I am anxious to be on my own due to my epilepsy: Advice?

My husband works swing shift and typically when he’s on 3rds (7pm to 7am) I go and stay with his parents since I have severe anxiety that is triggered at night time and being alone, which causes a trigger to my epilepsy. Anyways I finally hit a year seizure, aka epilepsy, free, and his parents make “jokes” about how I need to start staying home. I’m just fearful since it would just be me and my four-year-old daughter, and I’m scared of the possibility of having a seizure in front of her. I just need some advice on how you keep yourself calm in anxious situations as tomorrow will be my qst night attempting to stay home on my own with my daughter since I was diagnosed with epilepsy last October. Also, I’d like to add when I have seizures; I am unconscious for several hours. I also wish I could say staying with my own mother instead of my husband’s family is a possibility, but she’s passed away a while ago so it isn’t.


Get your daughter an easy to use phone or even a kid smart watch and train her to call for help if something happens… Talk her through it often. Practice it often. I would also speak with neighbors and find a safe one for your daughter to run to in case something happens to you!

On the anxiety front, I too, used to suffer great anxiety staying alone. A few things I did to help. Pick happy shows or movies to watch. Don’t do anything or watch anything that will trigger you!

Plan a fun evening, even a small celebration! A few games and a nice dinner. When I was alone, I used to order out something special, pasta or pizza… maybe plan a special meal for you and your daughter. Once your daughter goes to bed, do something for yourself, face mask, pedicure and manicure… Wash your hair and blow it out. Something just for you!

Also, back when I was afraid to be alone, I would go visit my family but made it a point to leave after dinner (if I was invited to eat with them) and still made plans to pamper myself! You need to think of it as potential me time! Put a fun spin on it!! I promise the first few times might be stressful but will get better and better!!


Easy to use phone, teach your 4 year old how to use it, teach her your address, key safe outside for paramedics, a card with your partners telephone number for your 4yo to give to the 999 call handler (they’ll need to contact him for the key code).
Relax, you’ve done nearly a year of seizure free nights, this is just another one. Have your husband check in on you with phone calls, have your in-laws stop by to help the first few nights until you’re used to it and then get them to leave earlier and earlier, til you’re weaned off their support.

I have seizures too and really don’t like it when husband is away. Is there any warning system that you could use? Maybe an app that could monitor your movement etc and report to your partner? A bit like the Apple Watch that could call for help if you fall etc?