I am exhausted...advice?

I hate everything. I’m up at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6am by my baby and 7am by my alarm to get my oldest up for school. My baby maybe naps an hour a day divided into 3 mini naps. The time i get to sleep is maybe 11pm.I am so exhausted all I want to do is cry.


Been there done that mumma! Doesn’t last for ever!

Do you have anyone to help? I agree with the above^ Definitely get rest when the baby sleeps, make bottles ahead of you can, maybe even have a small fridge and everything next to your bed so you can just stay in the bed even at night. But maybe if you had help you could have shifts or turns. Like from 1-4 the baby is my partners, and 4-7 the baby is mine since I’ll be getting up at 7 anyway. Idk how old the baby is but maybe he/she isn’t getting enough or full? Or needs a sleep sack or white noise or your shirt near them to smell you, etc. good luck :heartpulse:

Ohhh darling I don’t have any advice my kids are 8 6 and 4 months and I’m so tired too I understand all I can give is my sympathies , it does get better though xxxx

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Give the baby too dad while you can rest

I’d suggest maybe getting baby on a sleeping schedule. Don’t let them sleep past 6-7pm so they can sleep longer at night. My oldest had her days and nights mixed up and I was up all night and it was exhausting and I was so sleep deprived. That didn’t change til I got her on a sleeping schedule. I’ve done the same for the rest of my kids. This helped me get some decent sleep and they slept thru the night at 5-6 months old. If it’s possible have someone take the kids for a couple hours during the day so you can catch up on some sleep. I know a lot of mommas don’t have help or don’t want to feel like a burden but trust me, asking for help and getting a couple of uninterrupted sleep goes a long way and helps with your mental health.

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You didn’t mention if you have help or not, meaning a partner or spouse or parents…? Are they helping on a daily? If you haven’t had that conversation with them, please do….it’s a lot for a mom on her own.


I learned I couldn’t function unless I went to bed when Mine did in order to get her up for school. best advise make bottles ahead of time have them reasy , feed then go right back to sleep. But if u feel exhausted alot and feel you need more help definitely reach out. But it’s definitely part of it. Just try to adapt the best you can the stage won’t last long.

I’m a single mom to 2. My first was up every 20-60 minutes for an hour all night every night….the first 3 years. Then he slept through the night for a year and a bit. Then he peed the bed every night for a year before being diagnosed as type 1 diabetic. My second was 6 months when the first was diagnosed. He is now 2 and he’s only just started sleeping through the night. But between 6 months old and a year and a half…I was up multiple times a night with him, then 2 or more with high or low sugar alarms for my now 7 year old. I can finally actually get some sleep…and now my sleep is messed up from
Not sleeping the last 7 years. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

How old is the baby? Maybe you need to try cry it out. It sucks but sometimes it’s needed. I don’t recommend before a year or two though.


:woman_shrugging:t2: welcome to being a parent I guess? Idk what you thought it was gonna be like but … tadaaa :magic_wand:

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Postpartum is a real thing. Speak with your doctor.


Yep. That happens with babies. My second was up every couple hours until 14 months.

First, CRY! If you’re holding it in, feeling like crying all day, LET IT OUT. Like, go in the shower and cry until your body is shaking and you can’t breathe. It’s OK to do this. And very cleansing to release all of that energy. You will feel better after doing this, I promise. Afterwards, pick yourself up, dry yourself off and resume momming with renewed energy. And, as others have suggested, ask for help, get baby on a schedule, try to go to bed earlier. I eventually had to cosleep with my youngest cuz, after he woke once in the middle of the night, he just wouldn’t go back to sleep in his crib. He’s 5 now, and still gets in bed with us in the middle of every night. You got this Mama!! Sending positive vibes your way! :heart:

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Stop 2 of the 3 mini naps and give a bigger bottle right before he goes to bed

Yep, I’ve been doing the same mama for 9 weeks! And the doctor just said it’s just a sleep regression and will pass. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I fele you!!! My eldest was liek that and my youngest didn’t sleep at night only in the day but obviously I couldn’t nap with her in the day as I had my eldest to look after (this was through covid so no qchool etc) it was drisning! Now my youngest will sleep 13 hours or more some nights, she’s so lazy now​:rofl::rofl: she’s 3 now

Get someone to help you ASAP

Is your baby on an eat & sleep schedule during the day? If not, I recommend reading a book called baby wise. Schedules are so important. Helped with my son 16 years ago.

Been there. It’s hard Mama. I wish I could come & help so you could sleep.

Taking Cara Babies has great sleep tips and even a sleep program (for ages 5mo+) that I have used for 2 of my three and it has been a game changer!

Postpartum is real and can take close to 2 years for some women to show signs… speak up and speak loud make your voice heard.

Cry- holding in the tears is toxic… crying helps release that built up energy.

Second seek help especially a doctors help.

Third do you have family, friend, church family that can come help you some.

4th cry some more your going to need it.


Have you asked for help? Is help available?

Literally going through the same exact thing with baby being up and then having to get up early to take my oldest to school. I just wanna run away some days.

How old is your baby is this a sleep regression? I found going to bed when my baby did was the only thing that made it less terrible because it seems like they get their best sleep from like 8-11. Maybe try that, remember this is only a small time in the big scheme though it feels like forever.

That’s how it is when you have a baby,your time is not yours anymore