I am having anxiety about giving birth: Advice?

I’m pregnant in about 33 weeks so soon to give birth, and my husband and family are so excited, but…I’m scared… it’s my 3rd pregnancy, and I miscarried my second. With my first, I had an emergency c section, so I was asleep, I’ve never had a normal birth, so I’m scared for both a normal birth and being awake for a c section. I’m just plain scared. I need some help from some mommies who have been through both. Please, and thank you.


Ask if you dont have to do a vbac and if you can schedule a csection instead

Usually if your 1st is CS, then it is mostly CS on the succeeding births. Doctors can give you anesthesia that would make you fall asleep. No need to worry on being awake the whole time. :blush:

I e had an emergency csection put to sleep then had one where I was awake… girl!! In that moment I didn’t care about anything but get this baby out in one piece. I didn’t feel anything minus some pressure when they were pulling her out… and I was asleep shortly after… so what you have been doing, listen to your body and just relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Don’t worry yourself I er what can go wrong… deal with the issue as they happen if they even happen…

I just had my very first baby last year. And I had to have a C-section because my baby was breach. Honestly, it was not as scary as I thought it was gonna be. It seems overwhelming at first when you first go in, but it went very smoothly. Nothing to be scared of. But your feelings are understandable. And If your first is a C-section, you can still give birth naturally on your second one. However, if your second is a C-section also, your 3rd will have to be a C-section.

I had a emergency c section with my 1st and i was awake i didnt have time to be scared. But i had the next one was going to v back but got scared and begged for a c section. I was scared but i knew how to heal from that. The 2nd was so much easier than the 1st. The 3rd was scheduled c section and it was the easiest to heal from i believe because i didnt go thru all the labor pains 1st. I was honestly scared everytime because i think its natural to be scared because yes it hurts but as soon as they hand you your baby the pain is so worth it :hugs::hugs::hugs: best of luck mommy!!! You will be fine!!!

My first was emergency c section so I was out, my second was a c section and I was awake and it wasn’t bad at all. I was scared do death to. They give you the epidural like normal. The most you will feel during the c section is just pressure. No pain just pressure.

I’m 33 weeks with my third as well… all 3 will be c sections and yes, even though I’ve been through it twice, I still feel a bit of anxiety myself. My biggest stress point is preterm labor as that was a big deal with my previous two. My second was supposed to be a natural birth but after 6 hrs at 1 cm, my doctor asked if I wanted to wait it out and I opted for c section instead. This time it was a mutual agreement to just schedule c section and be done with it. Just make sure your support person is someone who can talk to you and keep you relaxed, the nurses also usually do a good job of that. My first was also emergency c section but I was awake then too. Say a prayer, breathe and focus on the fact that you are about to bring a beautiful new life into this world. Everything will be just fine and your worry will fade as soon as your hear that first cry. Good luck and God bless! :heart:

Look up badassmotherbirther her page is very inspiring and empowering to birthers. The page is here on Facebook and Instagram. Do more research. Look into Doulas they can help you with supporting you during birth. In the end you’re going to find what’s best for you and you will have a little bundle of joy in your arms.

I recently had a c section… After being induced 3 times I was not dilating labour was not progressing. My doctor finally said she would have to operate. My other kids were all vaginal deliveries, I was so scared. When we got to the operating room my heart started racing… And I was having trouble breathing… Had to be given oxygen and they spoke to me while they were getting me ready to calm me down. It happened so quickly… And when I heard her cry… And I realized she was ok… Best feeling ever… So be positive… Be strong for your little angel… And don’t forget to pray… Everything will be ok :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Start practicing meditation and affirmations specific to the process of childbirth. You will do it… there is no choice lol. Make it as peaceful as possible and make sure everyone in the room follows your rules

My first I was awake duing my emergency csection. It’s scary but all you can think about is your baby. My 2nd was a planned csection and same deal. I was scared but you just think about your baby. I was shaking really bad so they gave me some medicine to help me calm down. Just talk to your birth team, everything will be ok. :heart::heart:

I had an emergency csection at 26&5 weeks pregnant where I was awake and I’m glad I was the only part I was scared for was the blocker getting put it. Because my daughter was so early and small I didn’t get to see her until 23 hours after. You making it to full term and being awake means you can see your precious gift as soon as possible. It’s a moment that is so precious and beautiful. It wasn’t bad at all once that blocker went in. You can’t feel a thing and the doctors talk you through and nurses are there too. My nurse was the best nurse. She knew I was scared so she sang to me and then with me.

