I am nervrous about what my doctor is going to say about me being pregnant again

I had a baby boy 14th of February by c section and just found out I’m 5 weeks pregnant. Just wondering how your doctor took it and how pregnancy was because my doctor told me wait 2 years atleast and this wasn’t planned and I’m just scared on pregnancy bump wise and what my doctors gonna say at my check up I have Thursday. Thanks in advance


Unless you’re previous pregnancy was high risk, I don’t think you have anything to really worry about, if my math is mathing correctly, then you fell pregnant about 6 weeks after your c-section, which is enough time to heal to a point where you should be fine. As mentioned above, if they judge, then find another doctor, this happens and you and baby should be just fine. Good luck :two_hearts::hugs:


My doctor still treated me like when I was first pregnant. my kids are 10 months apart and the c section went great.


If you don’t want to get pregnant you need to use birth control consistently. You are especially susceptible to getting pregnant right after a birth. Not criticizing, just a reminder for next time.

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They tell you two years so your body has time to fully heal and get back on track

:joy: this is why I asked him to remove my tubes in my last c section.

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Mine are 14 months apart. Both c-sections. My doctor was really good about it. But has been our family doctor for most generations.

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Mine told me see you in a few weeks after we decided on no birth control lol. It happens, they are not here to judge you if they do I would pick a different doctor!

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Mine are 11 months apart. My dr just laughed and said back so soon.


Umm if your doctor is anything but supportive time to find a new doctor. Congratulations momma


My doctor reminded me you cannot change the past, we are here to focus on the current situation and to make it as great as it can be.

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My mom had what she called “stair step kids”: 13 months to 15 months apart. 4 kids 4 and under at one time. But no two in diapers or on bottles at a one time.


I had my first csection in September of 2016. My second csection May of 2022. And my VBA2C in January of 2024.

You can still have a VBAC even with the lesser gap from birth to birth. If that’s something you’re interested in i would join The VBAC Link Community and start researching now and trying to find a different provider that’s supportive.

My girls are 14 months apart. Had my first daughter then got pregnant again when my first was about 5 1/2-6 months old. Both vaginal.

I fell pregnant 4 weeks after my c-section and everything went fine :slightly_smiling_face:, just had to have another c-section due to it being so close

First of all, congratulations for the baby you just had and congratulations for the new life coming into your family :heart:

he isn’t going to say anything, except make sure you call if there are any problems & make sure you come to your appointments,

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Mine are 10 months apart. Both c-sections no issues at all.

It’s best to wait a min of 2 yrs before becoming pregnant again
But no Dr has the right to make you feel bad
I’m guessing you are breastfeeding
Don’t let people tell you that you can’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding as that is a myth

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I have two that were only 11 months apart… congratulations

Mine are 14 months apart and both c sections. Your doctor works for YOU. If your at all intimidate by your doctor you need to find a new.


My older 2 are a year and 3 days apart. And my youngest will be 2 in august and his baby brother is due in November lol. It happens. My dr was not judgmental at all neither is my children’s dr. If your dr makes you feel uncomfortable or judged find a new one. It’s not their job to judge you. They know it happens they see it all the time

Mine are 10 months apart and both were c sections due to complications. My dr treated me the same with both pregnancies… if anything they were actually more attentive due to the complications I experienced in my previous. I have 4 kids btw ages 13, 10, 16mo, and 6mo. 1 vaginal, 3 c sections, and my 3rd was 4 weeks early.

A doctor’s job is to treat you. Not condemn you. If they say anything negative, I wouldn’t use them as my doctor.

Lol when I went for my six week check up I was pregnant. Had my son in March and the following February had my daughter. Wasn’t much they could say :joy:

C-section or not. No doctor should judge you. If they do they wouldn’t be my doctor anymore. Now if you were extremely high risk before, they can be concerned but not rude/judgemental

Your doctor works for you, as long as you’re happy about the pregnancy then they get no say in it.


I hate when doctors make you feel guilty or like there is something wrong with you! You’re doctor should be very supportive and I agree if they aren’t, then you need to find a new one. Congratulations on your new little one :heart:

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My youngest two are 11 months apart they are the same age for 21 days. My doctor and nurses all just laughed and said back so soon. If they aren’t supportive u need a new doctor

Not c-section babies but my oldest two are 11 months apart. My doctor didn’t say anything :woman_shrugging:t3:

So many that are 14 months apart…like mine! Both c-section, and even though she was a surprise, me and my husband were happy and excited, once she knew that, there was no judgment. I don’t think she’ll be judgy either, congrats momma!

Mine are 1 yr apart. And now I can’t have another baby. Just take care of yourself. That’s all.

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It’s up to you to have another baby doctor can’t say anything hahaha but you say it wasn’t planned? was you on contraception? If not then what did you expect to happen?:pensive::pensive:

My girls are 10 months apart, and c section babies. The dr was so supportive

My boys are 11 months apart both C-sections.

My older two are 19 months apart both c sections. 8 years between my second and third. But my third and fourth were also c sections and 17 months apart.

Why are you worried about what your doctor thinks? These things happen