I am concerned about my childs milestones: Thoughts?

She will be five months old the day after New year’s day, and she still isn’t rolling over or sitting up… I’ve tried propping her up using a boppy pillow and tried getting her to roll over by showing her how and doing tummy time. She also REALLY hates tummy time. I’m lost on what to do… please help any advice would be appreciated, please.


Talk to her pediatrician but know every baby develops at their own pace. She’ll get there

My daughter could crawl before she could sit by herself. She was a late teether and walker also. She’s 6 now and she’s totally fine. They all do it eventually!

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Have you talked with the pediatrician about your concerns ?

Dont rush it. 5 months old shouldn’t be sitting up.


If you hold them to much rhat delays turning over and crawling…put them on pallet on floor with toys…

Talk to your pediatrician. Either way at 5 months old most babies don’t sit up on their own! Every baby is different and their growth isn’t all by the “book”

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You can’t compare your baby to others, they reach milestones and develop at their own unique rate, if you are truly concerned take her to her doctor

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Shes good… My son is 7 months just starting to roll and sit up. I bought him one of those jumper play center things and it has helped a ton with strengthening his upper body.


All babies hate tummy time at first. Their frustration is what makes them learn. They have to be determined enough to change what they don’t like. Don’t stress over milestones. They are approximations (averages) all babies develope at different rates. And also when it happens it happens fast.


Give your baby time, they all do it in their own time & then they don’t stop lol!!

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My granddaughter just started sitting up Christmas day 7 months. Rolling over was 3 weeks before and she hated tummy time to. And at 8 months we still don’t have any teeth.

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My son will be 5 months the day after New Year’s Day too. He isn’t sitting up or rolling over.


You’re stressing over nothing… Don’t compare kids! They all move at their own pace. Once it’s appropriate then you ask your pediatrician but that’s a ways from 5 months.


All babies have their own timing mine is 6 months he can sit supported but not on own and he just rolled over from tummy to back

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Your baby sounds right on schedule, some babies don’t sit till closer to 8 months, some don’t walk until almost 2, some don’t talk till 3 ever child is different, I would worry until after 8months. Also some babies would be capable of rolling over and are just lazy.

Buy her one of those bouncy things with the toys on it…it was called an exercauser 9 years ago

My baby was sitting unassisted by 6 months, a friend’s baby wasn’t until 7 months. Both are perfectly normal and healthy and every baby develops at their own pace! Just keep doing what you’re doing and take a breath.

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All babies are different and learn at their own pace. She will learn everything when she is ready, no need to rush things

Most babies are not sitting up on their own at 5 months. Some babies do things earlier than the norm, please dont hold your baby up to unreasonable standards.

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Let her wait for her own time. She is not so late.

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Every baby has there own pace hun. Mine started to sit up t 5.5 months. Xx

It’s normally 6/7 months before that milestone is reached hun. Babies are different. One day you will wake up to a sitting baby girl and be so excited and happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My son started walking before crawling! He was walking at 8 months. Every child is different. I wouldn’t worry too much right now.

Get a walker and put her in it she will start holding herself up and moving her legs…both my kids and g-baby were walking at 9 months.

Sounds normal. Rolling over isn’t as big of a milestone as we think. Sitting up she’s still young. My almost 8 month old can only do it super short times

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Sounds like your listening to the milestones that washed up doctors make. All babies go at their own pace


My son will be 5 months on the 6th. He is already sitting up on his own but HATES tummy time and he’s only accidentally rolled over(tummy to back) twice. My sister in laws daughter is a week younger and she’s not sitting up yet, loves tummy time and has rolled way more than my son. Kids will go at their own pace you just gotta keep encouraging it. They’ll get there :slightly_smiling_face:

My advice: first off most babies dont like tummy time. both of mine hated it. i used to set a timer on my phone let her do her tummy time 10 minutes every 2 or 3 hours unless shes asleep. and some babies will learn differently. my son sat up then pulled himself up walked then started to crawl he did things a bit backwards but thats ok as long as they get it in the end. let them do it at there own pace. this is just a doctors recommendation. kinda like a due date is around that time but it doesnt happen its really not a big deal.

