I am insecure about my arm hair: Advice?

Growing up, I always had thick, fast-growing hair all over. I want to start using short sleeves, but I am too insecure about my arm hair. What are some good things to use that would help? I only shaved once in hs, and it didn’t seem to work much. They just grew right away.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am insecure about my arm hair: Advice?

Use nair!! Its easy to use and works great!

I have that but on my arms and thighs

Wax it? It outgrow back as fast.

Waxing would work. I suggest sugar waxing because it’s not hot, and it isn’t made of chemicals that can burn your skin. Plus it smells good too. There is good videos on YouTube showing how to make and use it.

I shave my arms every time I shower.

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Nair for sensitive skin! Or don’t give a f*ck. Women have hair and are still beautiful with it!!! And honey, you will still get all the attention with or without hair. You’re beautiful whomever reads this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can use nair or also hair lighten cream as well if it’s dark if it isn’t then nair will work

I used to be embarrassed of mine too now I’m like whatever, I just own it, I hope you get to that point also.


Why don’t you try bleaching your arm hair? :slightly_smiling_face: It is a part of you, hair is natural you should not be ashamed of it :slightly_smiling_face:
The other option would be hair laser removal as this is a long term solution:)


wax it!..it grows back really sparse and fine. I had the same problem. waxing will absolutely NOT make hair grow back thicker


Thicker hair is actually a myth, the only reason it appears thicker is because is because of the blunt tip created. I used to burn mine, but after my last pregnancy my hair growth on my arms and legs really decreased. Just find something that works for you.

If you want something you won’t have to do often, I recommend waxing. The hair grows back finer the more you wax, and eventually you end up going longer in between waxing sessions. Laser hair removal is another option if you have the money for it.

Get yourself one of those hair removals at home- Silk’n is great!

I used to shave my arm hairs but hated how it felt when the stubs came out, now I just don’t even realize it’s there. If unsure what to use I would recommend using Nair I think there is even a guy version of it that is a powder and you mix… I have used that on my legs before… and it leaves it smooth and doesn’t have that smell some nairs have.

Laser it off. I used Groupon and watched for big specials and got my legs done very resonabley. Best thing I ever did

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I have thick arm hair and very dark leg hair. I can shave every day and it looks like it didnt. I give no f***s. Love yourself. You are beautiful!!


Rub rubbing alcohol 91% for a few days and you should see a Lessing of hair but be advised it can also dry your skin out so after a few days use some baby oil on your arms.

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I shaved mine once because I was teased at school about it. Then, I realized I’m beautiful exactly the way I am (and so are you!) I wear whatever I want and if someone doesn’t like it they CAN LOOK THE OTHER WAY :slightly_smiling_face::heart:


But also, hair is natural. Natural is beautiful

Try sugaring it decreases hair growth over time. It is similar to waxing

I have hairy arms. It’s apart of me. Im a hairy person. Own it gurl!! Who cares what others think!


I use Nair and have no problems

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I’m sorry you feel insecure :confused:. I know how it feels. Laser hair removal maybe?

Get the magic hair powder.
Strong scent tho FYI

I use nair, and haven’t had any issues :blush:

I’ve always had an issue with my hair looking dark even when I’ve shaved. I started waxing and the hair is much less coarse and I can go a lot longer without having to mess with my armpits!

I bought a waxing kit on Amazon and I love it! Hair grows back much slower.

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There are definitely a lot of hair removal options to try and see what works best for you! I would suggest testing a small patch if it’s something you’ve never used before. Waxing can be great and gets easier. If you don’t have a good experience the first time try another technician/location before you give up! Many opt for lightening the hair too if you don’t want to remove it.

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Look i dealt woth this my whole life its just hair if no one can acxept it then they aint true your beautiful just the way you are i wear sleeveless shorts all the time of they dont like it dont look


I totally get it. It’s not about what other ppl see, it’s that you hate it.
I have dark arm hair and it bothers me mostly in the summer bc I am wearing short sleeves. I’ve had it waxed off but it starts growing back in a few days. So now I simply shave it each time I’m in the shower.
I’m currently doing laser hair removal on my legs and would totally have done it on my arms but I have a large tattoo on my forearm. They cannot laser over tattoos. Most laser hair removal places do interest-free financing. After only one treatment i saw results in my legs. I used to get 5 o’clock shadow on my calves, now I spot check every few days.


I use an epilator for my arm and leg hair. It looks like an electric razor but removes the hair from the follicle. I bought a good one off Amazon for $75 and its lasted me 5 years so far. It’s not pain free but it’s not bad either and you get use to it the more you use it.

I just always shave mine off every other day I used to get picked on in school over my arm hair so ever since I just shave them off


There was a girl at my school that was constantly bullied for this. She started using nair on her arms because of it.

I bleach mine. Only have to do it 2x a year. So easy.

