I am nervous that I will have another miscarriage: Advice?

I had a miscarriage on may 12th and now I am pregnant again. I want to be excited but I’m so nervous I will miscarry again. I’m trying to relax and take it one day at a time but every little ache or anything and I get so anxious. How did you manage your anxiety after a miscarriage. Is there anything I should be doing or not be doing?


I lost 3 babies before having my daughter. I’m pregnant with my son now n still have the fear of losing him. I can’t tell you the fears go away. But do all you can to keep yourself healthy during the pregnancy n think positive. Easier said than done I know but take it day by day. And best of luck with your rainbow baby :rainbow::heart::pregnant_woman:t3:

I just tried to put my faith in God and enjoy and 9 months later my beautiful girl was here. Hang in there and trust in God. He has this for you.

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Day by day is all I got. I had 2 before my rainbow baby and I felt the same way. My OB did talk to me for a hour my first visit about it and that helped a lot.

Congratulations. I fell pregnant shortly after I moscarried. It was scary. I did get a doppler and allowed myself to check for a heartbeat once a week until I felt movement. Try to enjoy every moment and try to have confidence.

I was scared to death every day that I’d have another miscarriage while I was pregnant with my son. I kept reminding myself that what was meant to be would be and tried to find joy in each day I got to be pregnant.

I will warn that you should avoid a Doppler if you are anxious. Dopplers are hit or miss and can cause panic when you can’t find a heartbeat even if nothing is wrong.

Honestly you don’t calm down I just laid in bed pretty much my whole first trimester and was beyond scared every pain I went into the hospital waiting to hear the horrible news the heartbeat stopped and I’ve had 3. But when it came to 13 weeks I was like wth is going on I thought I was going to miscarry it just doesn’t go away I’m now 29 weeks and still scared. I wish I could tell you how to make it better but I want to be honest with you it’s hard but just lay down and try to relax as much as possible

I got pregnant about 2-3 weeks after a miscarriage, have a beautiful healthy boy now. Try not to stress too much it’s bad for both of you, just picture that perfect rainbow baby growing inside of you. :rainbow::heart:

I didn’t. I’ve lost 5 babies and I went through complete hell with each pregnancy. I do have two beautiful rainbow babies though!!!

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I had two boys, then a miscarriage and conceived the following month. Then last July I had a miscarriage not planned pregnancy and got pregnant in August also not planned and just had our baby last month. It was crazy this last time because we have been married 12 years no accidents then bamb two in a row and the second one it took. He’s the best little thing that happened to us.

I had a miscarriage and now how 2 beautiful rainbow babies. For me it was just letting go of the control and also openly talking about my fears with my husband.

I’ve had a lot of miscarriages. Ask your doctor if he thinks you’re low on progesterone. I take progesterone now as soon as I find out I’m pregnant until my second trimester. And I know have 4 babies :baby:t4:

I had miscarried but it was cuz I got pregnant when I missed my pill or being off for 3 months… Don’t worry your self sick… just because it happened doesn’t mean it’s gonna always happen… So Congratulations on your pregnancy… Enjoy this…

I lost 2 babies before I had my daughter. When I found out I was pregnant with her, I refused to let myself get “attached” or start loving this baby. I always miscarried before 8 weeks, so once 8 weeks rolled around, then 12, then 20, I had to keep telling myself that I am pregnant and she is okay. She’s 13m now. :heart:

I had one on June 15 2 years ago and one on February 14 last year and am pregnant agian and alwayse have the fear of losing this one even tho I feel like this one will be fine

Invest in a fetal heart tone doppler once you have heard the heartbeat at the doctor around 12 weeks. It helped me a lot when I was in your situation. The further along you get, the more aches and pains, so being able to hear baby’s heartbeat will give you reassurance. I hope everything works out for you :heart:

You can’t control it,
so don’t ponder it.
Easier said than done,
I know.

