I am concerned about my NICU baby; Advice?

Could you post a question for me? I was induced at 38 weeks, and my son was born on December 12th. He went down for a brief NICU stay due to his sugar being a little low, and they noticed he was having apneic episodes while hooked up to the monitors. He would hold his breath, and his heart rate would dip while he was sleeping. The first few times, he required the nurses to intervene, but now he’s doing what they call “self-stimulation “ where he fixes it on his own. We are now home, but he is on a monitor to watch his breathing and heart rate. Has anyone else experienced this with their little ones? The Drs believe it’s more of a transitional thing and him learning to breathe on his own. I constantly worry about him, and I hate that he has to wear the monitor but am scared of what could happen when it’s gone.


I think the only advice is the doctors advice. Lots of prayers for your baby :pray: sorry you had to be induced so early :cry:

I had a cousin do that,she out grew it

You have every right to have anxiety over this. I suggest sleeping in his room, if possible, for piece of mind.

My son was born two weeks early and this happened to him as well. The monitor is a huge help but he did sort it out himself and he has completely out grown it now at 20 months. I know you will worry it’s only natural. my son also slept in my room for months more for my piece of mind and so I could rest. To this day if his breathing changes I hear it on the monitor and I am wide awake and in his room Trust your instincts and if you feel like something’s wrong go back to the hospital. Stay strong mama and try and get some rest yourself .

This happened with my daughter. She stayed in the NICU a week. And the day we were discharged from the hospital we had to go straight to her pediatrician before home.
Honestly with the monitor and blood sugar tests, it’s stressful. The lack of sleep is absolutely exhausting.
But all we were told is to monitor the situation and report to the nearest ER if anything changes + frequent Dr appts.
It gets better just give it some time.

My second was born at 33 weeks and she had bradys bad. Anytime she would deep sleep, change her diaper or even feed her…if you made her mad she wouldn’t breathe. She was supposed to go home 3 times but those bradys kept her in. We got an owlet and used it on her. By the time he hit 4 months adjusted she was fine.

I was induced at 35 weeks and my son stayed in nicu fot 3 weeks and now has a feeding tube… could be a lot worse…

My daughter had sleep anpea I bought a sleep mat to put under her mattress she never stopped breathing that I know off I would try not to worry about as you will not get any rest and rest is what you need now my daughter was born at 32 weeks I brought her home when she was 3 weeks old one thing for sure if his sleeping was that bad he would still be in nicu now x

My son was born 3 months early at 26+6 and had an 82 day stay in the NICU. He also had heart rate dips and had to come home on the heart monitor. I slept in the same room with him for the first 3 months he was home bc i was also worried about me not being able to hear him. He still had the monitor go off every so often but i was always right there and the NICU and his pediatrician said to look at the baby, not the monitor when it goes off. Thankfully, He didn’t need any intervention after hearing the monitor go off after he was discharged.
He eventually got off of the heart monitor at 6 months and is now a thriving 9 month old.

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You can always look into the Owlet baby monitor , can be used until 18 months old. I had it with my daughter my daughter never had a “false alarm” and it gave me a piece of mind .


Get an owlet sock it monitors oxygen and heart rate and you can check it on an app on your phone as well it will sound an alarm if either falls below normal levels

My son was a twin born 29+6. He was in the nicu for about 90 days. He was on oxygen and came home with it and a monitor. He slept in my room the entire time he had the monitor and the oxygen. Trust your instincts and if you think something isn’t right, then you’re probably correct. My son ended up self correcting and was able to come off the oxygen and monitor somewhere around 7-8 months old. Look at how the baby is when the monitor does go off, sometimes they do go off for no reason. Which of course makes your heart skip a beat. Good luck!

I use a owlet moniter on mime to help ease that stress hopefully he will grow out if it

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My son was born at 29 weeks and he was in the NICU for 72 days. He was hooked up to a machine like that for 70 days. My son outgrew the episodes but it was very stressful at first coming home without the monitor.

You have every right to have anxiety because of all this ! You are a warrior and ur baby is a fighter keep fighting with him! Prayers and hugs

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My son did something similar and 911 was called and they thought he had a seizure. He didn’t. It’s them learning. Learning how to function a body can be more difficult then others. I got my son a owlet to ease my mind. I wish you peace of mind mama!!

My daughter was born at 25 weeks and did this. They DO outgrow it. Try sleeping in the same room, that may give you a little peace of mind at least. Hang in there mama, you got this!!

My son was born a month early in February and was in the NICU for 2 weeks, he was on a CPAP for 2 days, and feeding tube until he was able to drink and swallow his formula.

