I am nervous about moving: Advice?

I need some help.… My husband recently got a job causing us to move a few states away from our families. We would be there without knowing anyone… We’re really close to our families and I know it would upset them and our children as well. I just need some opinions on if we should go or not? I’m very on edge about it as well as my husband.


Maybe he can go first to test it and see how it goes? Or since it’s summer you guys can try it out together for a month or two? Is staying where you are for any length of time an option financially?

Go! Experience a new places! Family and friends can always visit! And you can always visit them.
Life’s too short to be stagnant!.


Maybe he could go and you guys can stay back. See how it is and visit and see how the area is and decide after a bit if you want to move there and when.

I mean. You can always just come back if you don’t like it, give it a go and see

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When you get marry your principal family is your husband / wife and your kids , anyone else is secondary ( in most cases) being nervous is completely acceptable, but you have to support your husband , is this job will benefit your family there’s not much to think about it, unless you want to stay and jeopardize your marriage.

Give a try with a good actitud, maybe you will actually ended up liking it, if things doesn’t work you can always move back


Why would you need to go?

It’s your own team decision. Saw great success, failure, and family splits who knows the future. We moved across the country and we really did well now we are well off but alone. Money is seriously not worth everything else. I am likely to go soon and there it sits not needed just something to come get out of the bank one day and relax for your kids. Do they deserve it!!

This time n age you got to go where the job is. Think of it this way… Take job im sure its for more money or stay lose the job he has now and maybe he cant get another one for 3. 5 or 12 or more weeks. Then is the family going to pay your bills for 12 weeks?

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Not worth the money if you’re close to family. I lived that life a craved my family for so many years.

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Write a list of pros and cons. Sometimes seeing things in writing helps

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Go make new experiences
Everything is scary at first