Unfortunately your previous miscarriage will make it difficult to relax and enjoy your new pregnancy. I lost my first at 15 weeks and then got pregnant 6 weeks later. It’s sad to say, but I didn’t much enjoy that pregnancy because I was terrified and hyper-focused on every little twinge. It’s sad because I had a perfectly normal healthy pregnancy that I should have enjoyed. Try your best to be reassured that all is well with your new pregnancy :heart:

How did you already ovulate and get pregnant again that fast? Was the pregnancy confirmed? Because many times after a miscarriage the test will still say positive for hcg levels in your system. Honestly most miscarriage can’t be explained. Just take it easy. I wouldn’t announce you are pregnant till the 2nd trimester in case anything happens. Good luck.

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I am so sorry for your loss :purple_heart:. It is normal to experience anxiety after a loss. Try to relax and think positively. Praying for peace for you and your baby.

Girl I’ve had 4 im pregnant now with our rainbow baby 21 weeks and going good. Sometimes ur body just isn’t ready. Trust me I worry every second of everyday the first 13 weeks were the hardest. I think I called the Dr everyday because I spotted for those 13 weeks was always worried. She reassured me im ok. I got ultrasounds every week my dr was amazing. It helped relax me. Stay calm stay hydrated, try to rest as much as possible. Make sure ur taking ur prental and i took extra folic because the dr said that does wonders. My dr also put me on progesterone to help me body get last those 12 weeks. Get blood test done to monitor to hcg closely too

Same thing happened to me !! They say you are very fertile after you miscarry. I had a miscarriage around September 1st and was pregnant again in October of 18. Healthy pregnancy. And everything went fine try not to stress so much and just take it as a blessing.

I had anxiety my whole pregnancy. Right after the loss of my first baby, I got pregnant again super fast. Wasn’t intentional. I didn’t even realize I had a miscarriage in the first place. Last year I was literally pregnant the whole year. But she’s happy and healthy.

I had the same experience. Miscarried on Valentine’s Day and then in March I found out I was pregnant again. Confirmed both times and miscarriage was confirmed as well. The anxiety is hard but you have to take it day by day. Praying for you :heart:

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You’re going to have anxiety til the baby’s born theres no way around that, you just cant let it consume you. I panicked the entire pregnancy over everything. It was like it was my first kid all over again

I miscarried in February and was pregnant by the end of March. I’ve tried to remain positive. It helps that this pregnancy feels much different than the previous one.

I’ve had 5. It’s very nerve wracking! Try some yoga.

Honestly the best thing you can do is try not to stress… after having our first 2 children I had 2 miscarriages back to back while trying for our 3rd. When I got pregnant again after that I was completely detached from my pregnancy, almost like it was my bodies own defense mechanism… i really wanted to be happy about it but couldn’t… i noticed as I got into my 2nd trimester that those feelings started to go away and I became more excited as the likelihood of miscarriage went down. Try to hang in there, and don’t stress!

Get yourself a home fetal Doppler device. Around 8wks you should be able to find a heartbeat. Just knowing I can check in on baby anytime between doctors visits really chills my anxiety.

No advice here, been through it too many times as well. But I am praying for your nerves. :heart:

I miscarried Dec 12th and by the end of Dec I was pregnant again. All you can to is take the best care of yourself as you possibly can. Eat right try to be as stress free as possible take your vitamins don’t lift over 20lbs and speak to your Dr about your concerns. I’m now 26 weeks and my baby is doing great. Good luck I hope you have a healthy pregnancy.

I had a miscarriage and two months later got pregnant with my son…who is now two!!! :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::heart:Praying for you and I’m so sorry :cry::pensive:

I was so afraid of being pregnant again. So much so stupidly now I didn’t go get checked out until I was 5 months pregnant. (Because as soon as I made my first appointment with the miscarried baby I lost it) but once I heard her heart beat and seen a picture all worries turn different. Try and allow yourself to enjoy this moment I know easier said than done

Why you getting pregnant so soon?


My sister is going through this i feel the exact dates too.
I’m not sure how to be of help with the anxiety. I just try to tell her not to stress over every little thing. And do your best to relax when you can. She has 3 other children so it’s hard to just relax.

