I am 20 days late for my period but pregnancy tests are negative:Thoughts?

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Have you recently been vaccinated for COVID? I was and my periods have been super crazy for the last 2 months

This is very vague . It could be a number of reasons.

Go talk to your doctor


stress could mess it up pregnancy or other reasons

I’m 16 days late and all negative tests. I always have a regular 28 day cycle

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If you miss another period maybe talk to your doctor about it. It could be caused by a lot of things.

Isn’t this like the 20th post today?


I missed my period a month a few months back (it is ALWAYS regular)
The next month it came at the time it was suppose to and been normal ever since :woman_shrugging:

Definitely talk to your doctor. nobody on here is going to know for sure what is wrong. :roll_eyes:

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