. If your losing the baby there’s nothing they can do really. Lay as much as possible, hips and legs elevated is better than flat. Drink lots of cold water. If you start cramping or having any pain &/or heavy bleeding you can go to the ER. Some people bleed throughout their pregnancy and everything is fine thiugh

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I did on my second pregnancy sometimes it’s normal they do periodically check the baby. Sometimes it’s not a big thing they may just tell you to take it easy till further notice. It does go away after 12 weeks

I am 10 weeks and I just went to the ER for bleeding and pain. They say my uterus has a hemorrhage and to stay on bed rest. Has anyone experienced anything close to this? Do you think my baby will survive?

I had a full period for the first 4.5 months…had no idea I was even pregnant actually

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I did it the entire first trimester with my oldest daughter.

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Take it easy! I’m on number three and it was because I had a miscarriage before this one and had a D&C and my uterus was just getting ready for the stretch l I’m 22 weeks now and baby is perfectly healthy