I am measuring 25 weeks when I am only 16: Thoughts?

I went for a checkup today to check on the baby, and I am 16 weeks. Doctors told me I was measuring about 25 weeks and said I must be having twins…I don’t think I am having twins and they haven’t seen twins on scans, but she said she wouldn’t be surprised since I am so big. I am kinda scared something is wrong with the baby, and that’s why I measure so big… Any ideas what could be going on?


Have you not had an ultra sound?


Possible gestational diabetes?


Are you 100% sure you’re only 16 wks?


Sometimes twins can hide! I don’t think a baby can measure bigger then they are, unlike you due date was calculated completely wrong


Twins can hide, but you’re due date could be off too. They go by the last period you tell the doctor

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Could be polyhydraminos

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I was HUGE and my daughter was premature :tipping_hand_woman:t3: don’t worry things will be ok!

9 weeks off they would (or should anyway ) change your due date. Twins don’t necessarily always measure bigger. Everyone I know whose had twins were fairly normal pregnancy sizes and had 5 to 6 lb twins a girl I know now pregnant with twins is actually crazy small but baby’s are measuring perfect.


Your last period could of been off u may of had a period while preg some ppl do. Get another sono


I’m not sure y your doctor did not give u more answer’s you would think another ultrasound would be done to locate another baby or see If u have access amniotic fluid


I was big with my babies dont worry just enjoy your BEAUTIFUL pregnancy with yo BEAUTIFUL baby! Your baby and you are just fine!:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Maybe you’re just carrying out front? If your doctor was worried about it then they would tell you. Don’t get yourself worked up

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My friend was a twin and had twins. The second baby didn’t show up on her sonogram.

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Pregnancy can be misdated…my due date was 6 weeks off…it is calculated by periods…and if you had a period after you were already pregnant …which can happen …you could be off on calculating

With my second i was measuring 40 weeks at 35 weeks I did not have diabetes but I did have cholestasis of pregnancy

I would get a second opinion.

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Your body knows best! You will be fine! :slight_smile:

I had hydramnios but even with that I only measured like 4 weeks off.

I was big with my son my first baby. And small with my daughter and she was slightly bigger. All depends how baby is laying and such. I would get a second opinion or wait till your ultrasound for the sex??

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I always measured big with all 5 of my kids and did not have any issues.i scared one nurse on baby number 4 who thought I was due and I was only 5 months so it does happen. My mother was the same with all 5 of her babies as well, we had extra fluid and I did have 2 big babies. Don’t worry so much and just relax.

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Have you had any previous pregnancies?

Could also be the way baby was laying. I consistantly measured 3-5 weeks ahead. But one week I was 8 weeks and back to 3 weeks a couple weeks later.

Maybe further along.

Maybe you’re further along. Don’t stress about it because there’s really nothing you can do about it. Just try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. The baby can totally feel when you’re stressed and worrying. Everything will be ok. Try to relax. Go run a bath, light a few candles and listen to meditation music on Pandora or YouTube.

I was huge when I was pregnant. Like I seriously looked 9 months at 6 months. They thought I had GD, but my test came back good. I posted in a pregnancy group about this as I was really concerned, but apparently a lot of other women were going through or have gone through the same thing.

I measured bigger because I had gestational diabetes my last 2 babys

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Yeah. You’re probably having twins.

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My son is measuring big also. I’m was terrified when I was told that. I have 4 children and have never been told that before

It’s normal to measure 3/4 cm bigger than you actually are due to the baby’s position at the time etc. If the dr isn’t worried i wouldn’t be.

My youngest consistently measure big. She was a big baby. Maybe your baby is just gonna be a cute lil chubster :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Mmyeaah… I’d change doctors or get a second opinion by now. At 16 weeks the doctor should be able to see if not HEAR 2 heartbeats. I always measured ahead but my doctor was never thinking I was carrying twins… it was obvious I wasnt.


I would request an ultrasound

I’m a little confused. They didn’t see 2 babies on the ultrasound but Dr says she wouldn’t be surprised? Wouldn’t 2 babies show up on ultrasound? Mine did at 6wks. Besides twins other things that come to mind is GD. Or your EDD being wrong. Im really confused as to why your OB isn’t investigating this. 9wks ahead is a big deal. Or at least it seems like it should be.


I had extra amniotic fluid that made me look bigger, maybe that’s your case?


My doctor swears I’m 28 weeks even though I’m only 25. Normally with the first baby, if it is your first, the doctors always always get the due date wrong. My doc admitted that herself lol. Because of my boyfriend’s big baby genetics and how low she loves to sit, they can’t measure her right. It is perfectly normal and there are many many factors that can make a doctor measure wrong. Don’t worry mama

I myself measured anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks ahead my entire pregnancy, right up until about 31/32 weeks then started measuring spot on. Still gave birth 2 days after my due date. A healthy 8 lb 7.6 oz baby boy. My dr told me it wasnt anything to worry about

When I was 14 weeks with my first, I measured 26 weeks and they sent me for another scan. What they found was lots and lots of fluid around a perfectly healthy baby. I measured extra large the entire pregnancy. I looked full term at about six months. I looked like I was having twins or more by the time she was born.


