I am having my first surgery this week: Advice?

I’m getting my gallbladder removed this week, the first surgery, & I am terrified! Any advice before or after surgery?


Just had my gallbladder out not that long ago it really wasn’t that bad but listen to your doctor and get rest and no lifting for about 3 to 4 weeks

Easy on the greasy food

You will feel soooo much better afterwards!! But be careful sitting down & getting up that was the worst for me… takes like 3 or 4 days to start feeling better.


Gallbladder surgery is much easier today. Just follow your doctor’s advice and walk around - don’t just sit or lie around. Good luck!

You will feel so much better after. Be sure to follow all orders the dr gives for after surgery especially the lifting and stuff. The first two or three days after I was in a lot of pain but then it’s got much better.

Not to bad had two surgeries also to remove all gallstones you’ll feel better

Mine was easy peasy. So much better than having gall stones. Up and walking right away. No pain pills.

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Looks like im gonna have to have mine out at some point…Has anyone had any effects further down the line after having it out…Heard can cause bouts of diarrhoea…

I had mine out. a very easy surgery.easy recovery.you will feel so much better after gallbladder is out.

Had mine out at 19 and never felt better a little sore but no problems

I had mine removed 2 years ago. I don’t have the pain anymore, however, (tmi) certain foods go right through me.

Hug a pillow while coughing

You should be fine you well be a little sore for a couple of day. Get a good cream for when you heal for the scar

Everyone is differnt, it took me about a month to recover, Be careful what you eat afterwards, you will find out what food triggers you, for me it’s cream, greasy food and alcohol xx

I had my gallbladder removed and it was a simple surgery all will be good the recovery is a pain in the ass because you aren’t supposed to drive for 2 weeks but other than that easy surgery. Prayers for a fast recovery.

I had mine done awhile ago. It’s an easy surgery and you should be fine within a wk or two. Not too painful.

I had mine removed in 99. The one where they make the 4 little incisions. I took a week off work and I needed that to recover. Sleeping sitting up, eating light, and lots of rest. Once the staples were removed I could shower again. Holding a pillow against my tummy to laugh or cough. It wasn’t bad. Good luck.

I’ve had 7 surgeries and gall bladder removal was the easiest. Cleaned my whole house the next day :speak_no_evil:

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I got my gallbladder out when I was 19 and I am 34 now it wasn’t bad at all but I only had 4 little incisions it only took me a week to fully recover I couldn’t drive or pick up a gallon of milk or vacuum had to sleep on the couch because I couldn’t get out of bed because it hurt to much.

All surgeries have some risk which your doctor should discuss with you. Do you trust your doctor? If ya do, piece a cake

Make sure the doctor is over 12 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Honey you have nothing to be afraid of. It’s a procedure that is done EVERY day MULTIPLE times. I had mine removed and it was a breeze. No big deal. Wishing you the best. My thoughts are with you.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Easy peasy just have soft foods that are not greasy and you should be fine! Best wishes!

I had my very first surgery a couple years ago. Mine was nasal surgery though. I was really nervous about it. Luckily I had a great doctor with a great bed side manner. He reminded me of Jerry Lewis, the comedian. I felt like a stuffed turkey after. And the worst was I wasn’t allowed to blow my nose. But now I can breathe so it was worth it.

I had this surgery 4 years ago. It is nothing, really! I felt really good after and the rest of the day. I had 2 or 3 little incisions which they just put glue on. And one good benefit is they take really good care of you after. You go home in a couple of hours. You’ve got this!

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I had gall bladder removed 12 years ago. They used a scope to remove it. Had 2 little stitches in my stomach. They removed the organ through my belly button. Surgery was done very quickly (maybe 20 minutes). The stitches healed very quickly. I was very sick before the surgery & I felt so much better afterwards.

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My husband had this. He did well. Everyone is different. Make sure you follow your release instructions carefully. That has a lot of helpful info.My hubby recovered quicker from the gall bladder than the hernia surgery. Good luck and best wishes.

I had this surgery I was just like you very scared but in all reality I know I needed to feel better not only for myself but for my kids. They are in pain also. In the end you will feel better. But I still suffer a little with acid reflux but it isn’t as bad. I also have IBS but I was told that I will get it eventually it’s been 16 years ago since I had the surgery and your down for 10 days after math of it is that you will not be able to eat tomatoes alot or spicy foods

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I had my surgery on a Friday and was in a plane to see my grandkids on Tuesday and I was 65 . I’m a retired nurse and in the grand scheme of things I would rate a tooth abscess worse than this surgery!


This is a good first surgery. They’ll probably send you home the next day. Don’t fret. They’ll walk you through the whole process and give you something to calm you down/knock you out. When you wake up, you’re all done. Minimal discomfort. Good luck

My step dad had it done in his 70’s and he did great!!! They have come a long way with gall bladder surgery, you will do wonderfully!! You got this!!

Easiest surgery I have ever had. Quck healing and almost no pain.


You will do fine. I scrub in the OR. The surgery doesn’t take that long, and you will recover quickly. If you picked a good surgeon, you should be fine

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Unfortunately I can’t give any advice. I had severe complications and was hospitalized for 2 weeks and that was after having 11 surgeries. 2 more after I got out. Good luck to you

My husband had is removed 5 years ago, he felt so much better after the surgery. He had issues or literally years before they could figure it out. He had it removed the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving, he ate dinner he next night. it was laparoscopic and left just a couple of small marks on his belly. Since then he has had over 20 surgeries for intestinal issues but that he said was one of the easiest. Dress comfy, follow the doctors orders and know that you are being lifted up in prayer for healing !

