I am concerned about my childs milestones: Thoughts?

All children grow and develop at there own pace. There isn’t anything set for them that they have to accomplish at a certain level or time. Every child is unique and special.

My son wasnt rolling or sitting at 5 mths either didnt start rolling to 8 mths and sitting no crawling to he was 1 and walking to 16mths he was a lazy baby

I have 4 children… they have all done things on a different timeline… my youngest will be 5 months in a couple of days & is just rolling over… but she’s been holding her head up since birth… my 1st & 2nd didn’t walk till they were 14 almost 15 months… my 3rd started right at a year… my oldest crawled at 5 months but didn’t set up unassisted till he was 8 months & didn’t pull up to standing position on furniture & stuff till he was 10 months… where my 2nd & 3rd did it at 8 months… all babies r different…

My boy didn’t roll until 8 months. The joke was “and they all rolled over and one fell out. But it sure wasn’t the bear!” Once he got it, he didn’t stop and then he was furniture surfing at 11 months and walking at 13 months. They’re all different.

My older son met milestones at a different age than my younger son. I understand the constant worry about your child meeting milestones. Not only are they exciting when they meet them, it can be worrisome when they aren’t. I would always talk to your doctor if you are concerned. It could be nothing but it may be something. Its good to reach out and see what other people think, but I would go to my son’s doctor. Also if you google different age appropriate activities you can do them with your child. I read when a baby is learning to sit wobbling and falling backwards is a positive to development. That means they are learning and taking in their environment. When my son was learning to sit I would put a toy in front of him it helpped him focus to balance for a little while. But yes each baby is different. The milestones usually have a one or 2 month gap because its a baseline. Like it woukd say between. 6To 8 months (some babies meet around 9) but I definetly to ease your mind even at the next well visit discuss with his doctor.

She will when she’s ready and not one minute sooner.

Tummy time should start week one. Makes their necks stronger. But she’s a baby she’s gotta do what you say :joy::joy:

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My baby is 4 months the only way she sits up unassisted is the Fisherprice Sit Me Up. You should get one it helps “train” them to sit up

Most babies hates tummy time irs still needed. I would say speak with their doctor and keep working with her.

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Even if she hates it, tummy time. Alittle crying won’t hurt her. You can even lay her on your chest with you lying down and that counts. Her muscles simply aren’t strong enough .

Babies are supposed to hate tummy time… that’s their motivation to pick themselves up or roll. It really sucks. I hated doing tummy time with both my kids, but its necessary and just a few minutes here and there throughout the day.

Also, your baby is only 5 months old. She’s still well within the bonds of “normal” for not having met those milestones yet and even so… milestones aren’t an adequate indicator of anything. Every baby is different… they learn at different times. Until your pediatrician has concerns you most definitely don’t need to be, either. I know, I know. Easier said than done. Just breathe and continue doing what you’re doing.

My daughter took her time also! She didn’t roll over or deal with tummy time well until she was 6+ months. She was kind of lazy! Every child is different, and some just don’t want to do it yet😅 she didn’t stand until 10 months and walking was about a year old. She took her time!

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She should definitely be rolling over by now, but not necessarily sitting alone for another month or two. Talk to pediatrician. Maybe there’s a reason she hates tummy time. If not, keep trying. Put interesting colorful objects where she can get by just reaching a little bit. Slowly get her to reach a little farther, etc. This is called scaffolding. It encourages them to go just a little bit beyond comfort zone in small bits.

Take her to her pediatrician and he/she can check the milestones. All children develop at their own rate.No worries unless the child is a great length behind on milestones. Consult the pediatrician.


My daughter hated tummy time never rolled over never crawled she shuffle bummed until she was 13 months then pulled her self up to standing in her cot finally walked at 15 mths she was 44 today so dont worry to much yet ! X

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5 months is a little early, every baby is different. My son just turned 8 months and he still cannot sit up on his own without falling over, but he can roll over, he started rolling around 6 - 7 months.

My son too his time too. Talk to the doc since you have concerns, but at this age I wouldn’t be overly concerned.

If you are concerned about the milestones, talk to your pediatrician about it.
My daughter hated tummy time too, but it forced her to either nap or try to roll over. Don’t let her cry for more than 10-15 minutes, but tummy time is beneficial; if you don’t do it, she can’t learn to roll.
As an aside: Babies cannot learn from being shown things like that yet. It’s too abstract a concept.

She’s fine. Everyone has their own timeline. When she’s ready, she will be up and then don’t blink cause she’ll be off. Deep breath mama, it’s all ok!