Or you are farther along than u think

Funny thing is i measured big my whole pregnancy. They told me i was having a very big baby! Well when i had him six weeks early he was not a very big baby at all. :astonished:

I measured big with my daughter. Borderline GD. Delivered a week early by inducing. And she weighed 10 pounds 7.3 ounces.

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Uh, ask your doctor. Facebook is worse than webMD. Everyone is different. Surprised they didn’t want to do another ultrasound to be sure. Just relax. If it was something to worry about the doc would talk to you about it. This is coming from a mom of 5 and most measured big. 7-9 pound babies. All on time or late cause they were comfy lol.

Gestational Diabetes

Was it the baby measuring big or your belly via fundal height? Because fundal height can be very inaccurate

Dont stress. It could be twins. It could also just be how you are. For example people kept saying my mom looked like she was having twins but the reality was I just wanted a lot of space.

It’s probably just fluid xx

I measured 5 weeks ahead on my last pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy 7lb14oz baby girl at 41 weeks x

I measure big throughout and when she was born at 42+1 she was only 7lb 2

I don’t understand why woman don’t ask these q questions in the professional office if they don’t why would they go to a dr they can not ask these things …instead they go to dr facebook


Get a second opinion. Sounds like your ob is unsure of themself

Talk to your dr, if you feel your not getting proper answers NEVER be afraid to switch drs. Thats yours and your babys lives🖤 best luck mommy

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I’m currently I’m 28 weeks gestation but messing at 34 weeks. That’s measuring 7 weeks ahead, I have an ultrasound tomorrow to see how big my baby is. The doctors will take it from there.

If they’re not concerned I really wouldn’t be. They are the professionals :slight_smile: xx

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I was measuring big big with my son they told me he was gonna be at least 10lb I was 2 weeks over due he was born 6lb7

I measured big like by 5 weeks and I have a 10.8lbs boy at 39 weeks.

Could just be extra fluid. I wouldn’t stress too much, but I would get a second opinion if you aren’t sure of your OB…Facebook probably isn’t the best source for information momma

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If there is a twin, they could be hidden. Its possible to have twins and not know til birth because one is bigger and hides the other.

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It’s possible you’re further along. Some women have periods while they’re pregnant.

You can measure big for many different reasons so dont get nervous. Dont stress about it

I measured small for.my two yonger boys. I measured about 3 weeks behind threw out both pregnancies both pregnancy o.b decided to induced a bit early to get baby out and growing both times baby was 6.7 and 7.4 lbs when doc kept thinking theyd be about 5 lbs. All pregnancies are different I’ve heard of many people measuring big or small and babies come out average weight. You may have retained alot of fluids

I measured big with both pregnancies, my daughter was 6weeks premature and was 7.9lbs (which is the size a full term healthy baby) and my second has yet to make her arrival (I’m 35 weeks) and she’s measuring big as well, unless the drs say something I wouldn’t worry at all.

Just a big baby, my son was 11lbs 2oz and I was big

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Sometimes it could just he to much fluid too. I once was measuring to big so my obgyn sent me for an ultrasound and it was just extra fluid

You need a new doctor if they ain’t figured out your pregnant with twins yet and just tell you that you must be since your so big that’s not right

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Probably having a big baby…my step daughter measured B.I.G. with both of her boys and both of them were over 10lbs when born

I was had too much fluid and i wish my dr would’ve looked in to it. My son was born with and undetected diaphragmatic hernia and needed higher level care than my hospital could provide. He had to get flown out via helicopter right after birth. I’m not saying this to scare you but it’s your child. They should be able to tell you how much fluid you have.

I was HUGE with my son. He was 8.10 and healthy. Just double heck with your dr if you feel uncertain about anything

I always measured big. My baby was 6.5 lbs full term. They thought he was going to be 10 plus pounds. These measurements are kind of useless. They really don’t determine much of anything.

Don’t stress. Everyone carries differently. If the doc said everything was going okay, don’t worry about it. If the scans are only showing one baby, then likely you’re just carrying bigger. I’d be suspicious of the doc only because he/she knows the scans too but speculated otherwise. Maybe find another doc if you’re not comfortable or confident in their level of care:

I would be getting a second opinion ASAP. Have you been tested for GD? because that could cause a bigger baby, or.even you miscalculated your due date?

Did you ask your doctor? If not, why not?

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When I found out I was having twins I was 19 weeks pregnant. I got blood work done and my HGC levels were double what they should have been. They told me a list of things that could be wrong with my baby, then they said "or it could be twins " thankfully it was because it was twins.
Good luck mama, try not to worry.

