I am going to be a step mom: How should I handle her mom?

I am a future step mom to a little girl and the co parent relationship is okay but sometimes the mom won’t give full information on the daughter if shes been sick or stuff like that untill we ask and she is playing these games with me and my fiance acting like she’s taking care of her when she really isnt doing what was told to us that she was… can you help?

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I wouldn’t automatically assume that she’s jealous. You don’t know the circumstances of why they broke up.
She doesn’t have to give you any information on the child unless it’s the father’s time with her.
You don’t give a lot of information on what she isn’t doing that she’s slamming she’s doing or how you know she’s not doing it, so no one can give you specifics on what to do. If she is actually neglecting or abusing the child then report her to CPS or take her back to court with whatever proof you have and try to obtain full custody.


Not near specific enough to give feedback.


If she doesnt tell you…then it is what it is. If dad asks and she tells him thats fine. Dont worry too much about it though. Trust me. You will drive yourself nuts if u over think it. When the child is with you…thats the time that matters. What happenes at moms is something you cant control at all and if u try she will get nasty. Keep friendly and if u have to, keep yourself at a safe distance from her lol. Its good things between all of u is ok, but that can and may change quickly.

All you can do is control things on your end. If she’s dropping the ball on her end, thats on her. Continue to do what you guys do, continue being civil, and coparent together. Her actions can’t be controlled by anyone but her, but you can control yours.