Talk to your pediatrician but my daughter didn’t crawl or really roll over till 8 months didn’t walk till fourteen months she was just very laid back now 28 and fine

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You can speak to your pediatrician about any concerns but I really hate to see any mama out there stressing the milestones. My LO hated tummy time, didn’t crawl until 10 months, didn’t walk until 14 months, and didn’t really talk until after her second birthday BUT once she started each of those things she excelled! Some kids just don’t do things until they are good and confident. Happy, healthy, and active 7 1/2 year old but she was definitely a chill baby.

I guess all are different it cant hurt to talk to her dr abiut it .my daughter took forever to sit up but rolled at just a couple months old I think she was about 4 or 5 months when she started sitting up by herself about 6 months she could do it no problems and was walking at 11 months .all babies are different

My daughter was about 6 months and my son was nearly 2 before they rolled over. Every child is different. My son was 9 weeks prem and weighed 990grams which is why he was slow x

My son didnt sit up until 7 months. They are all different. Every child advances at a pace they are comfortable at

Damn she’s 5 months, let her be a baby still.

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All babies reach milestones at different ages. I wouldn’t worry about it this early.

If it would make you feel better I would talk to your pediatrician. I think she fine.

Kids have their own time clock. She’s fine :grin:


Talk to your doctor. Each state has early intervention specialist he/she can refer you to. In GA it’s called Babies Can’t Wait.

My grandson was slow in doing everything. He didn’t even start walking until like he was 14 months.

Every child is different! Hang in there!

I was an infant/toddler teacher for 28 years. Every child is different. No two children develops at the same time, not even twins. Those milestones are there for a guideline, not a day-by-day timeline. I’m sure she will be just fine :blush:

Talk to your doctor please

One of my twins did not like tummy time because of her reflux. It caused her tummy and throat to burn. I agree with some of the other comments to talk to her pediatrician to make sure there is not an underlying issue. Every baby develops at different rate. Both of my girls were 7 to 8 months.

Mention it to your pediatrician, if they dont have a concern with it then you just have to keep working with the baby. Remeber every child is different and they wont hit the same milestones the same time as others. Unless the doctor isntconcerned then i wouldn’t be either.

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My oldest did not walk about 8 or 9 months tell my dad gave her sweets to move then she walk

Some children take longer than others, my son didn’t walk until he was 14 months.

Ask the pediatrician

Let her learn on her own that’s trouble with people today they in a hurry for everything speed raising kids too funny

Milestones are important indicators but babies do things in their own time, sometimes. My oldest was 5 weeks old when he rolled from tummy to back. My Mom freaked out because he shouldn’t have been doing that. Lol

Keep doing what you are doing. Some babies just don’t like to be on their tummy. It’s more notml actually than you might think. Does she have colic, or have trouble with her belly hurting? If so that could be part of the problem. When that resolves it self it will change. As for sitting up old school says 6 months minimum, without help, so you are not really behind there. I had a kid that walked at 10 months and one that was over a year old. Actually the one that walked at 10 months only did that because in the house we lived in he could walk and always be touching something. A wall furniture throughout the main part of the house. I think he was like 14 months old before he took his first alone steps because he simply had no need to when at home.

Talk to your doctor at the next visit. They may be able to give you some more ideas. But it sounds like your instincts are good and your doing great.

Plus, why hurry, they grow up so fast, enjoy the time of holding and loving.

Haha my son was so far behind that I worried he was mentally challenged. He was just content. He also didn’t walk until he was almost 14 months. He has a very high IQ and aced school and 2 years of college without being challenged so don’t worry.

Speaking to your dr is good. Also check out this link. Centers for Disease Control govenment site for milestones.CDC’s Milestone Tracker App | CDC

My daughter was late to rolling over and sitting up and still isn’t crawling at almost 10m old!! But her doctor is loving her progress so far. Babies will go at their own pace and do things when they’re ready to do it. Don’t stress over it, love :heart:

The milestones actually have a really broad timeline. You don’t need to start worrying about them not sitting up until they’re 8 months. Until then, try to get your baby to where they can be on their tummy most of the time and there are sit up exercises you can do with them. While they’re laying on their back pull them into a sitting position (I always pulled my son up by the elbows instead of his hands). But seriously, as long as your baby is to the point where they can stay sitting up without support for a few seconds then they should be on track.

