I am concerned that my son is a picky eater: Advice?

He is 2 (turns 3 in the begining of September). The only thing he will consistantly eat is PB&J, chickem nuggets and fries, hash browns, grilled cheese or of course snack like crackers, chips or junk food. I have tried everything to get him to eat what he is given. I have tried the whole “he will eat it if he gets huntry enough”, no he will definately let himself starve rather than even think about trying something new or even eating food he jas tried and liked in the passed but just decided he doesn’t want it anymore. I have tried hiding his veggies in his food. He won’t even eat pizza anymore which he used to like. He is 25lbs and has not gianed weight all year. Groceries are getting so expensive I can’t afford to make different food for just him. We also used to get him pediasure all the time but those are getting pricey too. I am at a loss. I have never met a kid as pickey as him in my life. I have friends that have said their kids were the same and grew out of it but it really stresses me out. Has anyone else dealt with am extremely pick toddler and how did you deal with it?


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My kids either ate it or got nothing. Neither one of them starved.


omg what does his doctor say? he sounds like he is seriously underweight. can you give him granola bars aimed to give nutrients and gain weight?

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He may need feeding therapy. Or tough love. Idk he is your kid. I run a daycare and have a 4 year old. They eat what is served. But I always make sure there is one thing each child likes.

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Sounds like a normal kid


Nope, that’s sounds like a you problem!

No juice , no snacks, no junk food ( do not buy it) if he sees it he will want it , he is not going to starve he will eat when he is really hungry.

  Buy him some multi vitamins

Normal kid. Once he hits 11 he’ll eat everything in sight. Don’t even stress :blush:


So make mac and cheese with chicken nuggets.for example and tell him to take 4 bites of mac and cheese then he may have his nuggets. Maybe start a prize box for him and when he eats let him pick a prize. The dollar store has a lot of things you can put in it. You could also start a sticker chart make it fun.

It’s 100% normal. My 2 year old lived on hot dogs and frozen pizzas til probably about 4 or 5… he was always so picky, hes 14 now and eats all kinds of things I won’t even eat.

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I feel like this is relatively normal. My daughter was like this until almost 4. Her pediatrician always told us as long as she’s eating something, she was fine. She was around 28 pounds for 2 straight years and her pedi was never concerned. She’s still somewhat picky now at 7, but she eats way way more than she did at 2


Get veggie nuggets. Sounds disgusting but we actually liked them lol you can’t even tell. Veggie pasta is something we enjoy as well. Couldn’t hurt to try :slightly_smiling_face:


my Children Eat it or Go Without Till morning. Not one of them Makes themself starve. you Have to stick with it and Not give in No matter how Much it Annoys you

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Mine is just a couple weeks after yours i guess, and she’s the same way. She’s super picky about sticks to the general sameness. She started this about a year or so ago, which really surprised me cuz she was never picky before. She’s always been on the bigger side, she’s 35 lbs but I asked everyone too, they all said she’ll eat when she’s hungry enough so that’s what we do. She doesn’t starve so I’m okay with that

We’ve worked through this.
I’ve found that if I put some stuff I know she’ll eat and the stuff I’ve prepared on her plate she’s more likely to eat all of it.
Also, if you have them in the kitchen touching and tasting ingredients that will provide opportunity for them to discover what they like in a more casual setting.
And lastly, if it’s all she’s going to eat, I feed it to her. I’d rather have something than nothing.
Working on my second with this, did things completely different with my first, they are 14 and 3. :two_hearts:

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I get my son’s pediasure through WIC if you’re eligible. He is prescribed 3 a day by his doctor.

He’s a normal toddler. His taste buds will constantly change. Just make sure he eats something. My great grandson just turned 3. He hates vegetables but likes lima beans. Go figure. He loves fruit so we give him a variety of fruits.

Stick with what u know he is eating that’s quite a nice variety u listed for a 2 almost 3yr old in my opinion. Veggies will probably always be a challenge Lbvs. His tastes are gonna change as he grows along with his eating habits his still very young. You Could also think about switching to Carnation instant breakfast shakes reasonably priced imo for a box of like 30 individual servings (powder mix).

I’d speak with his pediatrician. The last time I heard about a kid that severe he was diagnosed with Autism and had severe sensory processing issues.


Get plant based foods. Get multivitamins.

Have you tried making your plate healthy foods?

When my little one was that age he’d want my food on my plate lol.

My son is pretty picky too and I can’t get him to eat veggies. He will eat carrots and will eat breaded string beans (we call them green French fries :woman_shrugging:). I still give him those veggie pouches and that’s how I know he’s getting his serving of veggies. They have the TOTS ones too. I’m hoping over time he will grow out of it. I always offer whatever we are eating and I put the veggies on his plate for exposure…

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He’s 2 mom. All 2 year olds are picky eaters. :heart_eyes:
And who cares honestly? Its not a death sentence. Im picky and I’ve made it this far. :wink:

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My kids used to be picky at eating now they ain’t. They used to never like meat now they love it. When making veggies I make sure I put butter, salt and pepper in the bowl. My kids has a system when eating they eat what they are given if they don’t eat they don’t get a snack after dinner. I always have ice cream and popsicles in my house as that’s their go to snack after dinner they look forward to gettin that snack. I would try somethin like that find a snack that he loves and tell him if he eats his food he gets that snack, if he don’t eat his food then let him know he isn’t gettin that good snack.

