I am 7-months-pregnant and tired all the time: Advice?

I’m seven months pregnant with our 4th child, and I’m tired all the time. I feel guilty tho because my hubby works 10-12 hours a day, six days a week. I do stay at home with our two years old and drive hubby to and from work; he works at 5 am-5 pm. I also take the older 2 to school and do typical housewife duties. I’m trying to potty train our two year old. With trying to stay on top of everything, my energy is often depleted by the time I get hubby from work… Advice?Thanks!


Rest as much as you can girl

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I’m 30 weeks and everything feels like a chore I have no motivation to do anything and only do the bare minimum. Give yourself a break and just do what you can.

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Your raising 3 kids and growing a baby. Your going to be tiered … My suggestion take naps when ever you can. Rest and don’t feel guilty. Grow that little human.
Your doing a great job momma.

Get your iron levels checked and can your husband take the car to work so you don’t have to drive at those early hours and afternoons

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Your 7 months pregnant & you’re growing a baby inside of you, not to mention all the other things you do. You are tired because your body & baby needs that rest.


Rest relax, don’t feel guilty your building another person. It’s normal to feel tired especially with another little one to look after

Give yourselves a break ladies! You are literally building people! Eyeballs, bones, kidneys, all that stuff. It’s hard work and puts a lot of strain on your body.

Nothing wrong with resting. You don’t want to cause complications. Listen to your body and discuss this with your OB/GYNE. Could be gestational diabetes or just fatigue from age and stuff. Take care of yourself.

Id be shattered doing all that when not pregnant.

Have your iron levels checked and perhaps start iron tabs (and coloxyl because iron tab will likely constipate you).

Nap. Every day.

Eat well.

Easy batch cooking meals- freeze some for when you just can’t cook.

Can’t the hubby carpool or drive himself? The kids carpool or walk in group to school? I sense a lot of issues solved if others are involved. You can’t be super mom all the time, pick and choose the things you can do and REST when you can. The only time I drove my husband to work was when I needed the car for that day only, he drove the rest of the time. Seems to me the kids need a group to walk with or carpool for the kiddo’s and stop pushing yourself so hard. I hope my suggestions help. You can also pay older kids to walk with them (money or snacks).

Talk with your doctor about this.

First off hugs momma , you are growing another person inside you, plus potty training and being a wife and mother you are doing an amazing job. Second rest when you can. Third enjoy your time with your family. Praying for strength and energy.

This was me with my last child. There was really nothing to help. The entire pregnancy I felt completely exhausted. I think some pregnancies take more energy than others. All I can say. Is just hang on and cope the best you can until the big day.