I had my gallbladder surgery about 26 to 29 years ago, it sure exactly,they didn’t have as much advancements back then,it was fine,I had 11 staples incision cut,BUT today it’s 3 little incisions,usually out patient surgery now,alot easier now,you’ll be o.k.just don’t overdue it when you get home,even smaller cuts need healing time,sooo much better than the gallbladder attacks you experience,get it out!!

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My wife died from her gallbladder surgery 3 yrs ago. I miss her dearly!

I had it this summer. Absolutely no reason to be afraid! They made 3-4 tiny incisions, no stitches, no pain, no problem. Just lay back, sleep and when you wake it’s over. You will be fine!

Let the drs. and nurses do their job as for you just lay back and you sleep through the whole thing.

I had my gallbladder removed 2 months ago and it went well! I had a lot of really great pre-surgery advice but really was left out on after care advice. I would say take it easy a couple days after but after that you can start working towards doing things normally. I would definitely recommend taking it slow and not forcing yourself to do anything strenuous. They actually recommend walking around a lot and that really helped me through the recovery process. I feel back to normal already and can still eat foods I was eating pre-surgery. Best of luck to you!

I had this surgery 6 years ago. Be ready to not sleep in your bed for a couple nights. It felt like I was ripping my stomach to shreds if I laid down flat.

I just had gallbladder surgery on October 1st was not to bad I was sore after and now I don’t have pain everytime I eat

Mine was super easy. I was taking care of my five month old the day after. I was hardly in any pain and no problems since. That was 16 years ago.

Stay calm and listen to your doctor and nurses. I had my gallbladder removed several years ago and never felt better. Just have watch your beef, dairy, and fried foods intake. Your body won’t be able to handle those foods and can cause discomfort for a few hours afterwards.

Not a bad surgery to have. Very small incision with minimal recovery time. Just eat very light for a while after surgery.

Well that should encourage her. Very simple procedure now.

I had mine removed. They will want you to get up and move and not just sit. Depending on if there are complications anyway. Make sure you listen to your body tho if you need rest do it.

I had mine removed four years ago. I had no problems at all. Was out mowing my yard week after. Try not to worry. It is not a bad surgery.

It was my first surgery. Worried to much but not a big deal. The little cuts.

You will be up & running around in a couple days.try not to cough or laugh hard, it hurts. Piece of cake…easy.

Just had mine removed 6 weeks ago. I stayed on a low fat/no fat diet the first couple of weeks and after that I started to introduce the foods that I couldn’t eat before the surgery. You will be on a limit of how much you can lift. I couldn’t lift anything over 10 lbs.

Chances are youll cough. Hold a pillow so tight against your belly when u do. It does help.

Listen to your body. You will need to be careful with what you eat moving forward. Foods high in fat, some greens will upset your system.

I had mine removed about 15 years ago. Developed chronic diarrhea after my Drs couldn’t figure out. Gastro Dr prescribed Cholestrymine Totally fixed the issue so if that occurs ask about that

Mine went smoothly, do what your doctor tells you . Eat correctly, no fried or spicy.

Put on your big girl panties, and suck it up butter cup. Very routine surgery. Teens go thru it more than people think, surgery in the a.m., home in the p.m.

I had mine removed in March. Its not too bad. A little sore for several days but you will feel much better after.

Had my appendix and gallbladder out…appendix was worse…gallbladder was easier

My son had bis removed in Feb, was an east surgery, quick recovery.

Take chapstick to the hospital. Your mouth will be dry and if u have to use oxygen, your lips will dry out rapidly.

Pray God’s will be done, and know He is in control, fear not for He is with you.

It is a very easy Surgery you will feel a lot better after.

Very simple surgery. You are going to be just fine.

Had mine out three years ago. All good. Just walk, don’t sit around. Walking helps so gas doesn’t build up and moves everything around. It hurt to cough, but I put a pillow on back of couch and leaned on it when I coughed. It really did wonders. You bounce back fast. But remember when it’s gone and you eat certain things, it will go through you faster. You will learn what you can eat and not eat. Another words you will learn what triggers you and not trigger you. Good luck and best wishes. You got this!

Non evasive, quick, no pain and quick recovery. Piece of cake.

You will be fine that’s one of the organs we dont really need… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had my gall bladder out a few years ago. I never had stitches just those butter fly stitches that fall off as you heal. It was nothing.

Piece of cake. Don’t be afraid.

Just had mine done on the 21st of Oct. No problems. Easy…pezzy

Stay away from greasy food

Discuss your fears with your doctor, not social media.

I had this surgery and 4 little hole and that was it. Just make sure you have a pillow handy. When you cough, sneeze or laugh it will hurt, but holding the pillow against your stomach helps. Good luck!

Simple surgery, follow doctors instructions. Had mine 2 years ago. Went smoothly.

May God bless you and keep you in his loving care.

Yes easy surgery the easiest I ever have had

Nothing to it now a days

Take plenty of pain meds!

Pray before and after surgery. Trust in God and believe and receive that you will be fine

Just take good care of yourself afterwards and follow dr orders. I learned the hard way.

Listen to your doctor

Praying for you!!:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

I had my gallbladder removed when my daughter was 11 days old. Don’t wanna scare you, but the healing is a bitch. Sleep, don’t move to much or to fast, but walk as much as you can when you feel up to it. Caffeine helps with pain so have someone get you Starbucks or something. My husband got me a huge coffee from a place called Dutch Bros the day after mine. Nothing to heavy to eat. Steamed rice is a good choice

Follow all doctor instructions and just trust them I had multiple surgeries including brain surgery, you need to have a positive outlook to heal correctly

Pillows help when you need to sneeze or cough. Just hold it against your front.

It wasn’t bad I second the pillows for when you sneeze or cough

It was easy! Little uncomfortable but no reason to freak!!