I am 10-weeks-pregnant and the doctor found a cyst on my ovary: Advice?

I am currently ten weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. When i went in to get my first ultrasound, the doctor found a rather large cyst on my left ovary. I had been experiencing pain in that area but thought it was just normal pregnancy aches and pains. I’ve had a large cyst before, and I had it removed surgically. The doctor gave me an option to get it removed during pregnancy, but I’m not sure if that is a good idea. Has anyone else had a cyst removed during pregnancy? What are the actual risks of leaving it there until after the baby is born? Any input is appreciated. Thank you…

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If it ruptures, the baby will die. Get it done, now.

OMG talk to people with PhDs chick. Get a few opinions. This is not a Facebook question at all, because medically people are different and situations are different. It’s a very serious medical situation for you and your baby and your family. Nobody could accurately advise you here, what works out for some doesnt alwayswork out for somebody else on here and simply may not apply to you. Courting Facebook input on this could be detrimental. Please if you’re looking for comfort or empathy for your situation that’s one thing and you got it, all my compassion boo. But I’ve given you the best advice you’ll see on here. Talk to people that are medically knowledgeable about this, not just maybe a person or two in Internet land that have had an experience. I can’t express enough that experiences vary widely. Good luck with your situation and nothing but good thoughts to you and yours.

My granddaughter had a large cyst on her right ovary. She became pregnant and the cyst did grow. She was in and out of the ER with the pain. The ob sent her to a high risk ob. The only real relief she got was when the baby dropped. She had a c-section and had the right ovary removed at the same time as the baby. She did have a very uncomfortable pregnancy. Her 1st pregnancy at 20 years old. Hopefully yours won’t grow as hers did. It did seem like most of her pain was from Logan kicking the ovarian cyst.

Listen to your DR. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Might be a urine infection

I had a large cyst during one of my pregnancies and it was monitored. Depending on the type of cyst, it may go away on its own. But if it torts, is at risk of bursting and causing infection or something else, it may require intervention. Listen to your doc

I’d discuss risk with your doctor cuz you’ll get varying opinions here with non-medical background backing them. Personally I’d leave it unless it becomes extremely painful or causes bleeding. But again, talk to your doctor or even multiple doctors about the risks.

I had an 8cm / 3.5" cyst throughout my pregnancy. We just kept an eye on it and when I gave birth (c-section) my doctor removed it at the same time.

It could rupture. I had my gallbladder removed when I was like 7 months pregnant. You just have to weigh the pros and cons.

I had one with my second child, 27 years ago. It could not be removed, I carried it, and a 9/10lb baby for 9 months. Was not easy but I did it. It grew very fast and VERY large, but was able to have a healthy delivery of a healthy baby.

It will probably reabsorb on its own. I would suggest to have it watched closely by your OB.

Having a surgical procedure while pregnant may have effects on your baby.

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I have olvarian cysts found out when i had my son. Theyve popped its hurt but nothing u can do about it.

They are common during pregnancy your doctor should just monitor it if it grows causes you pain or worse then action is needed. But typically they go away post partum.

I had a cyst at beginning of last pregnancy they kept an eye on it and it ruptured and went away.But they’ll just keep an eye on it they gave me the surgical option too but I waited

I was in the same boat as you… I chose not to get removed and wait till baby was born. I was not even 5 months pregnant when it twisted causing so much pain that I had to get removed while pregnant. Let’s rewind 6 years later and my miracle baby is healthy and active. Am sure you are in good hands…
Will send prayers your way.

Can it be drained without removing?