Samantha Jones my daughter would barely eat anything that wasn’t something crispy or Mac n chz. Told her around 2 n half you eat what we give you or you’ll starve :woman_shrugging: now she eats chopped up hotdogs with eggs and rice and beans and she finally doesn’t always need a crispy tortilla or crispy waffles(pancakes arr a no for her because they are not crispy enough)! We also stopped buying junk that she would rather have over what we give her (good healthy choice for me and my husband also :laughing:)
My daughter will be 4 soon and is 36 lbs and she loves fruits

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Their is definitely many kids like yours . My grandson is exactly as u described your son . He is 3 and my daughter has run out of things that he will eat he no longer likes chicken nuggets. So we are down to peanut buttered waffles , fries,and strawberries .Doctor said it’s because he has a sensory issue . And like your baby , everyone tells her he will eat if he’s hungry , No he will not ! He will probably starve himself

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My son was the same way. Before people start to assume that we just gave in, that couldn’t be further from the truth. He had early intervention for nutrition, he helped in all areas that had to do with food. I even had him take his toy shopping cart into the store to help shop. We planted, tended to, and harvested our own vegetables. He helped me cook, set the table etc. I even let him explore with real food in his toy kitchen. Both of my parents are cooks and my mom’s a dietitian, so I had a lot of help whenever I needed it. It all came down to him just being stubborn. He also wouldn’t give in, when we pulled the “you eat what we it or you’ll starve” tactic. Our pediatrician told us to offer a TBLS sized portion of what we eat and have him try it. If he doesn’t like it, than offer a bowl of cheerios with milk, or a peanut butter sandwich. As long as he’s healthy, gaining weight and iron levels were being met, there was no cause for concern. He’s now 10 and his diet has expanded quite a bit. He’s still very picky, but much more apt to try new things. Just keep trying.

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My child has been like this since she was 2. She just turned 4. Our pediatrician told us to cut out juice and limit milk to a cup at breakfast, because they can cause your child to feel full. Give water more often, because they will feel hungry, and then offer them a meal to eat. Toddlers should only be gaining 2-5 pounds a year. Cut out junk food.

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That’s a typical two year old… they will eat when they are hungry but some force new foods. Offer it and if they don’t eat it then give something they like. I have a 6 and 2 year old and one on the way

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Yes. Our pediatrician told me to stop making different things to get him to eat!!! Only offer cereal as an alternative!!! When he gets hungry he will eat. And he did. Stop giving in to him and getting hom whatever he wants ok??? I know it’s hard Momma. Prayers for your sanity🙏

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Feed him what he will eat at this point. Toddlers are picky, it’s normal. my daughter is 11 and still picky :woman_shrugging:t2: Give homogenized milk for the fat content so that he does start to gain some weight, as that is a bit concerning as he still needs to grow. Though, toddlers growth does slow down so I don’t think he has to gain too much in a year. Of course, Offer him veggies and fruits still, small amounts at a time and see if he will try them. Focus on higher calories in kind of thing, if he will eat full fat yogurts or anything like that then those can be great for getting the calories in. Nut butters and cheeses too. Hang in there, picky toddlers can definitely be frustrating.

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Remember my child being so thin the Dr told me to feed him whatever he would eat. As an adult he tries more foods than I do
Just keep it as healthy as possible.

Mom of a 2yr 8months here, everything goes on my sons plates even if just a bite, even if I know he will not eat or Try it, pickles slice goes on each meal when we have them he licks it very time makes a face puts it down.

We don’t say yuck, or that’s gross or you want like that in front of him.

We let him try anything he’s ever asked food wise within reason.

He’s been helping cook. Since he was one

I did this with both of mine and they are very adventurous eaters

Google snacklebox and make one of those

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He’s 2 not 22. He will come around

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Join this group… Real Families, Real Meals it’s great for getting past the picky eating stage without causing any issues with food.

Feed him what he will eat. Hes 2 .
Dont give into junk foods keep snacks as healthy as possible and give water to drink…no soda . Small portions on his plate
Children’s tastes change as they grow. Dont make meal time a battleground because you won’t win . Make meals as pretty as you can. If your plate looks good he may well ask to try something…dont force him to eat it if he doesn’t like it. Cereal makes a good choice if he wont eat anything else . They’re full of vitamins just make sure they’re not sugary.

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My best friends kid is a severely picky eater. Eat only like 5 different food and his mom ust got him to start eating mac and cheese and he’s 3 going on 4 in a few months.