I miscarried then got pregnant with twins. I was excited and nervous by scared like you with any twinge or off feeling. I just did my best to take it one day at a time. There is always fear in the background but try to take it easy and do things that make you smile. Make everyday a milestone and let your body do the rest. I had multiple scares but my doctor took good care of me. I wish you all the best!!! ( I successfully carried my twins to 36 weeks and 5 days)


Worrying won’t change anything. Try to relax as much as possible and take it one week at a tome

After my miscarriage and D&C follow up my OB cleared us to try again. I got pregnant right away again and it sucked cause it wasn’t as exciting as the first time cause we were scared.
I just did activities to calm myself, I kept to myself a lot for a few weeks didn’t do a lot of socializing as I didn’t want people asking when we were gonna try again type thing. We waited until 16 weeks to tell anyone cause we wanted to make sure we were well into the second trimester. As we hit that 12 week milestone we relaxed more, and started to enjoy more.
Try not to stress momma, positive thoughts bring positive outcomes :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with Whitney Daniels!! I was more afraid of not conceiving again after my miscarriage since we got pregnant so quickly. The first 8 weeks was rough. Every single time I went to the bathroom I looked to make sure there was no blood. My true advice (as I know it is super hard) but is to try and relax. I believe in manifesting your thoughts and when you keep thinking about it- you can be almost wishing for it subconsciously. I kept thinking “healthy, happy, rainbow baby”. Do things that help you relax and clear your mind of your previous experience. Each pregnancy is different so embrace what you are feeling and keep thinking good positive thoughts. You got this momma! :heart:

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Just thinking positive thoughts

Congratulations on your new baby too

I lost my baby n was finally ready to be pregnant again 2 yrs later.
N honestly I was an anxious mess until my third trimester.
But happy to say I had a healthy happy baby girl.
Just hang in there.
Ucandoooit !!!

I had 2 miscarriages before my rainbow baby…I wish I could say the anxiety went away but it didnt until she was born :frowning: i had to breathe and live day to day…I also got a heartbeat doppler so I could listen to her when i got farther along


I had one at 12 weeks and was pregnant 3 months later and had a healthy baby and great pregnancy, just pray and keep your head up

I miscarried and had a d&c in January. (It was my 3rd miscarriage) In April, I was cleared by my OBGYN to begin trying again. I had a positive pregnancy test this morning and my obgyn had me come in this afternoon to begin the beta tests.
I’m too stressed out at the possibility of another loss to be excited. I’m anxiously optimistic :purple_heart:
My husband and I have decided to wait past 12wks to tell anyone.

I had a miscarriage and found out almost 6 months to the day later I was pregnant again and was worried about everything, even after the 1st trimester. When I had my miscarriage I was under a lot of stress and had a pretty physical job and wasn’t taking great care of myself and I think that’s why I miscarried. This time around I had a much easier job, when I was working anyway, and made sure taking care of myself and not letting stress get to me was my focus! It’s always gonna be in the back of your head unfortunately, miscarriages are traumatic experiences for women. Just make sure you’re taking the best care of yourself that you possibly can, listen to your body, try not to stress and pray that everything is ok. That’s all we really can do :heart:

Try to keep yourself busy with activities that keep you focused on the task at hand. It helped me after I miscarried and got pregnant again

Call your Ob.
There are tabs you can put up there that help keep everything healthy up there.
Stressing over it can cause miscarriage.
Having one miscarriage can lead to another.
Sending you love :heart:

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So last year Dec 2nd I found out I had a miscarriage. In February I found out I was pregnant again. I was scared too. I’m currently 26 weeks and I still get scared something could happen. I’ve just trying to keep positive and keep myself busy the pregnancy has gone by fast and I passed my first trimester before I knew it :two_hearts:

First off, congrats! :tada::confetti_ball: that’s so wonderful. Second, I was anxious and worried when I was pregnant as well especially in the first trimester because of my fear of miscarrying. But I did a lot of mindfulness and meditations. There’s plenty of apps that I downloaded. My favorites were “Expectful” “Calm” “Breethe” and “Aura”
Also find a place that specializes in yoga for pregnant women. Where I live they have a place called “the motherhood center” and they have those yoga classes. Also pregnant mom massages! Go treat yo’self mama! :kissing_heart:

I had 7 miscarriages before I had my only child, a daughter, 15 years ago via IVF.
Although I don’t have any advice for you, I really feel for you. I was the same way. For 5.5 years. Try and stay reasonably busy.
And pray. :heart:

I can share my Mom’s story with you. She miscarried and has a D&C. After it was over, her doctor said “see you in about 2 months when you’re pregnant”. She thought he was trying to help her feel better but she didn’t believe him. Her first regular period after her D&C was 2 weeks late… because of me!