This is the same exact situation I went thru. My first was emergency c section so I was asleep so with my second and third i was petrified of being awake…i had such extreme anxiety over the thought of it. Both times as soon as they took the baby out they gave me something to put me to sleep cause I was panicking so bad. I guess I don’t have much advice except you will get thru it and you will be ok! The end result is worth it all and if you can just keep your mind on that you will be ok

First baby, was planned c-section, but she came earlier than expected. Second baby, was going to try natural birth, but even with pitocin given, I wasn’t dialating, and had to have c-section. Third baby, was automatic c-section. Just mentioning all this to prepare u that u may not be able to have it naturally, even if that’s the plan. Just be prepared mentally. I hope all goes well for u and baby.

First baby emergency csection awake through the whole thing was absolute petrified but just kept thinking I will soon be holding my little boy and ill know he’s safe. Soon as they put him to the side of me relief just took over. X

I am a maternity nurse…did you take a birthing class? If you didn’t that could help ease your anxiety. I agree your body knows what to do! Usually once a c-section always a csection but a vaginal Birth can be done safely. Pain after a vaginal delivery is typically less than with a surgery post delivery and recovery time is quicker. The best thing to do is sit and have a conversation with your doctor discuss what your concerns are, what is the best plan for you and if you haven’t taken a child birth class to do so! There are 7 more weeks left in your pregnancy use that time to gather the information on what is best for you, in the end all that matters is healthy mom and healthy baby it will all work out!


Pray that is all you can do at this point

Had 5 babies 1 without anything 2 with demoral eased the pain but still hard 1 with c section had to have the needle in my back and get numbed I was afraid of that needle but it was nothing so then 12 years later I had my last I was afraid being much older could I even bear it so asked for that epadoral ! It was the easiest birth out of all of them so I would say get the epidural and you’ll be fine good luck!

I was really scared as well. You might be scared now but your mind and body have a fantastic way of handling hard births or births in general. Youll be able to handle it momma when it comes down to it. Have faith in your mind and body :heart:

Stop giving a thousand births to you get to the one birth it’s never how you think of it in your scared state you’re going to do what you’re going to do when it comes that time so stop stressing

Of course your scared! What woman about to give birth isn’t? Just dont do something stupid like a home birth. Be where help is!

You’ll do fine I was scared too but your bodymknows what it’s doing once u get there it will all come together the nurses doctors know what they are.doing take care have a healthy baby

I had 2 c one I was out to sleep and the other I was awake I prefer to be awake to know what going on I am nosey do what you feel make you most comfortable ,

I guess the question is what are you scared of? The pain? Something going wrong?Because it sounds like you’re overthinking so much that you’re missing out on enjoying the final leg of your pregnancy.

Birth is not fun. And you’re absolutely right to be a bit worried. That being said, there are so many ways to manage through it. Please go talk about your fears with the OB. Come up with a birth plan so that you know how you’re going to manage pain, and steps they will take if something goes wrong. Then take a deep breath, have some ice cream, and give your belly a rub. It will all work out :blush:

Honestly, it looks like you’ve already been through the worst. A normal birth or a csection would be a piece of cake for you!


My first was an emergency csection and my second was scheduled due to the way the first went and I was awake. I was super scared. I cried in preop, and on the way to the operating room, but it wasnt that bad honestly. The actual surgery was fine, the nerves leading up to it were the worst part for me.

I’m a first time mom and ended up having a c section after 56 hours of labor. It truthfully wasn’t that scary. My nurses were amazing and they held my hand through it and were amazing support systems. The epidural is the worse part I won’t lie. But once that’s all said and done they lie you flat on your back and have you stretch your arms out straight. If you have a partner or someone you’d like in the room they are allowed in once you are sedated, laid down and draped. Once you get medicated the process takes maybe 30-45 minutes. I honestly don’t remember alot of the first few hours of recovery