Oh geez my daughter just turned 5 and is 34lbs. She is very picky and it’s hard to get her to try anything new. She is good about eating fruits and veggies but meat is difficult as well as anything we usually make for dinner. I’m still trying to figure out how to get her to try new things without it being a huge battle. Sometimes I bribe her and say she can have jello or ice cream or something she likes if she will try whatever I want her to try. Doesn’t always work though

He’s playing you! If that junk is not in the house, he has no choice! None of that is healthy for anyone unfortunately!

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Your insurance will cover the pediasure for him so I’d look into that. My oldest son was the exact same way and honestly he is still pretty picky at almost 13 :woman_facepalming:t3: but as a little one I chose to cater to his tastes as he too would absolutely starve rather than eat that yucky food (which was anything “good” for you) I gave him pediasure and vitamins to help fill the void. Thankfully he’s gotten a bit better and at least loves some things high in protein/fiber and vitamins.

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I see your problem and I would be concerned as well but…… I have a 2 year old daughter who will be 3 in November and she goes the feeding therapy twice a week. Her picky eating habits are so bad she will eat nothing but gerber yogurt and pediasure and drink milk and I have to supplement her yogurt with iron drops. She tries to eat other things sometimes but she’s have a problem chewing and swallowing harder foods. Be grateful that your child will eat the things you stated he will eat and keep trying to feed him new things. It’s not easy but hopefully it will get better.

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No nephew was the same way…. He’s 4 and still is picky… it gets better. Stock up on what he does like and if he eats the same thing every day then oh well. Better than not eating at all

Yup. Chocolate milk and baby food… some rice cereal in it… heated a bit and real shaken up. Boom. That’s the best thing my toddler would “eat”. Helped her put on weight. She’d have two a day when she was refusing to eat. Her fav was apple chicken… also? Try the chicken fries at burger king. They have a ton protein.

Stop the junk food
It will cause problems later on


You just explained my son 100%. Mine is 2+5months. I spoke to a pediatric dietitian. She pretty much said serve him exactly what we have that he should like (within reason like not anything spicy or to much for thier pallet). Also no snacks. Just 3 meals. That in reality they only need to eat the size of thier fist. Also that my son would probably go on a hunger strike that can last 3 to 5 days. She said even after that that its not like my son will just try anything and everything but will know they only get 3 meals and whatnot. She also said to try and serve at least 1 food we know he will like per meal as long as its a healthy option.

That all being said i have not done it. I have another 5 year old whos picky and at the time i was far along in my pregnancy and now i have a newborn. I just havnt had the energy to deal with the struggle for the week or so itll be while at first implementing this.

My Granddaughter is 2 n I get her involved with making scrambled eggs, kids love mixing in the bowl, hope that helps with another meal idea

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My 6 yr old is still a picky eater. I get blood work done once a year for him and his levels of all vitamins and minerals remain perfect so I do what my doctor suggested. Let him eat what he wants. Eating shouldn’t be a battle .

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Will he eat muffins? I make “cupcakes” for my son that are zucchini muffins with cocoa powder mixed in. Maybe carrot cake also? Even banana bread with nuts chopped really fine would be good. I also do waffles with Greek yogurt and granola mixed in, they’re amazing and at least it’s protein etc.

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Buy his favorite in bulk, and introduce something new. My son is like that and he is 6. He likes rice alot so I buy 10 kg of rice, 10 of potatoes and make different meals out of it. He recently took a liking to our local porridge that he would never eat as a baby. So I make it for him every weekend. Don’t lose hope keep him hydrated, and keep feeding in bits it gets better. My son eats a whole lot more

All 3 of my children have had some sort of food struggles as toddlers and now as children! I have always put food on their plate that I know they will eat and then food they don’t and try and get them to just take one bite(once they were old enough to understand the concept) to figure out if they even liked the taste or texture of the food! I do envy the parents of kids that eat anything but at the same time I myself was and still am a tad fussy of an eater so I try to figure out a happy medium in raising these tiny humans we created

Sounds like most kids I know. My daughter grew up with a limited palate, my son grew up to eat everything, but both try to stay healthy. Just keep offering lots of different foods (whatever you’re having, even if he won’t try it) & modeling good eating habits; he’ll be fine.

My daughter at the same age would only eat like 5 different things. She eat like a bird. But she did out grow it. When they are that picky instead of trying to keep them from only eating chicken nuggets all day just give it to them. At least hes eating. And he will out grow it

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Don’t offer any junk food ! He gets hungry enough he will eat. Have alternative available. Grapes, fresh fruits and vegetables. It may take a while but he will eventually come around.

Involve him in the cooking process the best he can. It might cause a bit more of a mess for you to clean but the kids I used to nanny for were similar. I involved them in making meals and because they made it they were excited to try it. Sometimes it was still a no go, and that’s ok. They still enjoyed cooking and a few things definitely made it from the yukky category to the yummy category!


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Feed him what he will eat. Expect 1 good meal out of 7. (I have picky eaters and am one myself.) This was professional advice.

They have shakes for kids and that’s what helped my boys keep their weight. Quit making his favorite foods and he will eventually start to know that you mean business and he will eat what’s given or be hungry. Don’t give in and create what kind of dinners and lunches he wants, cook what you want. He can grow out of the picky eating stage.

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