I am nervous to start Clomid: Advice?

I need some reassurance, ladies. I had a hsg today, and both tubes now open and flowing. If I get my period next month, we will start Clomid. I’m scared to take this medication. Did it work for you? How are the side effects? I need to be able to function normally


I took it twice with IUI. My timing was off the first time. The second time worked like a charm, I now have a 3 year son! Don’t be scared!!! I don’t recall any real side-effects.

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I took it I dont remmember side affects but got pregnant after the first month and she was 3 weeks early and weighed 9 pounds 12 oz!!! Then had my next baby 11 months later suprise wasn’t trying and another a year later haha before my clomid baby as I affectionately say I had tried for 3 years maybe 4 i think! Good luck !!


Took it twice. Have a 14 year old son and 10 year old twins. Don’t be scared . I had a few side effects but only at the highest dose.

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I took it and did get pregnant the 2nd round. I had a miscarriage but there’s nothing to say it had anything to do w the clomid

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I have a 12 year old son. It worked for me…

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My clomid baby is a healthy happy 10 year old now. :blush:

I took it with my first child and got pregnant the second month. He’s four and a half now. I’ve been pregnant two times since then and haven’t had to take it either time for those pregnancies. One is two and the other is due soon. The only side effect I remember was being extra moody.

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Clomid didnt work for me, but that’s a chance you take until they find what works for you

Side effcts: high chance to get s twins :wink:


Clomid didn’t work for me and it made me sick. After 3 years, Femara and an IUI were successful for us.

I used Clomid with my first pregnancy. Took 11 months but she’s now almost 26

Clomid commonly causes bad headaches, but you can try it and switch to letrozole (femara) if thats the case for you.

It worked for me! No side effects and the first round worked and I got pregnant finally. You’ve got this mama!

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I took it for 4 months and I don’t recall any side effects. I needed more aggressive medication to have my babies (:blue_heart::sparkling_heart:) but every woman is different. Whatever you decide, good luck :pray::two_hearts:

You have got this Momma! I took it, didn’t work but it did make me extra moody aside from that no problems! My Prayers are with you

Got pregnant first round on clomid. Side effect was painful ovulation. Very crampy and sharp pains. From what I was told its not a common side effect.

I took it but it didnt work for us.

My clomid baby is 10 now. It worked on the 3rd time and got pregnant with twins. Sadly lost my 10 year old’s sibling.

Thanks everyone!! I really don’t want twins! We already have 5 kids

Did not work for me. Took injectibles and iui got pregnant on first try. Second baby was the natural way the first month I tried

I took two pills. Became pregnant first month after trying 7 yrs on our own! He is 47 now!!!

I had an hsg and my tubes were cleared also was waiting for my period to use that drug and was worried but little did i know that i was pregnant after doing hsg no clomid hopefully that would be your case as well

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My clomid baby is a happy and healthy 3 months and 3 weeks old today!

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It worked for me the 3rd month. I remember just being a more emotional but probably because I was so anxious. AND had my son 10.5 months later! The doctor failed to tell me after clomid you are more fertile. :joy::joy::joy:

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I took it to have my 2nd born and I took it again to have the baby I’m pregnant with now. I had zero side effects.

Took it while trying to get pregnant with my 2nd child. Got pregnant within the first month of using it. Good luck!!

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I did 7 rounds and finally got pregnant on 150 mg. I was really fertile after that though. Had 3 kids in under 3 years. It worked wonders on me. Good luck!!

Have you tried the suppliment fertilaid , its for men and women they have them for both i struggled for a year took it and my fiance did 1 month later i was pregnant my lil.man is 10 months old today

My Clomid baby is 31 now. Got pregnant 2nd cycle after taking Clomid. This was after 4 years of trying. Good luck. X

I ovulated twice on it and didn’t catch it either time. We had sex, just no luck.

I got pregnant my second month on Clomid. I don’t remember any side effects (it was 8 years ago). Good luck!

I took it for my first. It worked! No side effects for me

It worked 3 times for me! I didn’t really have any side effects… don’t be scared!! You can do it girl!! What do you want more a baby or a few possible side effects that go away… You’ve got this!’

It worked for me. Got pregnant on my 4th round. My clomid baby girl is almost a month old.

My advice is to take it in the evening because it gave me horrible hot flashes. I also experienced some mild mood swings. It was worth it.

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I took if for 6 rounds but didn’t have my hsg until after the six rounds and got pregnant the month after. There is a theory that the hsg flushes your tubes and increases your chances in itself. My fertility doctor said he saw a lot of women get pregnant within 4 months of the hsg. Not sure how much stock to put in that but just thought I’d share.

As for clomid itself, it did its job - it made me ovulate. I was moody with it and did struggle with libido which is super counter productive when you’re trying to get pregnant but other than that it was fine. Like I said, it did it’s job.

Good luck!

I took it for 5 months. No side effects except decreased libido.

No side effects here. It only took one dose to get pregnant both times I took it. We were blessed. Good luck to you!

Worked for me. Took me 1 month on Clomid. Took other stuff for 5 years. Estrogen, Cycren. Clomid was my last hope. My daughter is 28 years old.

No problems. Got pregnant second cycle. My Clomid baby is 30 years old now!

Clomid never worked for me.
My sister took it too and never had luck.

You should be able to function but the side effects are terrible. I was either screaming or crying most of the time. It also makes for hostile cervical mucus so it can make iy difficult to get pregnant even if you do ovulate. It works for a lot of people and is an inexpensive and non invasive first step. It didnt work for me and made me feel terrible but I think if you are prepared for the mood swings, it will be worth it in the end if it works

My daughter took it to help her get pregnant with two out of three of her children. It worked and she had some irritability, but nothing else. She has Polycystic ovarion disease.

She worked the whole time and functioned normally.

no side effects. worked after 5th month. resulted in twin girls that are now 8;)

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Clomid didn’t work for my second pregnancy but it worked great with my first. No side effects at all. Got pregnant after second month of using it. Now my clomid baby just turned 5 in June. Second pregnancy it didn’t work as well and we had to switch to letrozole.

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I did 3 rounds and it did not work for me. We switched to Letrozole (femara) and on the first try I got pregnant. She is now a healthy 14 month old.
My point is, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work. There are other options that don’t mean you have to go straight to IVF.

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I took it for one month after trying for a year to get pregnant and I got pregnant right away

Did three rounds. Did not work for me. Bloated and cramped bad. Hyper ovulated once and had to cancel my fertility cycle that month. It’s all rough. Pumping hormones into your body is hard.

I never got pregnant on it. I took it for a year. I also gained a lot of weight

I took it, got pregnant 4 months later with only one dose, no side effects that I can remember, went on to be able to conceive my son when my daughter was 8mo old

Used Clomid after Metformin and Metformin had side effect Clomid didn’t. Last month of Clomid was stressing and saw where doctors had women take both Metformin and clomid together for 5 days so I did without asking the dr and that month after 5 years of trying I conceived. She is now 16

Clomid didn’t work for me .

Used it to get my rainbow baby boy :blue_heart:

I had 2 ectopics, both caused alot of scar tissue and I had my left tube removed. Then had a miscarriage and needed a d&c. Our 4th and final attempt I had an hsg, used clomid, and a special lube (conceive plus) and got pregnant after 2 cycles with my son. From the second I got a positive test I started taking progesterone suppositories and stayed on those until 16 weeks. He was born 8 weeks early but only because my cervix is crap. But besides that, he came out and is still perfectly healthy. The clomid didn’t give me any issues at all!