I am 34 days late for my period but pregnancy tests are negative: Thoughts?

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Worrying yourself. False positive. Have bloodwork and exam at doctor to confirm.

Go to a doctor. Facebook can’t answer this question for you.


Late ovulation maybe?
Stress can delay it
Go get a blood test to verify and the dr can prescribe you something to start your next cycle.

I was 12 days late a few months back. My doctor said it was stress induced

For the last few hours I’ve seen post after post saying they’ve been so many days late. I think this page(admins) are just trolling to have something to post.


Stress can be a cause

If you’ve recently had the covid shot I’ve seen many women posting about having late, irregular periods


Go to your doctor. I didn’t have mine for 8-9 months before until I was about to get to a doctor (I had insurance issues and my lack of periods were PCOS and stress related). I’m not saying you have PCOS as it could be other things, but it’s a possibility.

I’ve skipped cycles before for no reason. It happens

Get a quantity test …hcg may not be high enough for a quality test to measure.

Go to a doctor for blood work I missed January and then February and then had one in March but wasn’t that bad and nothing in April and even had a pregnancy test done at doctors was told it was negative had surgery and on May 22 thought it was my period but it wasn’t I was having a miscarriage so don’t wait around to long

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I was late and tests were negative, I was 5 weeks with my twins

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Go to a doctor… :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


Stop overthinking it, it happens. :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

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Stress? I missed mine for 2 months last year because I was just so stressed.

If you’re over. A month late and not seeing + it’s 99% you are not pregnant. Contact an OB and they do a blood work up. PCOS is a huge common with women that is often undiagnosed. Sometimes your body will just skip a period to reset itself.

Weren’t you just 20 days or is this a different post lol sounds the same

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I was stressed for 6 months before I got a period. Jus relax. When the time comes, it comes.

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I went 65 days without a period and started yesterday :sweat_smile:

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It’s happened to me before and nothing was wrong with me. But go to the doctor to rule everything out first.

That is the wunderjab for you. Research it they are trying to make women infertile ever since the jab lots of women have been having problems even if they didn’t get it.


Do you know who can answer these mysterious questions about our bodies? A doctor


This can be due to a lot of things.
Birth control, stress, being sick, over thinking, working out or weight gain and SOOO much more. Go see a doctor.


I went almost a year without one and i wasn’t pregnant, i was so damn stressed because of my ex and having to figure a whole lot of shit out.

Hormone imbalance along with so many other things can affect your cycle & pregnancy tests too. Go see a dr for definitive answers

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Go to your md incase of medical issues like tumors or anything that is not right.

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Go see your Gynecologist

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I have very regular periods but I’ve skipped a couple when I was REALLY stressed. It is very anxiety-inducing but if the test says you are not pregnant, you’re almost certainly not.

I haven’t had a period in like 6 months due to taking a new medication.

I was 8 weeks when I found out. Got negatives up until then and I was testing weekly cause I knew something wasnt right

Are you on any bc? That can cause weird periods, also stress, weight loss, weight gain. All things that effect periods. I’ve missed a period for 3 months b4 and not been pregnant.

Also an ectopic pregnancy can read as negative. You should go to the doc to be sure

I was a month and a half late. Stress can throw it off…

I’m 17 weeks late with mine negative pregnancy tests urine and blood I just went to get an ultrasound to see what’s going on waiting on the results

It could be stress. But if I were you I’d go to the hospital and request a blood pregnancy test. That’s how they knew with my last baby I had to get a blood test