I had three premie babies get an Owlet you can order it from Target. It will tell you if the baby stops breathing

Order an Owlet it will give you some peace of mind

He will be ok, I spent 2 weeks in the nicu with my baby and she couldn’t breathe at all on her own, she was breathing really fast and shallow, they intubated her and she eventually figured it out. Your baby will be ok I promise

It may be related to his lungs not fully being developed. Both of my babies came at 38 weeks and my son stopped breathing 3 times. They are both healthy now

My twin Grand girls both came home with heart monitors we just got to keep an eye on them we went to a class have they outgrew it

I am a mom of triplets. They were born at 32 weeks. I had one come home on oxygen and a monitor. They don’t let the babies go home unless they pass the car seat test and can breath well on their own. As a result of this test my babies came home at different times when I was safest for each one.
The point was f the oxygen is for growth and development. Your child won’t die without it. Because your child struggles a little more than others to breath, the doctors want to make sure your child is getting more than enough oxygen to grow at a more or less normal rate.
I know it is scary. I was happy the day my child did not need the oxygen.
Know that you can get a handicapped sticker when your child is on oxygen. This will help you with shopping and appointments.
There are great monitors you can use in your child’s bedroom.
We didn’t use a monitor because we had three in one crib and it would not work.
Take care of yourself. Get lots of rest. If you need supports there are some you can access. One resource is the Childrens Cottage. Love to you and your family

Do lots of skin to skin

Same exact situation happened with my son. Born two weeks early, in NCIU for low blood sugar. He did the same thing with his breathing and has luckily grown out of it. He has sleep apnea though and I still watch him closely out of fear. A family friend gave us what’s called the Cocoon Cam. Does what the Owlet does but doesn’t require having to put something on the baby themselves. It monitors baby’s breathing, heart rate, and movement from the camera above their crib. You monitor the camera from the app on your phone. It’s been a great tool for us.

Yes my niece, came home doing this ,she would hold her breath and turn blue when she cried, it scared us so bad we would hold her upside down, she did finally grow out of it !

My son had the monitor. He has it til about 7 months and he outgrew it. The monitor was so annoying. That thing would go off for no reason all the dang time. And he figured out how to pull the wires off and scare the snot out of us in the middle of the night when he didn’t feel like sleeping lol. He was a stinker for sure. He is now a 12 year old healthy boy. It seems overwhelming at the time but as they say this to shall pass :slightly_smiling_face:

I have twins girls (36 weekers) and one of them would do that constantly for two weeks in the NICU. But she eventually needed less intervention and started to correct the issue herself. It was certainly scary. We ordered Owlets for peace of mind and still use them 7 months later. She has set her monitor off twice at home in first few weeks but has not had an issue since. I bet your baby will outgrow this too.

I was induced at 36 weeks with my son (now almost 6 yrs old). His sugar was extremely low and had issues breathing at birth. He was rushed to the NICU and stayed for 12 days. When he was ready to come home, they sent him home on a monitor. He would forget to breath, especially while eating. They waited 5 days until he had no episodes to send him home. Other than a few false alarms with the monitor (leads falling off) he had no issues at home. Now in Kindergarten, the only trouble he has is with his speech. He has an IEP for a speech delay, and has progressed significantly. He just has some issues with certain letter sounds, but should be in a normal class for 1st grade. Keep your head up! It all turns out ok :blush:

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My grandson had same episodes but outgrew it and is a healthy fat boy at 4 months scared us too he had to stay in nicu for 3 weeks and was born 51/2 weeks early he’s so healthy n happy but yes I even snuck in and stayed a night to watch him myself

My middle child came home with a monitor. Doing the same thing as your baby is doing. He was on the monitor for 6.5 months. He is now 37 yrs old. He has developed some sleep apnea, but they believe at his age is due to his weight. He uses a C-Pap, which is now about three years now. They usually do just perfect after this, time as babies. Enjoy and questions be sure to reach out to Dr’s.

My boys were born at 26 weeks via emergency C-section. They were in the nicu for 6 months. They were both on monitors when they were released home for awhile. It was a long and scary time for us but they are now happy and healthy 12yr old boys!

If you can, invest in the owl monitor…it goes on the baby’s foot and it will sound an alarm for lots of different things. My friend’s baby had the same issues and her baby boy had the machine…owl monitor gave her extra piece of mind.

My son had the same issues. He was born at 37 weeks, 4lbs 12oz. He had the low blood sugar and the breathing issue as well. He should grow out of it by the time he’s 6 months old. My son is now 2 and as far as me or the doctors can tell, the issue no longer exists. They will check him as he gets older. it is nerve racking tho