I am 7-weeks-pregnant with a lot of brown spotting: Advice?

I’m 7weeks pregnant and having a lot of brown spotting its every time I wipe it’s there and a lot of it with clots. I’ve spoken to my midwife many times about this had an ultrasound and HCG test my HCG has been going hp great and last week it was 34,872. Everything looked great on the ultrasound. But I still can’t stop worrying. I had a miscarriage before this pregnancy. I’ve been super crampy, and this spotting is really stressing me out even though my midwife said it was normal. I didn’t have any of this with my daughter, so it’s all very scary. It will ease my mind if I know someone else went through this someone who had this amount of spotting for over a week and had a healthy pregnancy. Thank you!


Baby girl that is very normal. Just take a deep breath. Your gonna be one amazing mom.

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I had the same thing happen with my now 1 year old. I ended up going to the doctor because I got scared. Thankfully everything came out ok. The doctor said it happens sometimes. They couldn’t explain why.

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I would go to an actual OB not a midwife at this point in time


It’s hard to say, with there being cramping and clotting, I would go to the doctor at this point to see what is going on. The baby could be okay, but there might be something going on with you. Best to see the doctor and let them check to make sure.


I had this happen with me 2nd child she is goin to be 9 next month

I agree with Tesha DeMuth

Don’t freak out. Brown spotting is okay. Could be many things. If it’s bright red or pink then worry because it’s fresh blood.

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It may just implantation bleeding, but better safe than sorry.

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i had this happen with my current pregnancy. the whole first trimester i was spotting and cramping. had a miscarriage literally a month before finding out i was pregnant again.
my dr checked everything and couldnt find any possible place where the bleeding could’ve been coming from, but everything else was going perfect. im still high risk, but im 27 weeks now and little man is surprisingly strong

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I had the same thing and was told that it was implantation bleeding and cramping.

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Brown means old so if it’s not red and heavy I wouldn’t worry, spotting is normal and cramping is definitely normal.

I was told as long as there’s no pain with bright red you are ok

Try not to stress so much even though I know its hard because that could put stress on your baby some spotting is completely normal

I had brown at 8 weeks and bright red at 12 weeks. Healthy pregnancy here. Baby is growing and stretching everything out in there, making room for the rest of their stay :sunglasses: try not to stress. Easier said than done, I know.

I had cramping and spotting at the start of every pregnancy. With my first I was nearly 10 weeks before it stopped.

I strongly suggest seeing an obstetrician. Just as precaution. Hopefully alleviate some of the stress you’re feeling. I am not suggesting you leave the midwife, unless you’re uncomfortable with her. Just check in with MD and enjoy your pregnancy. Wishing you a safe and healthy time.

Possibly just old blood I had this at 6 weeks it lasted about 2 weeks off and on now I have a healthy 3 year old


First 3 months it is normal for some to have vaginal bleeding- I knew someone who did. I would just kick your feet up, take it easy so that you don’t stress out too much (easier said then done I know). And just keep checking in with your Midwife just so they can keep tabs <3 Good Luck <3

I did and my boy is now nearly 6 months old xx

I had the same thing. Miscarriage in September and pregnant again in November. Had spotting and cramping I was so worried but blood tests were normal and so was the ultrasound. Baby is due in a couple of week. Don’t stress to much. There isn’t much you can do. Keep an eye on things and if the blood turns red call your doctor/ midwife again.

I did with both of mine. Cramped really bad with first. Spotted dark blood for almost a week. 2 healthy babes almost 2 and 4 months

It’s quite common ( not necessarily normal ) but common to have first trimester spotting/bleeding . Ask your midwife if they saw a subchorionic hemorrhage or bleed on your sono . That type of finding accounts for many of the incidences of first trimester bleeding/spotting . All that one can do right now is watchful waiting . Many pregnancies progress totally normally with early bleeding

I’m 26 weeks pregnant I had this at the beginning too I was worried too as I lost a baby few months before and never had bleeding with my first child try not to worry I know it’s hard not to but if your tests have come back good then you should be fine just keep an eye on it .

If your uterus is tipped at all it could be old implantation bleeding that was trapped and is slowly coming out.

I’m currently 12 weeks and had brown discharge for probably the first 8 weeks or so. I was told it’s old blood and okay but if it turned red with severe cramping to go to the ER.

Always good to get a check up at the hospital but I had this happen with 4 of mine and they are fine!