My son did it at 4 mons, my daughter did it at 6. 🤷
Every kid is different. Letting them fuss a few mins during tummy time is ok but I don’t advise letting them flip out. A few mins, a few times a day. It’s ok.
Once they hit the first few milestones, it’s crazy how fast it goes.
Now my son is 18 and I’d give anything to have some of those days back.

Every child develops differently. Mine is 5 months today. I’ve seen her roll over a couple times. However she has discovered her feet too. She has started holding her own bottle while she feeds. She can take her pacifier out of her mouth and put it back in. She is reaching for objects and grabbing them, she’s touching our faces when we’re close. She’s mimicking different interactions like high fives or open palms. There are so many little things that they do that are big milestones. She doesn’t crawl yet but that will take a few more months. She loves her jolly jumper and loves standing. She still doesn’t sit up by herself yet either but she has progressed with so many other things that I’m not worried at all. She’s very reactive to stimulation. Don’t worry so much I’m sure you’re doing the best you can.

All babies and children develop at their own Rate. Some that hit early milestones will hit others later in others because they’re focusing on one thing at a time.

5 months isnt something to worry about yet

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Babies make their own rules! My daughter HATED tummy time. I was paranoid she was going to be behind because she refused to roll over. She decided to pretty much skip that part and just sat up around her 6 month birthday. Now she’s standing unsupported and taking a small step before sitting down and she’s 10 months.

Every baby succeeds at their own pace, my son just turned 7 month, he first rolled over at 2 weeks on the dr table they were shocked, he mastered it by 2/2.5 month by 4.5 months he was a unsupported sitter, and at 7 months he can pull himself up on everything and trying to walk along his crib side and hes just about got crawling down, I’m sure he’ll be walking within 2 months or so. And my son rarely got tummy time as he hated it. Babies all are different but shell get there.

Edit:I just set his crib up 3 days ago again, he wasnt a fan when he was littler. He hasn’t been left unsupervised in it because of fall hazard. My husbands been down with the flu so finally hes not been puking so well be lowering the bed tonight or tomorrow.


All babies do things at their own time my oldest was rolling over at 4 months crawling at 6 months my other son is 5onths old and can somewhat sit up unassisted and can almost roll over and tries to scoot around all babies are different

My daughter is 4 months is just now turning on her side. They all go at their own pace.

Question it around 8 months if your LO isn’t flipping over yet

My advice… just stop! Stop comparing, and just enjoy your baby! They’re all different… 22 years ago my daughter rolled at 4 months… her daughter, now 8 months only just started a month ago. They all develop at different paces so don’t try and teach or force. Rolling over is a muscle development, so you can’t make that happen if their body isn’t physically ready for it. I never did tummy time with my kids… they hated it… but they used to lay on their backs on a rug plenty… just relax mumma :metal:


I didn’t crawl my parents said I sat and then I got up and walked I was 8 months old. I was swimming by the time I was 18 months old I was jumping off side of the pool in the deep end. My dad was in the water with me when I did it. Till I got older then I was doing it by myself

Mine all liked tummy time I started as soon as they were born. Get on the floor with them and play. Mine all did things on the early end of things but 2 of mine were late talkers. Mine were also tummy sleepers I think that had something to do with them rolling at 6 weeks Boppy pillows are horrible for building core strength and actually inhibits sitting alone

My son didn’t start sitting or rolling over till 6 months. But started walking at 11 months. Every kid is different :woman_shrugging:t3:

My son is 1yr on the 4th and by the time he was 5months, he was sitting with support and by 7months with no support. All babies are different

My daughter’s gonna be 9mo tomorrow and she just started sitting by herself a couple weeks ago and she hasn’t started actually crawling but she army crawls instead.

Stop comparing, enjoy the cuddles while you can… my daughter is a supported sitter and rolling already at two months, but all of my kids were quick on things like that… heck my oldest was standing by 6 months, scared the crap out of me

Dont push it. Shes got lots of time. Every baby is different. If she isnt doing those things by 10 months, then I’d be worried :blush:

I agree every baby definitely develops differently. My son was crawling at 5 months and would topple over when he stopped because he still couldn’t sit up by himself. I don’t think it was until 7 months where he was sitting great! Walking at end of 8 months.

As far as rolling goes, baby definitely needs tummy time. They aren’t supposed to enjoy it! It’s a workout for them but it’s necessary. We did 15 minutes 3 times a day and he was rolling at 3 months. No walkers, bouncers, or jumpers!