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Wax I did it , much lighter an finer!!

If you laser at least twice or three times the majority will go…and u will forget that u ever had arm hair…I used to be so conscious of mine!!! It used to curl as it was so long!!!


Try waxing I have think long arm hairs as well but I shave instead of waxing because it normally doesn’t grow back that fast. But I heard waxing last longer

I’ve always had noticable arm hair on my forearms. I tried shaving a section of one to see how it feels when I was a teen, but I wasn’t a fan of it. It was real rough feeling when it was growing back in. The hair never bothered me, but I was curious. It’s darker in the winter and it’s lighter in the summer.

If people wanna be judgemental because of thick or noticable arm hair, then they can kick rocks, honestly. They’re not you, so they shouldn’t have a say on how you look or try and convince you that the way you look is bad…


Waxing? They say it lasts longer than shaving

I shave mine just like I do my legs, every other day. I’m Native American so mine grows in fast and dark too. But if you want to last longer either waxing or they have the at home laser hair removers.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am insecure about my arm hair: Advice?

Everyone’s growth spurts for hair is different so I would recommend shaving everyday to keep it under control… I had to do this too…it finally thinned down on my legs to now I only have to shave every 2 wks there and under the arms once a week…I think maybe as a person gets older it slows down…if it doesn’t seem to then I would go to your health provider for answers and advice…

I shave, use to have to do it every day, now it’s about 1-2 time a week. It’s just something that’s fast And easy.

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Either wax them, it’ll eventually grow back thinner or save up and invest in laser hair removal it’s not completely permanent but will definitely thin out the hair. I’m half Indian so I’ve dealt with dark thick hair my whole life. I just wax myself, best thing I ever did was stop shaving and start waxing.


I shave mine every shower. Takes a minute tops and I feel much better. Have done it since high school and you’d never know. Mine were BAD

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Get an epilator. Hurts like hell the first time, but it’s less messy than waxing but with similar results.
But I am a hairy woman and don’t worry about my dark arm hair as much any more.

I wax. I hate the prickly feeling of it growing when shaved. Hurts like hell but lasts longer and doesn’t thicken the hair.

I use the Nair hair removal cream on mine works wonders I find.

I had the same problem, i always used to shave it then i bought myself a wax pot and some wax beans and just wax it off… really does work.

Shaving is probly the worst thing to do. Wax your arms and over the years the hair will thin out. It took my sister in law YEARS for her hair to stop growing out completely.

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Have you eliminated hormone disorders such as thyroid and pcos that cause hair ?


Bleach! I’ve always been the same. The bleach makes it unseen xx

Wax, shave, bleach, electrolysis, or spironolactone (prescription, recommended there be no risk for pregnancy, or breastfeeding during use),

I shave mine. Have to do it once a week. I know its crazy but works for me


I have to shave my arm hair a couple times a week in Summer. During the Winter maybe a couple times a month because long sleeves cover them up.

The thing about hormone disorders, yes, look into that BUT you really need to realize that no one notices your “flaws” nearly as much as you do. I have PCOS and I had the same issue when I was a teenager about being self conscious about arm hair until I realized that most people are too busy worrying about themselves to notice all the little things we think are wrong with us. You’re beautiful, even the parts of you that you don’t particularly like, and you have every right to wear what’s comfortable. If you absolutely need to get rid of the hair to get past the anxiety about wearing what you want, I suggest waxing since it will last longer and is one of the cheaper options I have seen mentioned, but there’s nothing wrong with you, I promise. :heart:


Take a match and carefully singe it-takes care of it for a long time.

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Shave them every day or wax

I shave my arms and have since I shaved my legs. The hair doesn’t grow back thick. Honestly when it comes in I don’t even see it.

Wax them and it’ll grow back thinner. On the plus side it doesn’t really hurt. I’ve never used the ones that you can get at the store, you could try that, however a wax center is better I’m sure. Also, it’s possible to get laser hair removal if you have the money for that. Nair is also an option while showering but do a patch test. I don’t think it usually gets all of the hair (personally) but it’ll get the bulk if you follow instructions to a T. Shaving is quick and usually unnoticeable. I know they sell trimmers that you could get. Maybe do this?? It’ll get it close but might look more natural growing back. I imagine if it’s dark you can notice the dark hairs. Occasionally I to a quick swipe with my razor but I have tattoos on the inside of my arms and it makes them brighter looking (hey tattoos cover arm hair totally!!!) you can try fake bake too to make your skin darker so it’s less noticeable. I’ll tell ya what though, I have seen all kinds of arms for my whole life. We all do and we all have arm hair. Some have more, some have less. there’s nothing wrong with hair. We are made just the way we are supposed to be and we are special and precious who we are. I’m sorry you’re insecure about something that is 100% normal. That being said, I do understand being insecure about certain things, so do what you have to do. Wax, shave (it’s a myth that it grows back faster) wax is and permanent hair removal are probably the best way to go.