I had a induced labor with my first, thean a regular labor with my swond and an emergency c section with my third. Out of ALL of them the natural birth with my second was the most pain free. Barely needed pain meds after at all. C section was the worst pain. When I found out how dilated I was naturally with my second I was just thrilled after everything with my first. You can always opt for the epidural as well. Just remember this, the pain leaves as soon as that baby comes out. You will have residual pain but you will be ok. I pray it all goes smoothly for you and you can find a way to put some of those fears at rest and enjoy the experience

Once you are 40 weeks your going to want that baby out you won’t care :joy:


Hi! I have two beautiful babies! My first was by c section with an epidural! It went so smooth and I was awake after she was born so I was able to see and hold her immediately! My SO was allowed in the room as well! My second (born on the 22nd) I had as a VBAC. I wanted a vaginal delivery soo badly and I had a team that knew I could do it and I did! It was incredible! The experience was amazing and rewarding! Both my babies are happy and healthy and I’m doing well and did well after my c section. There will always be some amount of nerves, but you got this! :muscle::muscle::muscle:

I gave natural birth with the epidural after miscarrying twice. It was definitely scary, and made my anxiety go through the roof. But I promise you, natural birth isn’t as scary when you have the epidural. I honestly didn’t even want the epidural and started having a full blown anxiety attack about getting the epidural, but I knew my low pain tolerance I wouldn’t be able to handle natural birth without it. The only problems I had, were when I was pushing, I wasn’t pushing right and he got stuck, I almost needed an emergency C-section. But, my little 6 pound 12 ounce baby came out just fine after I fixed my positioning and started actually pushing right. You got this, momma’s. :purple_heart: Thoughts and prayers for a healthy baby and easy delivery!

My first was normal, my second was an emergency c-section. So I’ve been thru both. And it’s not bad I was awake for my section. I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd as well. This one will be a c-section although I do have a chance of doing normal I rather not have anything wrong happen. But hey you’ll be ok your dr will know what’s best for your delivery. My c-section is gonna be happening in 3 weeks.

I had two natural births . One was induced but I was terrified as well. Both went smoothly thank god but you will do great!

You should talk to a Doula ! And or Hire one !

My first was an emergency c section and I was knocked out so I relate, my second was another c section but I was awake. It’s a lot of pressure without any pain and a lot movement it startled me a little I wasn’t prepared for how they have to pull and push on you but again no pain and your arms are usually restrained out as well, they have a a curtain up so you don’t see anything and your significant other gets to be by your side unlike in most emergency cases

I had all mine natural I was scared but kept thinking about what I would be holding after the hard part and it helped me through it

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Hello there! My first was a vaginal birth, I too miscarried my second, & my 3rd was also a vaginal birth. Some advice is just listen to your body as it will give you the signs when you are contracting/ready to give birth. If you have a birth plan make sure you give it to the doctor/nurses so they are aware of what you would like as long as the birth has no complications. I had an epidural with both my 1st & 3rd. It did help with the pain of the contractions but also made my legs numb & I remember being shaky for awhile after I gave birth. Not gonna sugar coat it, even with an epidural you can still feel the contractions just not the pain that you would have without the epidural. It is scary but the thing I told myself, especially when it was time to push, was that I had this. No one else could do this than me so that helped me out. Good luck mamma!! You got this!

My first was natural and went smoothly for the 14hr labor I went through. It was long but the delivery was pretty quick and you start to feel better almost immediately.

My twins were an emergency csection so I had no real time to process. They were also early so I didnt have my hospital bag either and the carseats hadn’t been delivered yet. Had to borrow one from a friend. I wasnt awake either when they were born so I’m in the same boat, expecting another one that will be a scheduled csection.

Scheduled C-section is amazing!!! I had such a wonderful experience. Nearly no pain and you are so alert and aware of everything that is happening! Recovery was a breeze too! Nothing at all like my 1st which was an emergency as well. Relax … It’ll be awesome!

I’ve had both…each were amazing experiences.

I’ve had complications with both pregnancies. Was high risk for both.
My oldest should have been an emergency C-section. Our vitals dropped. They never called it and i was ignored. Ultimately he got stuck. His arm was broken, shoulder dislocated, and he suffered a severe nerve injury. He wasn’t large and we still don’t know why he got stuck. The days that followed weren’t much better.