Every kid is different. Just keep doing what you’re doing and talk to her pediatrician about it. You are a good mom. Keep up the good work!:heart:

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I know my daughter was around that age when she started moving around more and she is almost 11 months and just started walking. On the other hand my 10 year old didn’t even crawl til a year old. We had her legs and hips x-rayed and everything. Every child is different and there’s no need to worry. And just as soon as you relax and forget about it, she will begin doing it

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My youngest daughter just turned 5 months a few days ago and she just started rolling. She doesn’t sit up yet, but I’m not worried. I have three daughters 3 and under. My 3 year old and soon-to-be 2 year old both started sitting up at 6 months. They are very smart and healthy. Keep in mind that children meet their milestones at their own time—not exactly the same. But if you’re worried, bring it up with your pediatrician for possible early intervention.
I recommend tons of tummy time —even if she hates it. My youngest (5 months as of last week) also hated tummy time, but she still has to do it. Start with 20 seconds one day, and slowly increase the time each day—but it’s important to have baby do tummy time everyday—or you can do tummy time for a few seconds after each diaper change. And you can make it fun with mirrors and talking to your baby and clapping. Best of luck.


Don’t stress too much, they are average guidelines. Some do it earlier, and some do it later. My son was 4 months and my daughter was 6 months. Its all in their own pace.
As for the tummy time, lie down in your back and have her do tummy time on you, bonus is the extra cuddles

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I think she’s fine. My son is 4 months and just rolled over for the first time and isn’t sitting up yet. She will when she is ready.

Don’t lose hope!!! Babies develop differently and do those things on they’re own time :yellow_heart: Don’t stress girly. Before you know it she will be running around and you’ll be wishing she was still learning how to sit up :relieved:

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Just keep up with tummy time! They have to develop those muscles first to be able to do it, it took my little man a while too and he also hated tummy time but the more we did it eventually he enjoyed being on the floor and grabbing for toys. I wouldn’t worry too much until much later and don’t compare your baby to others who are doing it so soon it will drive you crazy!

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My son didn’t sit up until he was 6 months old. He also hated tummy time and didn’t roll over until he was 5 months old. Every baby is different and she will roll over when she’s ready!

Ok, my kid was rolling front the back because he hated tummy time. I got him a water mat with like cartoony ocean stuff in it that floated around and moved when he moved. He LOVED it! He’d stay on his belly for like 30+ min

Most babies sit around 6 months. Roll around 4-6 months. My twins didnt sit by themselves until 9 months. My youngest was sitting and rolling at 5 months. They are all different. Dont stress…

My son didn’t roll over until he was 8 months old. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I wouldn’t be worried at all. Every baby is completely different. 5 months is a bit early for sitting I would say. My almost 9 month old only just figured it out 2 months ago

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Mine was more than 6 months old before rolling over. Don’t rush it, she’ll be fine! They do it when they feel like it.

My 10 month old doesn’t sit up they do things when they’re ready. She’s still pretty young give her time

Just keep practicing daily. All kids learn at their own pace

Put her on tummy time and mirror in front. She by far isn’t behind. It’s like they get it overnight.

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Every baby diff. Dont stress. keep up tummy time, but dont force it if they are sleepy or otherwise upset. They’ll do it eventually. Dont let the internet freak u out.

My son who’s 11 months on monday hated tummy time, his older brother who’s now 9 hated tummy time so wouldnt worry bout that. My youngest didnt sit by himself till near 7 months and rolled at 6 months. Milestones is just a guideline basically, every baby/child reaches them at different stages like my eldest didnt try standing by himself till 15 months old were my youngest been trying to from 10 months (they dont live together either so theres no copying sibling that some babies do) so dont stress yourself out let your baby be a baby and they will roll over, sot, crawl at their own pace just enjoy baby time :grin:

My baby didn’t sit up until one day she wanted to play with the bubbles in her bathtub. Little stinker could do it all along just didn’t want to :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. They do everything on their own time

Sitting doesn’t usually start until after 6 months. Mine hated tummy time sooooo much. Leave her on a play mat or blanket on the floor on her belly for a few minutes at a time several times a day. If she hates it that much, she’ll eventually start rolling over. I felt like I was torturing my kid making her scream on her tummy, then she rolled because she was so pissed and all was well again

Thank you everyone! I just got her a chair so hopefully she will get the hang of sitting up

Your baby will do it all in her own time. My three all attained milestones at different ages. Try not to stress or push her!

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My son was over a year old before he could sit up on his own. He was walking before he could :rofl::rofl: Just dont stress about “milestones” and babies development. Every baby is different.

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Each baby is different. Dint compare or force yr baby

Shes fine. Babies develop at their own rates, and putting pressure on her wont help. Discuss it with the pediatrician if you are truly worried.