I am 11 days late for my period but pregnancy tests are negative: Thoughts?

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Why is there so many of these posts in relation to missed periods for the last few days?.. Its getting rather annoying…


Rather go and see your doctor in order for them to run some tests as well as do a blood test to determine whether you are pregnant and the home pregnancy tests are just false negatives. It could also mean that you’re stressing, whether it be knowingly or even unknowingly

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If I’m stressed my periods can be late. If it continues go to your gp

Can y’all just go to the doctor and quit asking the same silly question this is like the seventh one I’ve seen today


I dont test positive till I’m around 6 weeks. Has happened with 3 out 4… number 4 was just around 4 weeks when I found out)

Then you’re not pregnant.
Stop overthinking it many reasons why your period could be delayed. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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We ain’t psychic. How bout see a Dr.

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Vaxxed or non vaxxed?

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I usually get 11 to half a month late :woman_shrugging: and no I don’t want to get pregnant again fk that lol

If you got your COVID 19 Vaccination, that could be part of the issue. A number of ladies I know have sighted changed cycles after receiving the jab.


Wait a little longer and retest. Or get a good brand. Sometimes if yr using the cheap brands they won’t read the levels as soon as the others.

Take the test again in a few days or a week. Sometimes the first test is negative.

Stop posting these Jesus


Like we all know your blood work.?. Go to the doctor or clinic to get a check up.

It took me 3 weeks after my late period to get a positive test🤷‍♀️ with my second

It’ll take longer than 11 days for it to show clearly, my advice would be to wait another week or two then retest if you don’t see your period still, if it’s still negative id make a drs appt just to ease your mind!