I am 29 weeks pregnant and constantly feel hungry: Advice?

I’m 29 weeks and always feel hungry even tho I eat not long ago. I will eat a meal and go down to lay down or relax, and not long after will feel hungry like I didn’t eat anything at all. I feel like I’m starving, but I ate a big enough meal.

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Smaller meals more often instead of regular sized meals a few times a day

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Sometimes your body confuses thirst for hunger

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I’m 28 weeks pregnant and this has been happening to me since about 20 weeks. It’s ridiculous, it wakes me up in the middle of the night with my stomach growling and I have to go get a granola bar or something just so I can go back to sleep.

Im 31 weeks and feel the same. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night to eat something

Eat often & healthy…babys hungry

This is normal, drink plenty of water & eat smaller portions throughout the day :blush:

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Eat more protein. Eating for a developing baby. Has your dr. tested your blood sugar.

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Eat smaller meals more frequently. And lots of water in between. But as always check with ur ob to make sure it’s normal.

Yes, and ingredients don’t help!
You need to have different ready to eat snacks available at all times.

I had the same thing. I got diagnosed with anemia.

Frozen fruit helped me

Do you eat what you are craving? I found that if i ate what i was craving it helped!

Have someone check your blood glucose to make sure you haven’t developed diabetes

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Eat you daily meals and snack in between. Lots of water!