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I shave my arms, I have done since I was allowed a razor, i had to have steroids to help me grow from 3 years till I was 12, it just made my hair thick and jet black, i was especially conscious of the hair on the side of the elbow it was so bad, I’ve never looked back, i now have a daughter who’s 7 nect month n she’s always conscious of her hair (even tho I never let her see me shave mine, I didn’t want to influence her thoughts) as much as I want to hold off for as long as I can before I let her do anything about it I totally get why she doesn’t like it x

Try waxing it takes longer to grow back and if get tiny blood spots it means it won’t grow back

Try bleaching them, u know soft face special bleach once every 3 months

And if u can afford it, do laser.

I shave same as I do my other areas, all my hair grows same time so it’s not like I have to go out of my way to do it. Just always shaved my arms, I dont mind the hair there I just have always done it

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I shave my arms, just do it when I shower along with underarms, only takes a minute

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I have always shaved my arms they are thick black hairs which make me conscious always have done since high school xxx

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Try a hair removal cream the nair or veet xx

It’s normal don’t forget that.


I’ve always been insecure about it too but I have never shaved or waxed them - I don’t fancy prickly arms and I feel like why should I?! I have learnt to get used to it but the only thing I sometimes do is bleach them with jolen cream bleach which makes it barely noticeable! Game changer, it improved my confidence so much :blush:

Here’s a natural way In 5 Minutes, Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently, NO SHAVE NO WAX, Painlessly Remove Unwanted Hair - YouTube

wax/laser/shave if you wax or shave laser right after

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am insecure about my arm hair: Advice?

You could also try hair removal cream if you’re not too keen on waxing, it will hurt less but take longer. And if you have sensitive skin might not be a great idea.

Milan Laser Hair Removal

Sugaring works great on all hair and it’s less painful than waxing

Just wear short sleeves. Fuck what people think

I went out in the sun a lot and mind turned light so now you can barely see them

I’ve always had thick, black, long arm hair. I used to hate it and would use Nair as a teenager. Now as an adult i really don’t care :woman_shrugging:t2: it literally does not interfere with anything in my life so I’ve stopped letting it bother me. Everyone has arm hair it’s normal and natural. Wax, use Nair or other cream hair removals or even get laser hair treatment if you’re super bothered.

I was bullied about having hairy arms as a kid and I have been shaving mine ever since to be honest.

Wax it, bleach it, shave it, or just learn to love it.

My arm hair used to be black, other than my age I’m not sure what changed it but I used to shave daily in highschool because I was called a gorilla. Honestly now I just know everyone has arm hair :sweat_smile: You could remove it with hair removal cream or try waxing/laser therapy.

You’re perfect the way you are but I understand how important it is to feel comfortable in your own skin :heart:

I would just embrace it. :heart: long and natural

I have thick dark/black body hair (thanks to my Irish heritage) and have thick black eyebrows. I’ve always been insecure but I know it is what it is so I gave up on trying to hide it. Nor has anyone made fun of me since junior high or high school. Shaving is only a day by day solution. Either wax or use something like Nair type stuff that has longer lasting effects

Hair removal cream or you could bleach the hair? I personally shave mine I have very dark arm hair I sometimes use hair removal cream too, i shave it about twice a week

Don’t shave it, it will grow back to be even thicker. I would use Nair on it!

Just the opinion of a simple guy, but I’ve never seen it as an issue. Everyone is uniquely and beautifully made.

Wax best thing ever its slows down the growth

I have always shaved mine since HS and that was 20 yrs ago. It’s habit now.

One of the most beautiful women i ever knew had black hair and had dark hair on her on her arms. It was never a turn off to me.


Don’t freaking wax them or shave them… That’s just stupid. I rock the hell out of my arm hair! Here, I’m taking my first arm selfie for you

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I can completely relate to your feelings. I also had incredibly black and abundant body hair. It was a huge esteem crusher. Laser hair removal was a true gift. Due to cost, most people say it’s too expensive, but do one area at a time if you have to. The huge weight of feeling like an unattractive freak was lifted and slowly I gained some confidence.
Seek out a professional laser hair removal tech.
It will be worth it.:heart:

Try a good hair removal cream.

When my daughter was in elementary school she had a lot of hair some on her face a little bit not really that noticeable but her arms and legs really showed, she wood tell me bous at school would kid her about it a lot and she was really upset about it. Her dad did not agree about her shaving her arms but I did and I said if you’ve got something to shave then that’s when you shave it ,it doesn’t go by age. After a while we went to the creams which did and still do do well

Just rock it :v: I can assure you, you are the only one who will notice :blush:

Bleach the hair if anything the hair becomes softer and lays down.