I am 3 months PP and am having separation anxiety: Advice?

I’m 3 months postpartum and have been feeling overwhelming anxiety. BUT it’s been Separation anxiety from my home. I get nervous to leave or be gone for long periods of time. It’s gotten to the point where I make my self sick from over thinking. Is this Normal ? what should I do?


Contact your doctor and explain your problem. Take it little steps at a time. Remember that everything is temporary mama make it your mantra

Probably worried about baby’s health with the season of sickness. I was the same way. If I went anywhere for an hour or more I was so sleepy and needed to sleep. I was asleep more than I was awake

Post partum anxiety is a real and less talked about post partum disorder. Speak to your doctor about it.


Talk to your OBGYN! This sounds like PPA, postpartum anxiety. Your doctor can be so helpful if you just let them! I pushed it off for months because I didn’t wanna talk to anyone about it and didn’t wanna admit what was happening. I was embarrassed and ashamed and I sometimes still am. But I can say that life has gotten so much better since opening up to my doctor. She put me on meds and they saved my life! By the way, it is totally normal!!

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I’m 5 months pp I get out once a week if even at all I feel you

calm down momma, just as long as you have someone you trust watching the baby. you should have nothing to fear, you are thinking too much about all the things that could go wrong. think about all the good things, listen to uplifting music, your putting your energy where it is useless. Pray, journal, and God will give you peace. yes it is normal to be worried, but if you trust that God has it all in his hands and under control than you should have nothing to fear. God is always with you and he will never leave and if you don t know God. He does love you, and he is real, his love is real, his peace that transcends all reality is real. I have schizophrenia/ depression/ anxiety. its not fun but its in Christ who died for all my shortcomings that I find strength. everything is going to be okay, we all need peace!

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Please fight this. I experienced it after being laid up from knee surgery. After 2 months of being home, I experienced this and couldn’t believe how overewhelming it was.im normally a gadfly. If necessary, get medication and get outside at least once a day. You don’t want to become imprisoned

I’m 2 months PP and I’m the same way i barely leave and barely take my baby out (church and dr). The fear of germs is what gets me. If I do leave I wash and change clothes before touching my baby.

Perfectly normal feeling, I remember feeling that way with both my kids. Home is the safest place to be and easiest to control who comes in contact with your baby. Probably just a phase but if it continues for more than a month I would talk to your OB, be completely open and honest about all your feelings.

No. Not normal. Its normal to be nervous but not so anxious you make yourself sick
I think you may be experiencing post partum anxiety. I know we normally hear about post partum depression but post partum anxiety really is a thing.

Talk to your doctor. I had post partum anxiety with my oldest. It was HIS doctor that caught it and spoke to my doctor. From there i was given an ssri to help.

See a doctor and get into therapy to help. You and the baby need the help. If you’re anxious all the time when you’re not home, baby knows. But get in to see your doc and let them know what’s going on.

Talk to ur doctor. It’s a real thing that happens to some ladies. Totally normal, but bring it up to ur doctor. They can suggest some ways of helping.

My daughter is almost 4 and I still feel the same way. Feel free to message me

See your doctor to get a referral to a thearpist. This could be hormones or an anxiety disorder. Don’t go without help medically.

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My son goes to his dad for the summer. His dad lives on the other side of the states. I get “Empty Nest” or separation anxiety, just like this, every summer.

I started seeing a therapist for Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I found that coloring in an adult coloring book or read a novel helps with anxiety. Everyone is different. You will find your own unique techniques.

I suggest exploring Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

You got this!

Here is some information- if interested:

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Oh Honey, So sorry you are going through this…your body has just been through a complete medmorphies …it’s no wonder you are feeling this way…give your body and mind some time…but I would HIGHLY Recommend talking to your Doctor ASAP and see about finding a group of Mommies just like you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please hang in there. God Bless you and your beautiful Baby…

Please seek help, I have separation anxiety from my baby to the extreme I don’t leave her at all going to therapy but I am not at the point where I can leave her yet.

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Seek counseling, NOT medication. I went through the same thing years ago and every doctor I went to just wanted to medicate me which made everything worse. I found an anxiety seminar at our local hospital. It helped me understand and yes, control my anxiety. Psychologists don’t prescribe meds so I would visit one for help.

Omg this was me!! When I had my second son I could not leave the house with or without him. I refused to get on anxiety medicine so I did a TON of research on postpartum anxiety and agoraphobia. Then I got some herbal anxiety medicine and took small steps. I would go out for a minute then five then fifteen and so forth. You have to push yourself and work through it. It’s hard and time consuming but can beat!

It was normal for me, but 7 years later and I’m still not okay with it. Give yourself time to heal and definitely go talk to someone. :heart:

I would ask for help. I was diagnosed with agoraphobia and had similar symptoms that got progressively worse. Its been a few years and I’ve had therapy, I’m on zoloft, and I went to a class/seminar for anxiety to learn how to cope.

I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety. I was feeling exactly like you describe

Talk to your doctor.

If you dont get help it will only get worse

No it’s absolutely not normal. It’s unresolved post-partum anxiety and must be treated immediately. I’m sure you want to raise your baby in a healthy environment with a relaxed mother. See your g.p. right away and get a referral to a psychiatrist. This will not pass on its own dear.:gift_heart:

I can’t be gone more than 5 hours or not only are my boobs swollen and in pain, I miss my baby and worry. I think it’s normal