I am angry with my father in law: Advice?

I’m so sad and disappointed. My father in law used to be the best of all my husbands and my parents. He seriously said he wished five of my kids weren’t here. He hasn’t even tried to meet the baby and doesn’t reach out anymore when before he would call at least once a day. I don’t even want to speak to him because of this it hear his voice. My husband is trying to give into him in a way because he feels that his dad can say and feel whatever he wants but I’m hurt and angry.


To clarify you as a mama always have the right to feel sad and disappointed and Confused no matter what the situation may be.

There feels like a very significant lack if details here. I feel like I don’t have the whole story to base a judgement on.


How many kids do you have??!?

Maybe way too many??

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I dont blame you.and your husband should feel the same. Ignore him.

Find out why he’s acting that way

Just looking for clarification… you said five of your kids. Hasn’t reached out about the baby. So do you have six kids? ( no judgement just clarification) … what happened for the shift to occur? Obviously something had to have happened for him to go from once a day interaction to you feeling the way you do…


Was he drinking? Is this the first time?

There’s a reason behind his comment, and I’m pretty sure you know what it is.


Your husband isn’t wrong. His father is entitled to his opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I feel there is some context missing here. I can’t imaging a grandparent waking up one day and being like “I have to many grandkids, I don’t want to meet anymore”.

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Like everybody else said , your telling one side of the story, trying to make him look bad.

How old is his dad? A medical issue perhaps.

Prayers for your father-in-law. Amene