I am miserable and think the man I am with is gay: Advice?

Ive been with a guy a little over 3 years now. It was really sweet & amazing at first. Got engaged a year ago & had a unplanned pregnancy. I came into the relationship with a little girl. Recently had our baby together. Pregnancy was when everything got weird/ cold. Talked alot about dieting & judged everything i was doing. This caused some resentment on my end because he didn’t understand how pregnancy affects bodies. After having baby, he got stuck with some extra responsibility with my daughter. He recently told me he was tired of it & her needs should be my responsibility only. He treats both kids different, it breaks my heart to see. My daughter still loves him & calls him daddy. I feel like its all fake from him though. Another thing ive been thinking is he’s possibly bi-sexual/ gay. He wont touch me, look at me, we dont even talk anymore. He told me he’s madeout with boys in the past & watches alot tv shows, has a very meticulous manner. I dont have a problem with lgbtq but i feel like i was used to prove a point to his family/freinds… im so stuck & miserable. Dont want to hurt my daughter any longer. Dont feel like the baby is going to know either way. Worried about parents/grandparents judging.

Regardless of what his deal is, the fact that he is treating you AND your children all poorly… that would be enough for me to know it’s time to go. Unfortunately, judgement happens. But it’s your business and all you need to know is you’re doing what’s best for you & your children.

Perhaps sit down with him, tell him how you are feeling. Maybe not that you think he’s gay, but you can tell he is no longer interested in you physically or mentally. Maybe couples therapy? Or if you feel it’s beyond that, just tell him you’d like to get a divorce. Give him the option of split custody for your youngest, but from the sounds of it he won’t want that. Lean on those who care for you. Take support where it’s offered, follow your gut instincts Momma that’s what they’re there for. Sending all the love <3

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