I was terrified with my second. I had almost continuous panic attacks. I was scared. Scared of vaginal birth. Scared of a csection. Just all around scared.
Originally the plan was if i went into labor on my own, if my water broke on its own, if i dialated on my own i could have a vaginal birth…but if any interventions other than epidural were needed it would be a csection.
For whatever reason…he was measuring large. Like 7 pounds at 34 weeks large (totally inaccurate by the way). It was decided then that he WOULD be a cesction.
I was terrified. So so so terrified. They ended up giving me anxiety meds before my csection because i was ready to crawl off the table.
I really do not remember a lot. I remember hearing him cry. I remember asking if his arms worked. I remember seeing him at the warming table and then my husband bringing him over. I remember skin to skin in recovery.
I remember the important things. He was healthy and ready to be discharged before me.

My advice? Listen to your doctors. If the suggest a c-section? Take it. Even if they can’t “give you one good reason” sometimes its just a feeling. Its better to have a scheduled c-section where everything goes good…than to have a seriously traumatic vaginal birth or have a vaginal birth that results in a emergency c-section where you have to be put under.
Communicate with your doctors. Tell them you’re scared and let them reassure you. Its natural to be scared they know that.

I went with natural, I don’t like needles and the after effects, unless the doctor says the baby is more than 7and a half lbs, I would go completely natural, its a beautiful experience, also I would at least try to breast feed ,if I could have the opportunity again , Its one of the best things that can happen in your life, what pain I did have was over quickly ,I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

I had two natural & the third c- section . Both were doable . I walked a little bent over with the emergency c - section, for a while . Women are strong . That’s why we can give birth . You can do it Momma . Good luck

I had a c section with my first, I was awake, it took like 20 min.

My first was a planned c-section and it was extremely difficult both during it and recovering from it. 7 years later, My 2nd child was 3 months ago and I went VBAC. I had a 50/50 shot of success due to my age, weight, etc. I was induced at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia and it was an amazing experience. I’m so glad I tried it and it was successful with no complications beyond my blood pressure. Don’t be scared, stay calm, practice your breathing, surround yourself with calming influences (I was lucky to have a husband who was an amazing birthing partner). I did have an epidural but it was still so magical and out of body. I’m going to try to have my last child in a couple years and I can’t wait to VBAC again. Just hang in there, sister! You got this. And try hard for a trial of labor and VBAC; don’t let them tell you no. It’s your body and you know what you are capable of.

I’ve had 2 C-sections. First was an emergency. 2nd I was awake for. It wasn’t bad at all. Didn’t hurt . Went fast. Quick recovery. I’m 33 weeks pregnant with #3. Have 3rd C-section coming up in January.

I have had 2 c sections I will have my 3rd in march. I wasn’t scared for any of them. It’s super easy and super fast.

I was induced for my first. Second my water broke and then had an emergency c next 2 were scheduled c’s… I can say with 100% certainty child birth I scary. With my last it was my “most prepared” and I still had a panic attack while they put the first IV in and they missed the vein.
Just prepare what you can and let the rest happen. Get your home ready your other child ready and let it happen.

Never had a c section but al four induced and born naturally. 3 with epidural and one with out. So the epidural hurt. Then no pain just weird pressure water breaking felt like a water balloon popping in my belly. The Births of the first three felt like weird numb pressures and touches. Then after they took out epidural it was achy for a couple weeks. Now my last one was at the last minute told no epidural cuz my platelets were too low and I was high risk of hemorrhage. So I got 3 or 4 shots which made me feel weird and dizzy. Then I had to pee almost had her in the bathroom got back in bed and 1 2 3 bam baby! 10 mins after the placenta came out 0 pain! I could walk I was starving and I was sleepy. Scary af with out the epidural but each time was scary cuz it’s a new human and endless possible out comes. No matter how they are born the emotions that come make u overwhelmed and scared. Also no birth comes with out pain but that’s what makes us warriors. We are amazing because we bounce back fast and you will be so in love with your new baby you won’t remember all the craziness for a while then u will be like omg I am amazing! Good luck and may your labor be quick and with out any issues and your baby be healthy .

You’ll be fine. I had a spinal and saw my daughter and get stiched up and waited for feeling to come back in my legs. Stood up after 6 hrs and couldnt climb stairs for a couple weeks.

