I am grossed out. Can men be friends with their ex eff buddy?

My fiance and I have been together for about 2 years. When we started seeing each other, he had a friend he’d do errands for. I thought it was sweet.her health is bad, and I didn’t feel threatened whatsoever. About 4 months in, I found out they used to sleep together… but, he didn’t pursue any further once he saw how well she … maintains her house. Apparently she’s a bit of a dirty horder. Anyway… its been 15 years or so since they were buds with benefits… but, after finding out they used to be like that, I insisted I never wanted them hanging out alone for boundaries sake. … My man is always bringing her up, comparing all the things she does/did that I should do. This lady is my fbook friend, but only comments or likes my stuff after she’s spent time with him. She’s married now, but she considers my man her “best friend” they tell each other they love each other… and she’s like sisters with his sister… I don’t believe she’s going anywhere, but we’ve had sooo many fights over it. I’m grossed out. He tells me I’m way overreacting, I’m crazy for not knowing people can be just friends after being intimate…And idk what to do. Is this normal??? Her husband hated them hanging out too. Apparently she’s against cheating, but, she was definitely cheating on her man that was in jail when her and my man started “hanging out” he’s told me he would have been with her, had she known how to keep a house clean. He also loves going down on me, and made a tok tok of me making the eat me out sign… and she commented on it… with smiling emojis … soooo GROSS. I’ve never been intimate with anyone like that, other than him. But he waited our 3rd time before introducing me to the fact he loves going down on a woman. Id really convinced myself he wasn’t like that with her… :woozy_face::nauseated_face: