I am exhausted and my partner will not give me a break

I’m so exhausted. We didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving, and I was so excited to decorate for Christmas. I just can’t motivate myself. I have no support, no “villagers”. My bfs sister won’t let his mom watch both of our kids so she only watches our nephew. I haven’t had a night to myself in over a year and the only “me” time I’ve had is running errands and visiting someone at the hospital. I can’t even take a shower without my partner knocking on the door or coming in to tell me to hurry. He goes out every night and I’m left at home with our children every time. I’m also a sahm so he gets to go to work 12 hour shifts. I never even get to leave my neighborhood. I’m pregnant again and I’m so tired. I can’t make myself do anything anymore. I feel so alone. I asked for a night that my partner stays home with the kids so I can go out by myself and get some time and he asked “why did you even become a parent then?” Like I’m the only one stuck with the responsibility.

What? Really? You are not a doormat, my friend. What are your cultural customs? Are there religious reasons behind this behavior? I’m very curious. Would love to discuss.