Twins can hide behind each other very well. And scans are not 100%.

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Too much fluid, dating is off??

I thought they don’t start measuring until 24weeks

Get an Second opinion
A professional dr should be able to tell by now if u have twins or not


It could just be extra fluid. They kept saying my fundal height measurements (belly measurements) were too far ahead with my first son, but they couldn’t figure out why because ultrasounds he measured smaller than my due date. They didn’t see extra fluid around him, but then when he was born I had a second bag of water behind him that they missed my entire pregnancy. Turns out he should have been a twin and I lost the second baby before I ever had my first ultrasound. The second bag kept getting more fluid throughout my pregnancy too otherwise they would have seen it during original ultrasounds. My fundal height right now(baby number 7) is 23 weeks and I’m only 17 almost 18 weeks, and I’m more than willing to bet that it’s something similar again but I likely won’t find out until I give birth.

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That’s 9 weeks ahead the due date is probably wrong or could be twins. I’m surprised they didn’t do an ultrasound? My dr says anything over 3-4 weeks ahead of your due date isn’t right. Not saying something is wrong with the baby I highly doubt that but either you’re further along or there’s more than one. The OB goes by your uterus size since they know where to feel for it not
Your actual size of your stomach I’m always huge with all my pregnancies but really don’t measure off from my first due date

My ob told me to plan for a csection because I was measuring so big. He told me the baby was a good 9lbs and if she wouldn’t fit they need to do a csection. The time came, I delivered vaginally and she was a healthy 7 lb 2 oz. I do retain a lot of fluid with that pregnancy, I was swollen head to toe. My guess it was the extra fluid is what made the Dr so off on my babies size.

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First, years ago drs told me I couldn’t have children. Surprise I have two healthy boys. With my second, I was huge! Ppl were convinced I was having twins. I obviously did not but was measuring bigger than expected. Amniotic fluid can be a factor of off size. Also, don’t forget the placenta will add a couple lbs of weight. If you’re worried I would deff get a second opinion thou

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Honestly sweet heart your " doctor" should know more than he or she is letting on. I was 16 and pregnant too. I think you need to find another obgyn quick .


Don’t worry about it, they don’t always get it right, they kept telling me that my eldest was a boy because HER heart rate was high, then when I went into labor with my youngest they kept telling me it was a kidney infection and kept trying to get me to go home, (I didn’t go and he was born 2 hours later)

Girl, be grateful! I stayed small! I never got big enough to wear the cute maternity clothes :frowning: I had to go in weekly to be measured to make sure he was growing and there was enough fluid around him!

i was very big with my first baby doctor sends me for ultra sound to check for twins. No twins just lots of fluid. He was born 6 pound 1 lol not even a big baby.

1st stop stressing. It’s not good for you or the babies. 2nd have them do a ultrasound in another 6 weeks. I’ve seen twins that hide very well.

I was HUGE with my daughter at 3months! I looked like I was having twins.
Only your health-care doctors/provider’s can answer this with test and so on. Just pray to give your worries away.
Mine was just water weight! Congratulations, and I pray you have a healthy safe delivery!:heart: Just enjoy it as much as you can. Once they come, they grow so fast​:innocent::disappointed:


first of all if you left your doctors and turned to facebook for answers it’s time to get a new doctor, that’s a big difference are you sure your not further along? whatever the case Congrats and Good Luck! PLEASE find a new doctor.

It could be Polyhydramnios, a condition when there’s an excess of amniotic fluid. I don’t think it’s dangerous. I would definitely get a 2nd opinion in any case. Maybe your farther along than you originally thought?

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My son measured big, as did my nephew. My son was 8lb, but we thought I might have twins. My nephew was estimated 9lbs+ but only weighed 7lbs at birth. Don’t worry, Drs don’t know everything, even if they think they do.

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Big baby or you’re further along than originally thought. It can happen. My youngest had 2 due dates

My friend was terrified because she measured more. It was her first and they told her to expect a10 pounder. Because her structure was so small and the baby was so big they did a c- section and delivered a beautiful 5lb 6oz girl


I’d be pushing for gestational diabetes testing as early as possible. That causes babies to get really large!

That they do, sometimes even the heartbeat(s) are hard to define.

Why not get a second opinion and put your mind at ease.
It’s not uncommon to measure bigger/smaller than what the expected time frame is.

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Have they tested for gestational diabetes? That could be what’s causing your baby to be growing so big


The more babies you have the faster you get bigger. If this your first then they messed up up or dates you are carrying multiples or you getting the onset of pregnancy diabetes

There is a condition where you retain water. Like alot could be 20 lbs of water.

They could possibly be wrong with the due date. If youre measuring at 25 weeks be prepared possibly for an earlier delivery instead.

I did the same and it was extra fluid nothing dangerous or anything he was a healthy baby at birth