I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and in awful pain...advice?

Help, currently 38 weeks pregnant, just left hospital as I’m having awful pain that is dropping me to the ground. Learned that baby is trying to get into the right place and descend/start labor but he is not in the right spot. Currently he is face up and pushing close to my hip. I need him to straighten out and turn face down. What have others done to get this to happen fast. I’m so beyond done with this pregnancy and if he wants out I’ll help anyway I can.


Walk a lot and bounce on a yoga ball. Any activities that let’s gravity work for you. With my first I was actually able to put gentle pressure against her and turn her.

Mine stayed like that until active labor at 42 weeks they had me bounce on a yoga ball and during the last few contractions he got into the right position

Get a yoga ball. They are great for helping position the baby. Also there are exercises that you can do to help you and baby get ready for labour. Good luck momma!

During labor they had me do “hands and knees”. Sit on your knees on the floor in front of your couch, then lean/rest the upper part of your body on your couch. Sway your hips from the left to the right, back and forth. They said this helps turn the baby naturally.

I didn’t have any kids and regret it now at 60. :cry: I know you’re going thru a tough time right now. Concentrate how amazing it will be when he is born. I will pray for you. God bless! :heart:

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Yoga ball, cat-cow yoga pose, and there is a baby turning thing but I can’t remember the name. You lay on your side and bring the top leg over but you have to do it on a bed. My mid wife suggested these things for turning my baby. Not sure if they worked because he was born before they rechecked his position.

Hands and knees for sure and also maybe a chiropractor