I am due in a few weeks and am wondering what to eat when breastfeeding?

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Only tip I will give is a glass a water to drink whilst you are feeding as it can make you quite thirsty.

Anything you want really. But lots of proteins, healthy stuff of course if better, But not always what you want. Lol

Food and drink lots of water. Stay hydrated if you want to nurse.

Ask your pediatrician

I can tell you what not to eat.
No beans, no hot stuff , no asparagus cabbage Brussel sprots onion broccoli all these cause you gas & the baby will be coliky

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No cabbage
Not too many grapes
No chocolate
No coffee
Not trying to sound like a know it just from experience
But plenty of water really does help.
Good luck :heart:

Salted pork and sea urchins

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