I am heartbroken my husband didn't include me in his plans: Advice?

I need some advice on what to do. I’m a stay at home mom, I homeschool my son. But I feel Useless I over heard my boyfriend talking to someone on the phone and he’s explaining to this person I don’t know who that he has a plan to open a restaurant, he’s going to do the cooking( he never cooks for me at home) and he said I want to have my mom cook and be a manager and I’ll be the supervisor. Hire cashiers and servers. But one important thing he left out is ME, he hand mention it to me at all. I’m left out, I didn’t know anything about his plans I’m heart broken and feel like a piece of rag. Like I don’t existHelp mamas what should I do?


Have you ever asked him what his life plans are? Maybe that’s why he hasn’t told you…

Boyfriend? Meh. There’s a reason he isn’t your husband :woman_shrugging:


First off, you are obviously unaware of what type of relationship your in…second, define who you are what type of relationship you want and go for it…third, I hope your in a position to be a single mom soon…

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And this is why we don’t ease drop on peoples conversations. You really have no idea what the other side of the conversation was. Maybe he doesn’t feel confident and just has an idea or he told someone else and they made fun of him. Guys can be like that. They will hold onto something until they’re sure because society has taught them they are suppose to have it together and not fail especially as a provider. But either way it wasn’t a conversation with you even if it was about you. Still doesn’t make it your business. That’s like going through someone’s phone and being upset what you found violating their privacy. Trust that he will bring it up to you or initiate a general conversation about future plans for yourself and see if that gets him interested in opening up. But don’t be upset that you overheard a convo and heard something you had no idea was literally just an idea.

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Honestly reading this made me think of my kids. They make plans like this all the time. They’re going to have a restaurant 1 will be the cook, the other the waitress etc. Are you sure he wasn’t just reliving a childhood memory? This is the problem with listening in on others conservations. The eavesdropper causes drama over a simple misunderstanding. Talk to him. Of course you’ll have to admit to being nosey. At least you get to the bottom of it.

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That’s a big red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:. Well, talked to him

Maybe he figures you ll still be home with the kids so he can run his resteraunt? Funny enough if your a stay at home mom he would expect you to you know, stay at home… hard business though so hope he has plans to not make money for a couple years since resteraunts take a long time to turn profit.

Don’t make it about you, be happy for him. Maybe once he shares the good news then talk to him about you maybe wanting to work there as well if that’s what you want. Communication is key so get communicating.

Is it your husband or your boyfriend? There’s a big difference between the two not to mention; where exactly would you place yourself here in this little dream of his to own a restaurant? It’s time consuming. You homeschool. Are you going to seat customers in between lesson plans? Are you going to whip up a meal for 40 while he’s taking a bathroom break? Whether you see it or not; you currently have a job. It’s being a SAHM and homeschooling. Where in that schedule are you going to find time to cook, serve, supervise, order food, etc. Your position in this is to support him. He supports you homeschooling, right? Was your husband part of that dream? I think you need to stop and take a step back and realize that you don’t have to be apart of the actual work to be apart of the dream to make it work.

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