I am afraid my baby will eventually have addiction issues because it runs in her dads side of the family: Advice?

I’m concerned about my baby, possibly having future addiction problems. The father, his three siblings (and one of their boyfriends even in rehab for overdosing on heroin right now), and both of his parents all have terrible addiction issues. Gambling, cigarettes, alcohol, all different kinds of drugs. These addictions have led all the family members to multiple jail sentences, DUIs, bankruptcy, repossessed vehicles, foreclosures, cheating, and divorces. I don’t have any addictions, so I’m struggling understanding the destruction, and the father of my baby is forced to be sober by court order, which is keeping us together (and he’s a great sober guy), but that ends in 5 months too! But all I’m worried about is my baby. Addiction is genetic. Has anyone gone through this? Will she have an addiction? Can I help her not have this behavior?

This is not something that’s genetic, its learned. Keep your child in a positive atmosphere as much as possible and have STRONG positive male role models or mentors around him/her. But most of all, keep your faith in the Most High STRONG and pray for you and your child’s strength. Your child will be fine!

The cycle has to stop somewhere. I dnt see why ur child could mean the end of that shit. Addiction runs in my family… We have all worked hard at being better. Truth is, u can’t say whether she will ot won’t become like the rest… All u can do is raise her to know right from wrong and if she ever does into shit, ur her mom… Never give up on her.

Maybe move away, and give this child a chance at normalcy. I was born into a family like this. I escaped when I was fifteen.

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Keep her away from all that…someone can break the cycle…but…if you stay with him and she grows up around those behaviors, odds are, she will be an addict…leave dad for the sake of your child if he returns to old habits after probabtion


First off make sure to keep him OFF of antidepressants.
Typically a lot of those start the problem.

I understand your fears… but please stay in the present. No one knows what the future holds. Alcoholism runs in my family… none of my children are addicts nor my sisters children. Your mindset is already convincing you of her destiny Speak, think and pray positive thoughts over your children, allow God to be in control. Just a suggestion.

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Often times when it runs in families it is hard to break i come from a long family line of addiction…and i find that if the person has an addictive personality turn the addiction iinto something positive if ur baby loves to draw encourage that or if they enjoy sports etc etc…the personality trait will always be there you have to find away to use that trait to their advantage…turn it to something constructive…

Run far away from that :poop:.Bring your baby to all good life things.

It’s true it may be in the genes but you can be the change for your child stay the way you are if your boyfriend don’t want to stay sober well you will have to choose

Wow, I bet this is really screwing up your HOLIDAYS !

What’s this hae to do about holidays? I don’t want to hear someone’s problems

You can’t really say until she makes her life choices. The only thing really that can be done is taking her away from them. My dad and brother were addicts so was my mom, I choose to stay away. It’s really her decision

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Pretty bad the dad doesn’t give up his addiction for you and the baby. Had to have the court make him. Leave his sorry ass and get your baby away from these idiots. Give your child a chance for a normal life. I hope you didn’t get into tjis relationship knowing this. If you did. Shame on you for bringing a innocent child into the world.