I am 7 weeks postpartum and still bleeding: Advice?

guys i need some advice, i’m almost 7 weeks pp and my bleeding has slowed to barely marking a pad but not stopped completely. i’m fully breastfeeding so idk if that affects it. but yesterday my bleeding increased by quite a bit and i was getting loads of cramping. at about 5 weeks my partner and i had sex but he didn’t finish in me and i’m on the depo. could i be getting my period already just lighter because i’m breastfeeding? i used to be really heavy but this isn’t like it used to be. and ideas??


Breast feeding will lighten your period and cause cramps from your uterus retracting during feedings.

Depo can make you period stop. It did that to me

Were you cleared for intercourse? Pp periods can be very irregular, especially when bfing. I would note it, and see it comes back. Technically pp bleeding can happen until 8wpp and not be a period :two_hearts: when in doubt test it out, if it has been more than 12-14 days since unprotected sex and a negative test, not pregnant and could be just a very light period or breakthrough bleeding. Also bc can have major effects on your cycles or lack of them​:blush:

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can you add where i am they don’t clear you for intercourse, they only check you if your having severe bleeding otherwise your left and not seen after 6weeks pp from what i’ve been told

It can be your period. Just give it a little time to see when you stop bleeding.

I got my first period 4 weeks pp

I was just told at my 6 week pp appt not to expect a period for close to 6 months bc I’m breastfeeding. My baby just turned 2 months… I remember it being months before with my 11 year old but I dont remember how long exactly bc it’s been so long.

It could DEFINITELY be a period.

My sister had her baby and when her pp bleeding stopped she immediately started her period

Periods will be irregular in the first year. With or with out birth control. Different types of bc can effect you in Different ways also.

Depo could be screwing with things your not supposed to breastfeed with the depo though? It’s not recommended

There are multiple things going on here. Number one you had a baby. That alone can cause bleeding to go wacky. But then adding in depo. It can either take periods completely away or it can make them weird so you need to wait it out. Also depo isn’t fully affective for 30 days so watch out.