Goodluck but don’t worry💜

Every child is different.
I never did tummy time with my daughter and by 5 months she would semi roll and sit up for short spands.
By 6 months she could roll all the way and sit up for hours.
I can tell you right now, one day your kid won’t be able to sit up, and a week later they will be sitting up like a champ!

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My son is almost 6 months and he’s sitting up for short periods of time but falls over and he hates tummy time too. He just now started rolling over in his sleep. It’s nothing to worry about, your little one is fine. She’ll do it when she’s ready, each baby has their own ways and is different. She’s doing perfectly fine :blush:

If this seems to be the only “missed” “delayed” milestone, then I don’t think I’d be too concerned. 5 months is early to consider this an issue. But, check with your doc. Missed milestones was the first sign that my child was developmentally challenged. However, he didnt meet any before 5 months, sat at 12 months, crawled at 16 months, walked at 2…

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My kids all hated tummy time literally screaming like I was killing them the whole time they also refused to crawl for the most part when they were ready they just got up and walked kids just hold tight and let her play in other ways also if they are gassy sometimes it will make tummy time harder

She will do it- on her time.

She’ll get there, just keep working with her. My second youngest didn’t do that til after 6 months

My daughter’s milestones were all late until she was 18 months old. She didn’t crawl until 11 months and walked at 15 months. But by 20 months she could recite the Abcs count to 40. Now she’s 13, plays volleyball and excells with straight A’s. Very active and healthy!

Almost all babies hate tummy time. She will develop at her own rate. I don’t think there is any cause for concern. Your Childs doctor can be the judge of that.

My son was 6 months and I had to put hand on his back to sit. Don’t go by milestones as each baby is different. Rolled over though. Back then our babies were laid on tummy’s to sleep in case they threw up. Now they say lay on their back.

Every child is different, I wouldn’t worry too much at this point. My son never crawled, but he was standing and walking along furniture by 9 months and walking on his own by 11 months.

She will get there in her own time. My second daughter didn’t roll over until she was 7 months old didnt crawl until 11 months and didnt walk until 14 months, yet she started talking at 6 months. She hated tummy time too but sleeps on her tummy now lol. Every baby is different

My son hated tummy time too… he didnt roll over until 6 months old and then one day I went in to get him from his nap and he was sitting up on his own. Dont stress mama.

It isn’t time to be worried yet.

My baby didn’t sit up until maybe 6 months or more. She hated tummy time, but liked it when laying on top of me

Try not to worry about it, my son sat up just before 5 months but didn’t roll until he was 7 months, they do things in their own time x

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Dont stress
5 months is still young, some babies dont roll over until much later.

Every baby is different and develops in their own time. My son loved tummy time, was sitting by himself at 5 months, crawled by 6 months, and walked at 12 months. My daughter hated tummy time would literally scream like she was being beat. She sat up by herself by 7 months but didn’t crawl till she was 11 1/2 months. She is now 14 months and will climb and pull up on everything will even stand up in the middle of the floor by herself but still has not walked. Your baby girl will do everything in her own time when she is ready don’t stress she is going to be just fine momma.

My girl is a late bloomer 🤷 it’s all good. She rolled at 6ish months, crawled at 11 months, and just walked a few days ago at 16.5 months. Personally, I would try to put worries aside. . she had 3 doctors (different duty stations, so 3 different doctors for her wellness exams) mildly suggest therapy… And I knew she was on her own time. And it was. Each kid is different. My friends kid on the other hand, took her first steps at 6 months.

Every child achieves their milestones at their own time. Don’t worry just enjoy your baby.

My kid also HATEDDDDD tummy time. Just laid there screaming… I just would carry her on her tummy across my arm for her tummy time

She will do it when she is ready…every child is different…

Be patient and talk to her doctor :slight_smile: If they’re not worried, you shouldn’t worry. She’s 5 months old.

All babies are different and do things at their own pace. My oldest was ‘ahead’, my youngest was ‘behind’ and my best friends litte guy always did things after his mom seemed extremely worried and talked to the doctor.

So my husband has 3 kids besides the one we have together and our son hit all his milestones either early or later then his brothers. Don’t worry to much. All kids are different just keep doing what you’re doing.