I had some with my now 22 yr old. Pls rest so not to stress your body out. Got to the Dr. If it will help just to ease your mind.

It’s called implantation bleeding… just the fertilized egg getting comfty where it needs to be … now if the brown turns into a heavy red then I’d stress but a mild brown spotting is totally safe and normal

Facebook is not the place for medical advise. Please see a doctor.


I spotted tons with my first! It can be normal.

I had a ton of cramping and spotting. Turned out it was my twins implanting. Keep positive♡ I had 5 miscarriages prior to them.

I have 4 healthy children and bled the whole time with my fourth. I was scared to death to. I just had extra doctors appointments to ease my mind and stress

I prayed for healing and peace for your mind


I had bleeding during both my pregnancies. I wouldn’t worry much unless there are clots.

Unless you are bleeding heavy like a full on period, I wouldn’t worry. Spotting is normal!

I spotted until aboht 20 weeks with my 3rd pregnancy. My first was a miscarriage. I have since had two healthy boys. The one I spotted with is 18 months old now and im 19 weeks with another. Its very possible its nothing. Spotting can be normal EVERY pregnancy is different. This is my fourth and they have all been different. Stressing will only make things worse but i know its hard not to

I had brown bleeding and a bit of pink bleeding from 5weeks pregnant till I was 12weeks pregnant, I had a sub chronic bleed and I’m now 27 weeks and everything is great :blush: try to relax I know it’s hard but you need as little stress right now as possible. Don’t physically exert yourself. Wishing you the best xo

I bled while pregnant. Pink or brown spotting every couple weeks. I was so worried too and docs didn’t clarify why. But my baby is healthy and fine so i guess it wasnt a problem.

I had a lot of bleeding in my first trimester with my 3rd child. Even during my second I would spot. Still in my 3rd trimester I spot randomly but my doctor tells my baby is perfectly healthy and sometimes spotting is normal. Hope everything works out.

Brown isn’t a cause for concern, even pink is alright. Bright red is time to call your OB ASAP.

I had the same thing that started at 11 weeks. Turned out to be a hematoma that was dissolving. I would certainly go in if it gets any worse. Good luck and take it easy

I went through this with my first pregnancy! Was cramping, spotting and extremely nervous because I had two miscarriages before conceiving my daughter. Went into the hospital thinking I was definitely having a miscarriage and saw her jumping around on the screen when they did an ultrasound. They told me it’s pretty common and that you shouldn’t worry unless you’re bleeding profusely or if your spotting is bright red. I spotted for almost a week and everything ended up fine. I hope that eases your mind!!

I found I would have bleeding/spotting during pregnancy if I strained in any way (bowl movement, intercourse, heavy physical activity) one time while dr was checking on the bleeding she was using a qtip inside and barely touched the sides of my cervix and I started bleeding. Prayers for peace about it. I know it can be nerve racking

I bled in the beginning with both my girls. It went away after the 8th week. Keep positive!

Old wives tale you are having a baby girl. The spots will go away

I spotted for 3 months with my middle kid. He turned 18 in march… Just grad 2 weeks ago and off to college in august.

I bled from around 6-7 weeks right through my pregnancy with my son. He was born at full term happy and healthy and is now 8years old :grin:

Brown doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong. It’s actually very common. Some women had spotting through half or whole of their pregnancy. But if the brown becomes red, well that’s definitely something to worry about.

I had this too. My pregnancy was fine. However I had recurrent miscarriages prior to that so I understand your worry. Wish I could send reassurance. Best of luck xxx

I had this happen for a few weeks and I was worried too, but everything turned out fine. Didn’t have it with my first but with my second I did. As long as your HCG is going up like it should, you should be ok unless there’s some other underlying issue. If it turns bright red blood and a lot of it, call your midwife ASAP

I hope this helps…
Spotting during pregnancy

Take more breaks and relax, naps, foot baths, whatever helps you get your mind on things and as simple as it sounds just keep picturing a happy healthy baby, even if you’re begging for it more than picturing it. Don’t let your mind drag you down and no matter what happens enjoy your pregnancy and relax, breathe. You’ll be ok. It’s more common than you think and you can get through this

I had spotting until about 20 weeks with my first. Shes 21 months now. The doctor also told me it was normal.

1 of my cousins had a period every month like Normal w her 2nd baby although she didn’t know she was pregnant until she was on the way to hospital behind her moms car giving birth :woman_shrugging: right how do u not know an she was slim an she didn’t show at all every pregnancy is different