My first was natural and my second I had meds for i was scared both times but after it was all said and done I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Im pregnant with my 3rd now and of course nervous but just remember to breath

No matter which way you have the baby it will be worth it when you hold for the 1st time. Relax you got this momma!

No matter which route you end up going, you got this Mama. Hood luck!

I’ve had 3 c sections. 1 was an emergency at 28 weeks with twins, inwas fully aware and awake, scariest thing of my life just because I didn’t know if my babies would survive… they did. My 2md c section, was scheduled but I went into labor exactly 1 week before scheduled date. It was a good experience, don’t feel anything besides a little pressure, no pain during c section. My 3rd c section was scheduled and I made it to the scheduled date. Best experience I had with a c section just because I wasn’t hurting from contractions, I was relaxed and excited and got to enjoy every second of it.

It can be scary to be awake during the csection but you will be fine. The nurses and anesthesiologist can help you feel better. Just practice breathing to stay calm. You can also tell your nurse you are very nervous and they will give you something to help you feel more relaxed. I did this with both my csections. My 2nd planned one was definitely better than my 1st emergency one. You got this!

I had an emergency c section with my first, my second c section was not bad at all. The worst part is the spinal tap/epidural. It’s goes by faster than you think. I’m having my 3rd c section in March, and honestly the spinal is the only thing I’m worried about.

All three of my boys was natural. They
Are 4,2&1 plus I’m 30 weeks pregnant. Two of them I had the epidural. Which are my oldest two. The experience with them was good. But the epidural don’t work on everyone. My third son was all natural not anything but I have a very high pain tolerance. I pregnant with my fourth son and don’t know if I’m doing all natural again or going to have the epidural. But you know you body better then anyone. And what would be best for you. And don’t be scared. I know easier said then done.

In the same boat ! Congratulations on the baby though… I’ve been trying to focus on other things like the holidays.

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I went through the same thing during my second but I just told myself to buck up and show up

You’ve got this mama! I was so scared to give birth until my daughter finally started coming and I had to push. The doctors will talk you through the delivery and keep you motivated. Don’t freak yourself out. You’re going to snap out of it once the time comes and you’re going to do great weather it’s c-section or vaginal. Chewing ice helped me keep my mind busy right before I had to push :wink:

I’ve miscarried and had an unplanned but awake C-section. I made sure that my mom went with the baby. That was the most important thing to me. I could talk and see him and in the end I had a precious baby to hold.

I’ve had 3 c sections-one emergency and two scheduled. I promise you it’s not that bad

You have anxiety now… by 40 weeks you won’t care how much it hurts you’re gunna want it out! Lol Hang in there!

Trigger warning: I have 2 big boys, 3 pregnancies… given birth twice, but lost my first at 12 weeks and had timed contractions in a bathtub when I lost it. I assume I lost it earlier and absorbed it, as I never found a baby. I am so very sorry for your loss, I do understand the pain.

My experiences with giving birth to my two subsequent babies, both large, healthy boys (Braw laddies, as they might say in Scots) was wonderful and easy. The epidural meant I had the first truly pain free day I had had in 20 years (ruptured discs among other pain issues) and the first birth went perfectly. 12 hours of induced labor. 35 min of pushing.

2nd sone was almost as painless but they gave me less medicine in the epidural, so I got to feel the contractions/pressure/etc but it wasn’t intolerable by any means. My 2nd son is a big boy, he was 11 lb 3 oz and did get stuck at my pubic bone but they delivered 1 arm superman flying style, a nurse pushed down on my belly to help him, and we had him with pushing for 40 min and I did NOT EVEN TEAR. I didnt even realize there had been ANY difficulty until I got to my room and the doctor came to talk to me about it the next day and that the baby might need a little chiropractic care. No big. He is 5 months and wears 12 month clothes and is a happy little giant baby that smiles and coos and is a great joy.

Fear will never be helpful to you. Know that the odds are in your favor. That the doctors are trained to know what to do and can help you and your baby. Know that there are people who do not know you, like me, who are rooting for you and saying prayers and sending good vibes and hugs to you right now. You are a badass, Mama. You can do it and the worst thing likely to happen, is pooping on the doctor, and you probably won’t even notice, as the nurses are really good about keeping things discreetly clean lol… congratulations on your soon to be bundle of joy. Babies are a shit storm of joy and terror, and they are so worth it. Don’t fear. You can do it!