Some babies are just a little slower than others. I’m sure she’s fine, try not to stress about those milestones until she’s over 18 months and still not doing anything. There are also other milestones like looking at you, grabbing toys, looking towards startling noises.

Let your child do things in their own time!

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She is doing okay. My daughter is 8 months old and just learned to sit up on her own a few weeks ago. It’s alright. They all learn at their own pace

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Don’t worry too much, she’ll get there when she’s ready. My son just turned 6 months and has only been rolling over a few weeks. You should be having a 6 month check up some time next month talk to your pediatrician about it if you’re still concerned, but Dr will tell you the same probably

My son sat up by 5 months but I don’t remember exactly when he rolled over the first time but it seemed a lot later than 5 months. All babies progress on their own.

1st, do not compare. All kids are diffrent. They developed at diffrent rates. My son d IU f everything early! Tryst me ut is not a good thing. My Granddaughter could not say 2 or 3 words that any one could understand at age 3, but at 4 was talking like an adult. Help them with tummy time do what you can do to strengthen core muscles and ket it happen. It will! If mit by 8 mos or so discuss with MD they will give you helpful hints. Just enjoy her.

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Mine didn’t do anything he was 7-9 months haha lazy little man

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Every baby is different. However if you are concerned then you should definitely bring baby to the pediatrician. Always follow your gut.

My son is two and never rolled over

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Don’t worry too much about it. As long as her pediatrician isn’t concerned you shouldn’t be either.

A lot of babies hate tummy time, do it anyway- this frustration is what pushes them to actually learn to roll over, sit up.

I agree with patience. That and baby wearing. They have to work that neck more and wearing is awesome

My son wasnt sitting unassisted until he was a week before 6m. And he didnt roll over until he was about 7.5m

Try putting baby in front of a mirror for tummy time, and get down there too.

Your pediatrician will let you know when there’s reason for concern. Check with them at the next visit

Does she cry often? Are her hands bunched all the time? If she is having a really hard time with tummy time it may be something you need checked out.

Just keep working on tummy time a few extra mins everyday my daughter hated it at 1st but she was 5 months on the 15th already crawling, sitting up on her own, been rolling for months! You gotta get down and play with them too!

5 months is a little young for sitting up unassisted. Is she chubby? Chubby babies take longer to roll over. Try not to worry, she’s probably totally fine.

My son didn’t sit up unassisted until 8 months

All have their own timeline, my niece and grandson were walking at 8mths, I’d check with the Dr. to make sure nothings wrong for it to be uncomfortable on tummy

All children are different & hit milestones at different times. Don’t stress yourself. But if you truly feel worried talk to a professional.

My daughter literally with everything woke up and decided since she wants to do something she does everything happened at 6 or 7 months

They all do it in their own time. My grandson sat at about 6.5 mths and walked just after his first bday. My granddaughter refused to roll at all until about 7 mths and sat up around 6 mths and walked right after 10 mths. She is 15 mths and as smart as a whip and babbling all over.

My son is 1 & he never enjoyed tummy time & he never really rolled over . I was worried to until he started crawling so I wasnt so worried , all babies are different

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My daughter HATED tummy time. She would scream about 30 seconds of being on her tummy, it was just something she didn’t like. She’s 10 months now and is starting to crawl, rolls over both ways and is even starting to walk with her push toy. Some babies just don’t like it :woman_shrugging:t2: Just keep her pediatrician informed. I’m sure she’s just fine and a picky little lady.

Check with her doctor, maybe she has torticollis or tummy issues. Mine had torticollis and had to be in physical therapy for 4 months and by the end didn’t hate tummy time, did so well with turning her head and was able to finally roll over and sit up.

Not all children like the same thing as tummy time. Don’t be so anxious, just relax. She will progress as she is ready. Why are people so quick to suggest doctors? All babies progress sooner or later and you cannot compare them to other babies or by the progress expected by books. Just enjoy being a mum and enjoy her.

Stop rushing her. Milestones are not rules they are simply guidelines and all kids are different and reach their milestones at different times. Play with her at tummy time and make it interactive but for maybe only 15-30 minutes at a time.

My youngest son hardly spoke til was 3. Today… he’s a great spokesperson

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My daughter is 7 mths and is just now sitting up unassisted. She rolled over around 4 mths-5mths. All babies are different!