Congrats :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I am in the same boat with you​:gift_heart: I had a miscarriage and I am now 8 1/2 weeks pregnant. And scared but I know the only thing I can do is take it day by day and take it easy. Enjoy it as much as possible and try not to stress (I know easier said than done) I would talk to you ob about possibly have an extra visit every month for the first trimester to check things. I know after my ob appointments I always feel better and a lot of relief. I wish you the best of luck :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:

I got pregnant 3 months after my stillbirth . i was making sure nothing stressed me out i was eating healthy foods they told me to eat, even when i wasn’t hungry. After about 15 weeks of being pregnant i had ultrasounds every week or every other week just to make sure he was okay

To be honest it never goes away. I miscarry at 16weeks, got pregnant after my first menstruation. You’ll get through it.

I know a lot of women say essential oils helped them. I’ve never had a miscarriage, so I wouldn’t know… I know they’ve helped me with my postpartum. I’ll add you to our oily motherhood class if you pm me. I’d be happy to add any of you that’d be interested.
Congratulations on your pregnancy. Remember to relax and try not to stress. :heartpulse:

I miscarried and 2 weeks later was pregnant again. The doctor told me it was a miracle. I woke up 2 weeks after I miscarried sat up in the bed and told my husband I was pregnant out of a dead sleep. 2 weeks later I took a test and sure enough I was 4 weeks pregnant. I took tests weekly because I was scared to lose another baby. The doctors told me that 90% of the time after you miscarry your chances increase to carry the next baby full term. And I did. I carried her till 39 weeks and 4 days. She was 9lbs and 21 inches long. The best I advice I can give you is to breathe and enjoy your pregnancy. It gets better and it gets easier!

Take it easy on yourself & give it to God. Prayers♥️
I was practically on bed rest (no work or lifting) through my last pregnancy after my loss.

I had two miscarriages before my rainbow baby boy. I was anxious the whole time. I pray all goes well for you.

Congratulations! Be happy, be excited, try not to stress to much. Unfortunately miscarriage are really common but unless you have had multiple it doesn’t increase your risk of having another. And even in the case of multiple miscarriages it doesn’t mean you wont have a successful pregnancy. Just take care of yourself and if anything really feeld wrong call your doctor.
I had a miscarriage in September and found out at the beginning of November I was pregnant again. I was very anxious but now I am five weeks from getting to meet my baby. Stay positive and try and stay calm.

Girl just breathe when your anxiety is up. Stressing out is not going to change. I know how it feels to be in your position and after losing 1 I brought to term 3 I to lost a baby this May. Now I worry more about not being able to get pregnant again. Worrying will only be bad for you mental health. You got this Momma don’t doubt what you can’t control and hope for the best.

Call your OB. Sometimes you dont have enough progesterone and they can help with that. Enough progesterone helps carry the pregnancy. Take it easy and stay as positive as you can! Best of luck!

Im on my 34th week, and still has this fear that never goes away, I guess its part of the journey, never had miscarriage but I bled on my 12th week confined in the hospital for 3 days and bedrest for another 2weeks, im praying for you and congratulations … :revolving_hearts:

A lot of the time a miscarriage is caused by things beyond your control, just try not to stress about it, stay active but don’t push yourself too hard, eat healthy, sleep, and try and keep busy.

Relax, put your trust in God. :heart:

I’ve had 3 miscarriages in the past, and now I’m 15 weeks along with my rainbow baby. I still get soooo much anxiety even tho the rates of miscarriage have dropped at this point, whenever I get little pains I just yell at myself in my head that they’re just round ligament pains and my uterus is growing. Just keep try your best to stay healthy and take your prenatal vitamins :slightly_smiling_face:

I had 5 mc before I carried my son to full term and I never enjoyed being pregnant from fear of loosing him and I regret it so much I don’t remember kicks or hiccups or anything because I was scared to be attached and I regret it so bad, try and relax and enjoy whatever time you have with your miracle.