I am nervous to introduce food to my kids: Advice?

Does anyone have tips on how to get over the fear of food introcduction ? My son started purees about 2 months ago and sp far he’s had a mild reaction to carrots ( of all things) we are seeing his Dr about it but it’s got me scared to try anything else .

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I was so scared too! I’ve seen posts where the mom drove and sat in the parking lot of the emergency room and tried the new food in the car; that way if there is an allergic reaction, boom, you’re at the hospital lol! I thought that was a smart idea!

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Mine is allergic to parsnips. And hates purees. Try millet porridge, banana, avocado. Don’t puree, just mash with a fork. Mine also loved the two together. Avoid pumpkin, squash, beetroot, sweet potato, swede and turnips (rutabagas) and parsley for the time being. Mine is allergic to them as well in varying degrees. Mostly causes rashes and a sore tummy but beetroot one will possibly need an epi-pen in the future.

Just introduce one food at a time so you can tell if he has a reaction. Keep him on the same food for about two weeks unless he has reaction then stop it and call your doctor but don’t be afraid to let him try new things. Best of luck mama

Better to introduce new foods when you have control, because at some point someone else will feed your child something new. Just make sure you have access to medical care.