I am concerned I will not hear my baby cry at night: Advice?

My baby will be sleeping in the same room as me and my husband, she will be sleeping right by my in a bassinet. My question is, how did mommies that are normally hard sleepers wake up for their LO to tend to their needs through out the night? I’m really concerned about her crying throughout the night and me not being able to hear her to get up and feed her.


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Oh you will hear your babe and one day when your little one is sleeping through the night you will hear phantom cries and wonder if you will ever stop hearing crying :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: jokes aside, your mama instincts will heighten and you will hear your baby through the night when they wake. Once you move your lo to their own room you could do a monitor to hear them just in case :heart:


I do NOT wake up to alarms, multiple alarms etc but I wake up to my babies and kids so don’t worry about that. Normal worry but your body will take over.


You will hear her. It’s just an instinct to worry but once she is here it will be ok. I had the same concerns. My problem was I couldn’t keep my husband from waking them to make sure they were ok. Just the smallest whimper will have you jumping until you learn what each one means.


I slept through an earthquake before kids. I also fell asleep at a racetrack with cars flying by with their loud engines. Once I had kids that all changed. You will wake up for every little sound the baby makes. One of mine moves a leg and it wakes me up.


It’s 10000% instinct. I loooove to sleep and can sleep like the dead but I’m out of bed at lightning speed on the first cry when my daughter needs something. I’m a new mom and was worried about the same thing but you truly just know. Also, at first you’ll jump up for every tiny sound but once you get used to your weird new roommate you’ll know which sounds you actually need to get up for and which ones are just them being noisy (babies are SO noisy). I was surprised by how hard and fast my mom instinct kicked in because I’ve never been the most warm/maternal person.


If baby is in same room I am sure you will hear them. If in another room buy a baby monitor and turn volume all the way up


I have been a hard sleeper all my life but everything changed when I had my girl. I instantly became a light sleeper. If she even kicked her foot I woke up.


You’ll hear baby, don’t worry. It’s a biological thing, also probably why us moms hear phantom cries when we’re away from our babies. It’s a normal concern though.

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You’re worrying about all the right things mama. But I agree with the group. Your instincts will kick in, your sleep patterns will transform, and you will experience one of the beautiful developments unique to mom’s … It sounds like you will be a great mom. Rest easy for now.

Do not worry !! You will hear her , it’s a instinct. I was a very very hard sleeper but as soon as I become a mom I have never been able to sleep like that, My daughter can sleep in her room and I will even hear if she sneeze or make a little noise

Your instincts will kick in. I was a heavy sleeper before kids and once I had my first i had no problem. I will sleep through my husbands alarm going off right next to me and him getting ready for work but hear my baby when he wakes up. There’s only been maybe a few occasions when I was so exhausted I didn’t hear them but not many.

I have hearing loss really bad. Completely deaf in my left ear and don’t have much kn my right ear but I STILL hear my baby cry and wake up with her everytime. My husband was amazed by it too. He was like how do you still hear her cry and I can’t sometimes? Lol :rofl: its just a motherly isntinct, it all comes natural when baby is born. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: amazing what our bodies can do for our babies.

Not for sure what happens bc I used to be the same way but once your baby is born all the sudden its like s switch flips and every little noise the baby makes you wake up to

I was an extremely heavy sleeper and I woke up to every little sound when my kids were newborns. I was concerned before birth too.

You will wake up it’s an instinct I was the same before I had my son and he slept in his own room and I’d still always hear him I also had a baby monitor that was really sensitive to sound that a car driving past the house would set it off and the slight click the monitor makes when it turns on would be enough to wake me up even if he was still asleep

I use to be a very heavy sleeper. Even the first few nights after my son was born. But then the maternal instinct kicked in. I could hear him cry in the middle of the night. 9 years later I still hear him if he has a nightmare and I’m upstairs and he’s downstairs.

Mommy instincts will kick in

I was a hard sleeper
And baby’s do not cry quietly

You will hear her I promise I’m a very hard sleeper and I was so worried I wouldn’t hear my first born but any little sound she made I was up and the first night she slept thru the night I woke up before she did freaking out bc she didn’t cry thru the night I thought something was wrong with her so I jumped up ran over to her crib and there she was sound asleep scared me to death so trust me I will hear ur lo

Hugs don’t worry you’ll hear it. You got this mama just breath.

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I neva wake for alarms no matter how near and how many my babygirl is diff x

I didnt hear mine for the first 3 weeks and he was in our room. And I’m not a hard sleeper, must of been exhausted lol

But the night we moved him to his room and had the monitor next to me, I heard him every night (still do and he’s 12 weeks old)

I sleep like the dead and I always heard mine when they were littles

It’s instincts. You’ll wake up.

It’s a natural instinctual thing mama. We hear the tiniest sounds from them and meanwhile a truck could barrel through the room and hubby will still be snorin soundly haha


Trust me you will hear her. It’s built into us to wake for babies cry. I sleep hard but always woke to my daughter. Don’t be stressing yourself hun. You WILL hear her x

Instinct, I didn’t sleep at all first night of my first child purely because of the mummy instincts. My second I slept my entire hospital trip other than waking for feeds etc because I relaxd knowing he was fine. X

You WILL have always up. Trust me. Your a momma now, sleep is never the same

Its built in once you have a baby. You’ll hear her even from another room. You’ll hear them every time they move for the rest of the time they stay in your home…even as adults. Dads sleep through but mums instinct is strong

Oh trust you will hear her

Trust me u will hear her move in silence, lol.

I promise you’ll hear her. You’ll hear everything lol