I am hearbroken my husband told his mom our intimate conversations: Advice?

Me and my husband have been going through rough times lately. We lost our home, our vehicle. we’ve been trying to start back over we had to stay with his mom for ONE MonthWe had to temporarily move in with his mom. And now, his mom Is repeating a lot of private conversations THAT WE HAD Before We Moved IN him nd I have had. There is literally no one else in the world that would know these convos but him and I. I don’t know how to feel. I feel violated. These were Inmate conversations… We had a blow up tonight because she once again repeated something else we said in our private house with him and I there. the worst part is, he denies telling her, when I know it was him… no one else would know what was said but him and I…? I am so heartbroken because he repeated things no look should know about our personal lives. I adversity hate her and I don’t know if my anger is placed in the right place now if he your her. Shouldn’t I be mad with him??


Im sorry u have mommy issues an he can have a decent conversation with his mother just leave him if it’s that bad u have to go to the internet for advice!


My boyfriend is very open with his mom…
But there’s a fine line of private private stuff that should say between the two of you


I’m pretty sure he’s venting to her. Trying to figure out how to cope. Would you prefer to do this with a licensed therapist as it seems he may need to try to get his head straight. As someone who would get angry when I talked to a trusted friend about my marital problems and my ex would be so mad that someone outside our relationship knew and " put things in my head". I was gaslightlighted to believe I was the one in the wrong and the cause of all our problems. It’s very toxic. Now should mommy be repeating the issues instead of just counseling and listening to her son, absolutely not but he shares these things to help him process. I’m not sure the level you find most private may not be another’s level of private. I’m not condoning this woman’s actions but I would not be angry at your husband for trying to process and problem solve your relationship.

She is repeating what he told her. Being angry at her for him venting or telling her your business is not her fault. Did she repeat it in front of several people or just you? If it was just you, she may have wanted to let you know what he told her and his feelings. If you want to be angry, be angry with him.

My fiancé is VERY VERY open with his mother. A mommas boy for sure. When we first got together it really bothered me. Because I didn’t have that open relationship with my parents. After a couple months I have finally just got used to it. There is stuff he has learned not to tell her cause I will act out. But he still tells her ALOT.

He probably needed another person to talk to. Given what you’ve said, your whole world, including his, was crashing down around BOTH of you. It’s easy to get upset about him sharing your private conversations, however, he probably needed someone to talk to. It’s not uncommon to seek out a parent for these types of things. He wasn’t wrong for that. We all need someone outside of the situation to learn on sometimes. The only thing wrong about the situation, is what your MIL chose to do after speaking with him.

I understand the frustration but also he must’ve needed someone to talk to about the situation.

Maybe u should try to get more friendly with her.

You have every right to be mad. It’s not anyones business what happens in private conversations.

There’s a difference between venting about life and breaking someone’s trust about things that should be kept private.


You just shared your problems on Facebook you love the publicity. Get a life and suck it up. Ask his mother for advice obviously he thinks she is smarter than you